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(Posted by ghost on Year 15 Day 19 11:16)

When a ship is full of passenger and someone wishes to enter that ship, the option to kick a passenger is given to them.  The Game will randomly select the person to kick and it can sometimes kick a Player instead of a NPC.  This is perfectly legal and is a FEATURE!

Some Players have used this to their advantage and will have a PC board a players ship and use the Kick feature repeatedly until the Player is Kicked.  This is not a feature and should not be done.   Kicking a Passenger to board a ship is completely fine.  Having your NPCs board a ship in order to kick a Player is not.  Thank You.


Arjuna Edit: Year 16 Day 66


Recently a situation has come to our attention that requires clarification of this post  

The intention of the external kick feature is to give players access to ships that are full and they cannot board normally. The feature is not intended to get access to players by kicking them off of a ship.   

-Using it on a full ship to kick an npc off so you may board it to arrest the player on board is OK

-Loading npcs or players onto a ship to make it full, then using the kick button to remove a targeted player character is NOT

-Using the kick feature on a full single person ship, with the intention of forcing the targeted player onto your own ship is NOT

-Going into the cockpit of a ship, and using the internal kick passenger button to move the target off the ship is OK

We are aware that the rules section on this is not entirely clear, it will be updated in the near future to reflect this      

(Edited by Arjuna on Year 16 Day 67)