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(Posted by Erek on Year 15 Day 32 2:37)

Ladies and Gentlemen: Those of you who have noticed the extra DAY on your timers should ignore it, the displayed timer is funky but the action ticker is working properly. A bug report is filed, please do not make Kendall bang his head against a wall.

Thanks and enjoy the New Years Partie(s)!


Edit: Stupid HTML code not matching the forums...

Edit2: Moridin has pointed out that the action completes upon refresh, the timer on your screen will keep going until such time.

Edit3: There have been a number of issues with the timers themselves not completing, it is an issue being addressed and will be resolved shortly.  We thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter!  

(Edited by Kelmanis Vaan on Year 15 Day 33)

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