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(Posted by Ghost on Year 15 Day 39 19:18)

Bizd Ide has been permanently banned for being the illegal multi of Kifoszt Alak.  Kifoszt created another account instead of dropping.  He then was very public about the fact that he did this and even had assistance from his old faction in continuing to pursue 'attacks' that got Kifoszt arrested in the first place.  The Bizd account will not be unbanned,  Kifoszt can drop his character and wait the 3 weeks to start playing again.

Bizd could not do all this without help.  Benny Lupin provided that help and has been banned for 3 weeks for his effort.   Benny knew Bizd was a multi and enabled him to abuse the system.  Therefore, he is as guilty as Bizd is.    He aided Bizd for a simple reason.  Bizd was keeping the 'enemy' busy on another planet while Benny built on another.  This is an obvious exploit.  As for other people in Benny Lupins faction, if you knew about this, you are getting off lucky this time.  Do it again and we will not hesitate to take drastic measures. 


We work very hard to keep this game fair for everyone.  People who knowingly cheat the game by creating multis, asset laundering, etc. do nothing but hurt the game.  We take these things seriously and will gladly do whatever it takes to keep the game safe and fair.  Cheaters have no place in this game.  You have been warned.