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(Posted by Ghost on Year 15 Day 41 17:41)

Biggs Darkstar and Razor Dar have been banned for being the same person.   Sadly, when I approached them about it, they lied to me.  It took some digging on my part and a good hour's work proving my case.  After that, Razor came clean.  It would have gone much better for them had he simply admitted his sins to me.  Had he done that, he would have likely just gotten a warning; I would have only banned the second account.  Due to his dishonesty, he gets 3 weeks. 

After 3 weeks, the original account (Biggs Darkstar) may open a support ticket and ask to be unbanned.

Do me a favor.... If you get caught, just admit it.  Save me the trouble of digging more and save yourself from my wrath.


Supes Edit: Come on guys, cut him some slack!


(Edited by Erek on Year 15 Day 41)