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(Posted by Ghost on Year 15 Day 59 16:13)

I have two Sets of Sacrificed for the Galaxy today.

The first ban involves Nathan Chadsey and Corran Harris.  Both accounts have been banned for violating the Rules.  The original account was killed and the second account was made to bypass the death timer.  I have no patience for this.  The Primary account can contact me in 3 weeks and ask to be unbanned.  The other account has been permanently sacrificed.

The Second, and much more devious, involves running multiple accounts at once.  Balkdork Majal, Caiet Shadacyr and Yaji Bin have been banned for 3 weeks due to being run by one player.  As above, the original account can contact me personally in 3 weeks and (after failing to convince me they are more then one person) attempt to get their account unbanned.