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(Posted by Arete on Year 15 Day 61 12:50)

Due to Keir, I will be retiring as ASim.

Just kidding.  But on a serious note, after however long it's been on the ASim staff I would like to announce that I will be stepping down from the position and returning to in-character status.

It's been a wonderful time and i've thuroughly enjoyed my time working with the Administration here in SWC and doing would I could to support the players in the development of this game.  I will not be gone entirely, as I will be joining the Universe Team and devote my development efforts to the in-character and roleplay development of the Combine.

Thank you all for your support and for keeping me in-line when it was necessary and I will look forward to working with the players in Universe development and playing alongside the community once again.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.



I (on behalf of the entire team) wish to thank Arete for his work on the SWCombine Administration over the last few years. Under his new handle, Arete will be assisting on the Universe Team, Join Requests and other miscellaneous tasks as needing to be done, along with being the joint NPC team leader with Ellias.

Thanks Again Arete! :)  
(Edited by Gav on Year 15 Day 61)