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(Posted by Syn on Year 15 Day 65 2:12)

The ASim Gav has been banned indefinitely from SWC for repeatedly involving himself IC and leaking staff information and discussions to Black Sun, despite explicit prior warnings since his decision to drop his character and join the administration team.

As part of their duties involve investigations into player accounts and IC events, ASims are required to cut IC ties and may not continue to participate in IC gameplay. While we do greatly appreciate all of Gav's legitimate work over the past few years, abuse of privileges is not tolerated, and ASims are expected to behave as role models for abiding by game rules.

Despite Arete's recent retirement and Gav's removal, the team is not seeking replacement ASims. The current ASim team, composed of Arjuna, Erek, and Ghost, continues to operate smoothly and is actively staying on top of support tickets and player issues.  

(Edited by Jesfa on Year 15 Day 69)