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(Posted by Jesfa on Year 15 Day 69 21:15)

Upon further viewing of the situation we had at hand, the Asim formerly known as Gav, has been unbanned.  However, due to his inability to seperate himself from the playerbase, he has been relieved of his priveleges and admin powers.  He has hereby been renamed to his previous account of Gavin von Ismay, and unbanned.

There was some speculation in the Sim News forum regarding Black Sun, and as far as the evidence has been pointed out, there was little to no interaction/leaking of information, just an inability to seperate oneself.  If any players have any information saying otherwise, or have a problem with this decision they may feel free to PM myself or an admin or create a ticket if that seems more suitable to them.     

(Edited by Jesfa on Year 15 Day 69)