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(Posted by Ghost on Year 15 Day 73 6:45)

Jakane Lickry came forward to me to let me know he was playing two accounts. He was apologetic and asked to be allowed to play with his 'new' account--positing to simply kill off the original.  Unfortunately, there was more to it: He was laundering assets between accounts and was not as new as would allow an assumption of innocence. Normally, had I stumbled onto this myself, I would have given him a larger ban. Due to his voluntary surrender, he gets a reduced sentence of two weeks. His other account, Khalis Vedd, is permanently banned. I will be removing the laundered assets from Khalis' account; he may return to the ORIGINAL account at the end of his ban, by creating a support ticket at that time.

I appreciate it when you come forward, but do not expect me to look past your sending assets from the account you plan to drop to the account you wish to play with.


Supes Edit: Gentlemen.  

(Edited by Erek on Year 15 Day 73)