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(Posted by Erek on Year 15 Day 85 13:03)

After new, and indisputable, evidence surfaced, I have once again banned Davik Kaisho, Bree Kaisho, and Nicolas Linnear. The earliest-made account may be unbanned. Any funds or assets earned by the newer accounts and transferred to the older, will be deleted. Any protests made will be disregarded.

As of this moment, their registration in the Muli-Account Database is null and void. While they may have once been played by multiple people, they are no longer.

The term of this ban will be 3 months.


On that note, Derek Shado and Jade Shado have also been banned for failing to keep their accounts separate. The older account may submit to support to be unbanned after 7 weeks.

Their Database registration is also to be considered null and void.  

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