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(Posted by Arjuna on Year 15 Day 122 19:06)

 We have been studying server usage statistics, and come to the determination that the color skins for combine place a heavy burden on our resources. In an effort to streamline usage while affecting a minimum of our player base, we chose this evening to remove the lesser used color options and lock players to the most popular choice.


If you were among the <5% of players not using pink, you may notice a slight shift in appearance to combine.


Credit goes to Syn/Loki for noticing the strain on the servers, and suggesting the removal of this minimally used feature.


Arjuna Edit: It appears an unfortunate side affect of the streamlining has lead the shiny blinkys you've probably already noticed, we're working on it

Syn Edit: Happy April Fools Day! Well, happy for me. Confusing and traumatic for you.

Syn Edit #2: To the suspiciously high number of those of you who expressed interest in our seizure-inducing pink skin (we're not even a little sorry), this was already an existing theme that is still selectable for the interface in your Look and Feel settings. Enjoy!  

(Edited by Syn on Year 15 Day 123)

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