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(Posted by Ghost on Year 15 Day 132 8:10)

When I approve multi accounts, I always encourage/remind players NEVER to log into each others accounts.  Blade Starsprinter and Lu`zuck R`Qrygg have been banned a month for opening a false multi request and logging into both accounts.  The multi registration is void.  The original account can create a support ticket in 30 days to ask to be unbanned.  To prevent abuse, the second account will not be unbanned.

Year 15 Day 130, 16:05 Ghost banned player Blade Starsprinter providing the following reason: Multi Ban
Year 15 Day 130, 16:05 Ghost banned player Lu`zuck R`Qrygg providing the following reason: Multi Ban

In this case, when I came to the player about the offenses, he was completely honest about it.  He told me everything, which is why I was lenient.  Things will always go better for you if you tell the truth and admit your mistakes.  Better to deal with the slap on the wrist and come clean then feel the full weight of the ban hammer.   If you have an illegal account, or break the law, you will be found.... one day....