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(Posted by Syn on Year 15 Day 134 21:03)

Post-Sync Updates:

- Default IRC channel is once more #swc-members after the previous change caused problems.
- Bug with the admin banhammer fixed.
- NPC Market owned items can no longer be claimed. (NPC Owned items still can be, as before.)


- Changing divs to flash events on admin tools
- Adding an old handles check to the reset skills tool
- Quotes Database link on community sidebar
- 10 XP now awarded for city creation
- Live Chat will now default to #swc-help and faction channels
- Live Chat will now use the IRC nick in Account Settings as the default nick, if set, rather than the character's handle

- Modded icon should be functioning properly now
- Admin tools, entityInfo tool now actually functions correctly
- NPC custom image submission fixed
- Race ID #93 number of images set to 4 (BUG:3267)
- Teleportation issue fixed from when entities were tractored or kicked. (BUGS: 3214, 3198, 3190, 2951, 3212, 3217, 2934, 3266, 2566)
- New Vein sizes will now be calculated by what is actually mined and not the max yield (BUG:3315).
- Members list modded to work with an MSD as the only HQ (BUG:3320)
- TC9 Terain Restrictions added (BUG: 3179)
- Lock XP exploit (BUG:1990)
- PGs can no longer be daisy chained causing an issue with missing power (BUG:2354)
- People can no longer delete other peoples forum posts with url injection (BUG: 3377)
- You can no longer hail items (BUG: Reported manually)
- Force training dialogue will now correctly reflect whether your master is available for a training session (cosmetic change only)
- Merchant Space Docks will now automatically be protected when built and cannot be unprotected
- "NPC Transport" button no longer appears in ineligible facilities
- Cockpit travel images will now refresh at the appropriate intervals
- Buildable squares on water and gas terrain will now revert to the appropriate image when a road is removed from them
- Entities with multiples of the same datacard assigned will no longer give an error when attempting to produce in certain circumstances
- Removed hidden system exploit
- Fixed bug allowing for arrest of persons without stuncuffs/binders if they were over weight/volume capacity

- Rules updated to reflect the ground speed cap. (BUG: 2160)
- Squad rules updated
- Batches rules updated

Web Site General
- Actions on party page moved to the top
- Owned Entities removed from the recycle list; now only entities that are commanded by the Faction can be seen
- If an entity has medical rooms it now shows in the stats page
- Reset Skills tool has been reworded to make more sense
- Reset Skills page now has auto complete for handles
- Custom NPCs have been restricted to Workers Compound and a limit of three requested in a weeks period
- Creature HP values now display on Party page!  

(Edited by Syn on Year 15 Day 135)