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(Posted by Ghost on Year 15 Day 137 13:04)

Gregory Nautillus and Gloter Indoxtro have been banned for being the same person.  After the ban time, Gregory can open a support ticket and ask to be unbanned.  If the account holder feels he has been unfairly banned, he can look to his multi registration ticket for an explanation and evidence.  Thank you.

EDIT:  OH and I almost forgot!

Dani Red, Zeth Farlander, Sien Dune and Corsair Quadrix have all been banned for 1 month for logging into each others account.  Their Multi Registration has been voided.  I have evidence that they could very well be the same person.  As such, only the original account shall be unbanned.  If the player thinks this is incorrect, they can open up a support ticket and we can discuss, at lengths, the rules and how not to violate them. 

As for the rest of you, please feel free to report any suspicious players to a member of administration.  We are happy to investigate and sometimes reward those who assist us in our duties.  Good day!

Edit: Sorry.... I will try to handle all my business at once in the future.  Just had alot of work to check and keep stumbling upon these things.

Andrew Keyes and Walter Watts have been banned for 3 weeks for being illegal multis.  As with above, it is likely that they are being played by one person.  The original account can open a support ticket in 3 weeks to get unbanned.   

(Edited by Ghost on Year 15 Day 137)