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It's been a while since someone got banned for this, so I arbitrarily picked some names from a hat.

On a more serious note, the Team would like to applaud those of you that turned away from the involved tempting intel once you learned that it broke the rules.

  Year 15 Day 147, 10:28 Erek banned player Slicer providing the following reason: Spying Rules
  Year 15 Day 147, 10:27 Erek banned player Anniasha Shahir providing the following reason: Spying Rules
  Year 15 Day 147, 10:27 Erek banned player Blot Hlidskjalf providing the following reason: Spying Rules
  Year 15 Day 147, 10:26 Erek banned player Jaria Feri providing the following reason: Spying Rules

Anniasha, Blot, and Jaria have recieved a 6-week ban for knowingly receiving and/or distributing rules-breaking intel from a deceased character.

Slicer has received a 3-month ban for breaking the spying rules (specifically the first two bullets); a ban I have requested be extended to the IRC server.


This ban is for the knowing reception of illegal intel. Upon their return, if the intel is to then be used, any and all parties involved will recieve a permanent ban.


Thank you for flying Air Justice, please take your immoral actions with you as you depart the Combine, and we hope you've thouroughly enjoyed your trip.


EDIT by Dreighton (Y15 D156):

After serious reconsideration and investigation the bans are changed as follows:

The bans on Anniasha Shair and Blot Hlidskjalf are removed. The bans on Slicer and Jaria Feri are reduced to three weeks. We could not prove that any information was exchanged by any of them against the spying rules, but we can proof that Slicer and Jaria Feri considered the option and tried to raise interest in the material. There is no indication whatsoever that Anniasha or Blot were involved in this.

Now we usually do not punish intention, but Slicer's and Jaira's behaviour was causing quite a commotion and actually prompted Erek to act quickly. Thus it caused quite a bit of trouble for game administration and innocent players. So this is a clear warning to act sensible and considerate. It is also a warning, should anyone be tempted. Just because we can't proof now that any material has been traded yet, doesn't mean we may not go after you later, should you behave suspiciously in the future.


Update by Dreighton (Y15 D158):

Someone came forward and provided me with evidence that was withheld from me earlier. After consulting the evidence, Slicer and Guinar Ndengin, it has been established that Slicer issued threats OOC to Guinar Ndengin and this is why the three months ban is reinstated. As this may cause some confusion I want to stress that this is not about sharing intel, but issuing threats OOC. I want to thank Slicer and Guinar Ndengin for helping me to solve a difficult situation.

I noticed that some saw my action as an attack on Erek. It was not. Administration received complaints about the ban and as one of the administrators I looked into the situation. I found that there was not enough evidence to support the bans in the form they were issued. Still Erek acted quickly in a situation that called for swift action and I am not criticising him for it. We need assistants who are willing to take action when necessary, but we also need an administration that takes another, more careful look at things, if this turns out to be necessary.

This has been settled now, you can go on with your lifes.  

(Edited by Jennifer Dreighton on Year 15 Day 159)