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(Posted by Selatos on Year 16 Day 154 16:52)

Update to revision e0007f50bfdd3dd16e24c28713b9cc513f1f7d66 (+70)

- RMs now show up in the UI for containing entities that are moving (#3745)
- Party page search box fixed
- Inventory-page fitout management fixed for click operation
- Stalagmites now properly ignored when exporting build permission requests from the city designer
- Fixed mining XP issue when sending to a silo
- Fixed a layout issue with the top menu (#3755)
- Fixed an issue where non-pilots could view the cargo aboard an entity through the cockpit UI

- Repair rules updated to reflect skill change
- Repair rules clarified more on what it means to lose access to RMs when repairing (#3759)

- Entities can now be disabled with ionic damage exceeding their capacitance. Entities are disabled for 24h at a time
- Disabled facilities can be boarded without being on the crewlist
- Disabled droids can be captured (once per 24h) with a restraining bolt, stealing the droid

- Repair now uses repair skill instead of management
- Silos no longer block full mines, and transfer to silos works
- Arrest will ignore player weight capacity when equipping cuffs to the target
- NPC leveling events now include a link to the inventory page
- Updated door installation failure events to be less duplicative
- Added icon to indicate disabled status on scanners
- Added hull/shields/ionic to scanners for facilities

- Short Lightsabers have been removed and replaced with regular Lightsabers
- Double Bladed Lightsaber range has been reduced from 1 to 0
- All lightsabers have had damage values reduced slightly
- Regular Lightsabers can now be dual wielded; they now do less damage than Double Bladed Lightsabers
- Morgukai Glaives and Zenji Needles now have an appropriate firepower, up from 1
- Zenji Needles can now be dual wielded
- All droids now have an appropriate firepower for their weapon type, up from 1
- All creatures now have an appropriate firepower set

Also this is something like the fifth or sixth time Mikel says he's gotten silos to work properly.

Update: There was a breaking issue with bacta refinement not working at all. We've had a mini sync to fix this; you may find that you have unfinished bacta refinement actions stuck at 100%. Please contact the asims via support tickets for any such actions to have them finished.

(Edited by Selatos on Year 16 Day 162)