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The development team needs you to test for the Combine!     Due to the rather active coders we have right now, as well as real life and IC responsibilities rearing its ugly head for myself as well as causing a number of team members to go inactive we are looking for 4 or 5 players with experience in vast parts of the game, or who are willing to learn to help to test bug fixes and other assorted things we want... tested.     

Along with recruiting we are also going to be a change in how we approach getting testing work on new features from a decidedly passive approach to a more proactive “polite nagging” of active coders to get features tested as much as possible.  Which changes some responsibilies of new testers.   I'm not going to take players who I will presume to be released onto the Development Server and just play around spawning SSDs or something.     

Full training will be given, especially on the tools you will be using to test things, and you will be paid 7,000-9,000 CP's a month depending on your activity and work done.  

Applications will be open for about 2 weeks ending on D171 at 22:00 game time.   Responsibilities include:  Taking heavy criticism from the player base, idling on IRC at #swc-dev when possible for any requests for immediate testing, checking the bugbase when possible to test the validity of bugs, and various other tasks.   

Anyone interested needs to email me (simkindragoneel@gmail.com) with why they should be on the QA team, preferably answering the following questions:    

1) What is your handle?

2) How long have you been with the Combine?  

3) Why do you want to join the QA Team?  

4) What skills do you think you can bring to the QA Team?  

5) What country do you live in?  

6) How much time can you spend on the Combine in general and helping in particular?  

7) Were you involved in any projects that would qualify you for the position?  

8) Can you spend time every day/other day idling on #swc-dev to help test things as needed?  

9) Anything else we should know about/can help your application?

I will review your applications and I will be selecting 10 players to advance to the next step of questions, of the ones that answer those questions 4 or 5 will be invited to join the team.   

Applications will only be accepted via email to prevent DM overload.  QUESTIONS about the QA team can be DM’d to myself or senior QA members Kay Dalben or Kerri Manchester.  You can also find me on IRC by the nickname “Sims”.   

Thank you much!     Sims


Edit: Applications are now closed.  I will sort out candidates for the next phase of the process.  Applicants that make it to stage 2 will recieve a DM from me before D177.

Statistics: Applications recieved 40+.  

(Edited by Simkin Dragoneel on Year 18 Day 172)