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(Posted by Jevon Lambright on Year 18 Day 221 11:27)


If you have photobucket customs that need replaced, you should now submit the image first through the new custom system and, once approved, let Ulrike know. You'll need to get the SWC URL for the image which can be obtained from the new "Customs List" under the CP page, along with the IDs of the matching entities that need their image replaced.

If you need to replace a custom item image, you need to upload the image as Art instead of Custom Item. Custom Item images will not show up in the queue and we will not issue refunds for people who upload using Custom Item as the image type.



Photobucket has been ramping up their "no offsite linking" rule. In an effort to keep the galaxy free of terrible looking speed dials, Ulrike will be offering a limited service. If you have a broken custom image that shows the photobucket offsite link error image (ONLY these please, regular broken links are not applicable for this service) send a Dm to Ulrike about your images with the URLs of the images you are replacing, & the entity IDs. You are limited to 3, and only 3, ID replacements per week. Multiple entities with the same image ID will have to be split up due to the backend nature of the process. Ulrike will walk you through the refund & resubmission. its not exactly simple, fast, or ideal, however this will hopefully assist some of you.


To all of you custom appliers in this colorful galaxy,


Photobucket has begun banning offsite linking for those of you with free accounts. This will obviously affect a number of older customs. Ulrike and I, in looking at te list of applied customs, have seen its effects already.


To this end, all of you with old photobucket images will want to save local copies of your customs. In the near future we will be deleting & refunding brokenn image links, and keeping the images saved now may help you allieviate some of the headache. 

That is all.


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(Edited by Sid on Year 18 Day 284)