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(Posted by Selatos on Year 18 Day 240 23:09)

My apologies for the delay, but I think we had delays last time too.

Our new asim will be Aetius Morbus, and Sid and Baugrems will be returning for a second tour of duty. We debated whether their return should be made public before applications or not and settled on leaving it as unknown in order to avoid discouraging people who saw that only one spot was available this time around. In the future, I think we will stick to this policy, and only if all three asims elect to remain on board will we forego applications entirely (along with a message explaining this).

Thank you to everyone who submitted applications; I'm sorry we don't have room for everyone as an asim, but there are other teams and opportunities to help out before the next round of applications that I would encourage you to investigate.

(Edited by Selatos on Year 18 Day 240)