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(Posted by Sid on Year 18 Day 265 12:22)

As patched many moons ago, new handle registrations previously omitted any duplicate spaces in between first and last names for new requests. As such, handles that were improperly formatted had been shown as if they only contained one space. Due to the limit number of persons having two spaces in their handle, the Administration will be removing the duplicate space for all handles listed below.

Please Note: This will not happen until Day 272 to allow everyone on the list to receive notice of the change. If logging in with your handle, remember to either remove the duplicate space or login with your email address. Furthermore, this change is not optional and requires nothing from the player on our end.

The handle changes have been made. Please report any problems via a Support Ticket: support.swcombine.com

Aclonran Fretrith
Aquarian Moscardeli
Araton Ahawanite
Avigail Ak-Xaiva
Brent Silver
Chris Magellan
Ciri Orono
Corax Lyneor
Darkainius Tiberian
Davy Robert
Deveren Nella
Dwajon Tuckcrac
Fortatha Gethar
Giacomo Foglia
Idoro Perion
Jake Mishkoll
Jawa Deth
Jhassa Laalth
Johnny Tex
Juzzie Snow
Kahless Gar
Kayden Mercer
Kell Rengar
Khaloun Nemkha
Kildarien Odeir
Lu`Nah Pi`Ena
Mark Radius
Memmy Jacabs
Mer Roim
Nhvbvh Nnnc
Nighlus Eclipse
Ohew Willybakka
Ozn Xirtam
Panama Cruz
Peter Skyview
Pieter Franklin
Quell Vera
Rajon Japori
Roc Syrette
Romulus Rallah
Sethia Ankwil
Silvana Therna
Sylvain Rar
Tebbo Vang
Tevoya Matar
Torxil Xar
Vali Ronark
Ximaro Jix
Xizos Gentius


(Edited by Sid on Year 18 Day 271)