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(Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 274 23:19)

Hey Everyone!


Both teams have been pushing hard and now it is time for phase 3! That said it is time for some DETAILS.


Phase 3: Every civic center in the galaxy has a droid commander that will give you some equipment and instructions. Every DARKNESS or QUEST planet has at least 12 droids on it. You can speak to them as if they were an NPC.

Twilight: Activate your BN-D0 Assassins and deactivate the GenSci R0-L0 Tank Droids.

GenSci: Activate your R0-L0 Tank Droids and deactive the Twilight Assassins.

In total I have placed 500 droids in the galaxy.


Phase 4: Once enough (number not public) droids have been activated both teams will enter phase 4. This is the combat phase. Kill enemy droids but leave your own side's droids alone! Capture or kill until they are all taken care of around the galaxy. First side to conquer all active enemy droids wins.



Stuff. Though I will say prizes are more of a galactic scale than individual scale. Even if you didn't participate you might see some of the results.


Edit: Added Commanders to Starports. Both teams on phase 3. No more phase 2 rewards available.  

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 280)