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(Posted by Syn on Year 19 Day 6 15:36)

Bugs: Add error handler when toString crashes (#4597)
Bugs: Add flag for disabling jobsdaily dissolution for dev server (#4591)
Bugs: Add pagination to galactic market on type listings with more than 100 entries (#4562)
Bugs: Added a javascript error handler to make javascript errors more visible, and report them to our error database automatically (#4637)
Bugs: Added a new check for a particular crash that can cause NPCs/Droids to become unpositioned and fly in space, this sometimes happens during repair, alazhi processing, mining and production when assigning workers (#4619)
Bugs: Added cockpit event when something docks in your entity
Bugs: Added flag to disable jobsdaily purge inactive due to timeouts (#4589)
Bugs: Added inventory icon for entities with production (#4610)
Bugs: Added more verbose debugging to the tick to help diagnose stuck actions (#4567)
Bugs: Added property to allow items to be marked not sellable in npc shops (#4543)
Bugs: Added rotation rule for transactions_fincome for 365 days (#4446)
Bugs: Admin move tool would crash when trying to move entities it couldnt move (#4621)
Bugs: Ajax flash id parameter missing (#4606)
Bugs: Another bug with follow squad commands (#4541)
Bugs: Another fix for squad follow related bugs when fed corrupt data (#4541)
Bugs: Asim handles would appear when manually running certain actions that sent credits on behalf of factions (#4587)
Bugs: Better error checking for construction (reported on IRC)
Bugs: CP login streaks not working properly/double counting (#4167, #4333)
Bugs: Can no longer repackage npcs into crates (#4542)
Bugs: Changing IFF causes scanner crash when in room (#4548)
Bugs: Changing IFF when in room causes ajax crash (#4548)
Bugs: Do not show faction account when transfering faction credits if only access is budgets (#4550)
Bugs: Error when non-character tried to move through locked door (4566)
Bugs: Filtering by tags could return incorrect entities if IDs collide (#4560)
Bugs: Fix JS crash on simnews page (#4637)
Bugs: Fix XSS in inventory rename (#4575)
Bugs: Fix bug where character without associated player generating combat reports crashes (#4540)
Bugs: Fix cities inventory crash (reported on IRC)
Bugs: Fix crash in lisp when null entitywrapper used (#4558)
Bugs: Fix crash when aborting hyperspace when not in hyperspace (#4536)
Bugs: Fix crash when twiddling the ground attack entity parameter (#4537)
Bugs: Fix exploit involving partying assigned ships (#4581)
Bugs: Fix quest journal crash on dev server (#4576)
Bugs: Fix regression causing scanner icons to not appear
Bugs: Fix tick crashing in hook
Bugs: Fix transfer credits page layout breaking when incorrect faction privileges (#4550)
Bugs: Fixed ability to set leader as second in command (4523)
Bugs: Fixed being able to target entities that have moved out of your vision range
Bugs: Fixing destroy entity tool so it can make wrecks of stations and vehicles (#4163)
Bugs: Fixing exploit relating to inventory viewing (#4573)
Bugs: Fixing rules page images for non square facilities, using large images where possible (#3747)
Bugs: Fixing small bug with unit tests related to faction dissolution & cache invalidation (#4591)
Bugs: Follow action now handles when following non-existent entities (#4541)
Bugs: Freelancer (or faction member without enough privs) could not pause/resume their own facility constructions (#3723)
Bugs: Improve sublight page flying-into-sun-warning that did not show up in some situations (#4605)
Bugs: InvalidArgumentException in ItemUtil and in DestroyEntity (#4546)
Bugs: Inventory filter not showing cargo container properly (Reported on forums)
Bugs: Lost password functionality did not work for players without an associated character (#4578)
Bugs: Made Armour consider all equipped items and fixed Deflection to work as currently intended
Bugs: MiningEvents crash when mine is full (#4544)
Bugs: More optimisation for position summary view (#4608)
Bugs: New account tool crashing in jobsdaily (#4545)
Bugs: PHP errors when messing with sim news pages (#4569)
Bugs: Profile page crashing on dev server when invalid handle entered (#4623)
Bugs: Properties now check type of default, fix for in range interrupts property invalid type (#4590)
Bugs: Quest item causes NPC shop to crash (#4543)
Bugs: Removing obsolete code for partying droids to mines (#4619)
Bugs: Sensor power was always showing 0 when hovering over cockpit maps (#4617)
Bugs: Similar optimisation applied for isInParty to party screen (#4608)
Bugs: Skip GNS feed creation if throws exception
Bugs: Strengthen getFromUid to avoid crashes when people typo entity name fields (#4555)
Bugs: Suppress ajax errors when moving between rooms too quickly (#4638)
Bugs: Tool to debug forum post count sync issues (#4625)
Bugs: Tweaked grave accent on character creation rules page
Bugs: Unable to tractor station wrecks (#4535)
Bugs: Updating force skill points could cause negative result
Bugs: Updating scanner legend screen to use generated icon filenames
Bugs: XML encoding problem in scanner (#4615)
Bugs: XSS in dev footer (#4575)
Bugs: crash on tractor beam page (#4535)
Bugs: fixed typo in SCP door unlock message
Bugs: fixing a few LISP exceptions
Bugs: fixing getEntityDBTableInfo to not crash on races (#4594)
Bugs: items contained in other items (ie, bacta refills in bacta tanks) should now properly show their Room in the inventory
Bugs: limit SQL audit log storage when on dev server in devmode (#4607)
Bugs: navcomp galaxy map background image loaded via http instead of filesystem (#4596)
Bugs: prevented code trying to give FXP to non-FS
Bugs: previous commit to this file attempt fix, by making failed action setup rollback transaction (#4534)
Bugs: small bug with input boxes after change from sublight page (#4605)

Feature: Added option to set commander or owner as production product owner, added kick option for production completion (#4610)
Feature: Add inventory filter for wrecks and damaged entities (ships/vehicles/stations/facilities) (#4307)
Feature: Allow bandit droid types to be set by property by asims (#4561)
Feature: Optimised position view scanner to limit number of entities shown when lots are in range, this will make room travel faster on full entities. A button is present to reload the view without the limit if there are entities hidden (#4608)

LISP: added ability to get exact HP amount
LISP: added ability to set container on get-room
LISP: added optional context to has-room-in-party for use in hooks, etc
LISP: adding functions to change FP and HP
LISP: adding functions to hide quest and check if quest status is hidden
LISP: removed ability to destroy-entity a character

Rules: Show weight and weight cap on equipment expando in kg rather than T when less than 1T (Suggestions forum)
Rules: Show weight and weight cap on rules and cargo page in kg rather than T when less than 1T (Suggestions forum)

Tweaks: Added ability to deploy custom items, can only be undeployed by the owner or commander of the container entity
Tweaks: Added facility property and code to allow for "restricted vision" room maps
Tweaks: Added support for png cockpit images
Tweaks: Container owners now ignore locked doors when mass-moving items
Tweaks: Creating "deployable" property
Tweaks: Do not need a powered HQ to view datacards, only to modify them
Tweaks: Prospecting action timer now shows up in members menu (Suggestion forum)
Tweaks: Security Control Panels can only be undeployed by the Owner or Commander of the container entity
Tweaks: Shortcut to speed up position screen when lots of items on ground
Tweaks: added check for character doing loading being on crewlist of target entity instead of just owner/commander/pilot of entity being loaded
Tweaks: added room name to "moved items" flash message
Tweaks: adding link to rules for generic datacards
Tweaks: adding link to rules for generic datacards
Tweaks: moved "isDeployable" check for bacta tanks and security panels from hardcoded to an item property
Tweaks: removed event from the start of Force training to better align it with how other timed actions work


Edit: Added R0L0 Droids to bandits. Made custom items, Security Control Panels, and Bacta Tanks deployable. More will be adjusted soon, but enjoy for now.

Edit Two - Return of the tweaks: One week from now, all financial income reports older than 365 days will be archived because that is taking up more space than a Hutt in a TIE fighter. Save them if you want them.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 7)