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(Posted by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 62 22:54)

Feature: Squad inventory, allows managing entities in squads and parties via inventory. Accessible via regular inventory, link on entities that are squad members or squad leaders in the options column.

Tweaks: Faction logo, banners can now be uploaded to swc (#4640)
Tweaks: add more buildings to asim findStartBuilding tool (#4628)
Tweaks: Ability to hire NPCs spawning outside facility (#4690)
Tweaks: Rewrite rules galaxy map search (#3218)
Tweaks: Added QA team to teams page

Rules: Fix typo regarding civ level for station construction, civ level when building in deep space is 0, not 1

Bugs: Enable stricter database settings to avoid bugs relating to large inventory events/large forum posts/etc, this change may cause unexpected issues for things that generate large events, sorry! (#4693)
Bugs: Fixing droid capturing when droid is in fire delay and a member of another party, (note capturing when droid is leader is still broken on Derra) (#4686)
Bugs: Fixed a bug where sunning yourself in a squad does not work (#4009)
Bugs: Modify how insufficient credit errors are handled (affects various mining bugs) (#4689)
Bugs: Issues with character creation and extra whitespace in handles (#4681)
Bugs: Reduced chance of captured bandit droids being deleted when you leave the square it came from (#4686)
Bugs: Fixed bug where XP incorrectly granted from squadon travel when not piloting squadron (#4683)
Bugs: Added more timers to members menu (production, recycling, mining, prospecting, separate fire delays), attempt number two (#4627)
Bugs: construction in hidden cities causing too many events generated, not very hidden (#4644)
Bugs: Alazhi processing abort causes crash on dev (#4285)
Bugs: Stop alazhi processing frame jumping to new window (#4285)
Bugs: Fixing posts being double counted when using mod tools (#4625)
Bugs: Numeric input boxes set sensible default width for unsupported browsers (#4654)
Bugs: Avoid switchable menus crashing when logged out
Bugs: Tool to debug utf8 database tables for internationalization (#4651)
Bugs: Bandit fitouts do not correctly calculate armour, Adding rules page showing available bandit fitouts (#4649, #4647)
Bugs: Added tool to fix invalid owners/assigned datacards (#4632)
Bugs: Fix inventory export crash where entity is unplaced or has no container, fix export consistency issue where commander/pilot is None (#3322, #4630)
Bugs: Fix for various inventory filter bugs, including double None entries for pilot/commander and None filter not returning all entries for city/planet/system/sector filters (#3322, #4103)
Bugs: Inventory bugs: more bugs fixed for filtering location when in squad/party, filtering entities that are in hyperspace, selecting empty filters causing javascript bugs, selecting invalid sort options (#4670, #4672)
Bugs: Add ability for asim to teleport into particular room with move tool (#4673)
Bugs: Added script to clean up bad pilot/commander fields, Script to fix buggy split parties
Bugs: Destination not showing when descending in cockpit (Suggestions forum)
Bugs: Added tool to dump raw entity info for asims
Bugs: Added cm field to ships admin ctool
Bugs: Make error when page generation times out better Bugs: Privileges required to change entity open setting can be subverted (#4714)
Bugs: Fix allowing commander of entity to set new commander; now commander can only remove themself and set pilot, (similarly for pilots) (#4247)
Bugs: Fix a bug with partying (#4236)
Bugs: Fix crash when tag not found on fitout page (#4612)
Bugs: Make handling SQL deadlocks better (#4712)
Bugs: Fix error handler crash when LISP generates large stack (#4694)
Bugs: Added ctool to help debug (#4554)
Bugs: Make notifier flashers disappear quicker when leaving/joining faction (#4633)
Bugs: Remove unused/unsafe ws documentation calls (#4707)
Bugs: More fixes for inventory filtering when pesky squads are involved (#4655)
Bugs: Removing unused and dangerous inventory action (#4699)
Bugs: Another fix for purgeInactivePlayers (#4464)
Bugs: Fix sim news edit screen bug (#4564)
Bugs: Missing way to undock wrecks from ships without docking bays (#4704)
Bugs: Fix for transformEntity crash with parties (this was causing gov upgrade and downgrade issues) (#4661)
Bugs: Fixed a bug where invalid entities could be set as commander or pilot of assignable entities (#4581)
Bugs: Fix checkbox toggle on asim timer page
Bugs: fix password strength javascript on account settings page
Bugs: Inventory events crash when player without character accesses them (#4691)
Bugs: Some attempts to fix FI memory issues, tools to profile fincome monthly run (#4713)
Bugs: Fix issue where some crated items on market having wrong price (#4563)
Bugs: Fix createEntity tool not able to create hostile owner Bugs: Fixed a regression (not sure if existed on main) where destroying leader of a squad failed to set new leader properly (#4732)
Bugs: Incorrect HP calculation after cybernetic install (for anyone affected, it fixes itself after a skill point is added, or a level up) (#4721)
Bugs: Code that recalculates HPmax when levelling up didn't account for faulty cybernetics correctly (#4721)
Bugs: Fix bug causing inventory filters on facility class to not work (#4719)
Bugs: Fixed an issue where people can set really long passwords, but cant type them in because login form had a html max password length of 50 chars (#4724)
Bugs: Fix issue with specific tree list inputs (#4182)
Bugs: deleted sent messages missing from dialog message view (#4726)
Bugs: Keycard crafting blocks combat (#4620)
Bugs: Keycard crafting blocking escape pod usage (#4620) Note: Some may notice issues with construction, factions, or character creation while we run some tests and run FI. Should be over soon.

Edit: All done things should be back to normal.

[Mikel edit - some more fixes here]
Bugs: Entities on market which finish auctions with no bids are not finishing correctly (#4737)
Bugs: Lock install now interrupted when parent container (e.g. ship, vehicle, facility) is attacked or destroyed (#4416)
Bugs: construction event not showing ID correctly, replaced with direct inventory link (#4729)
Bug fix for tax rate of 0 crashing mining Bugs: fix crash when production kick option is set and entity is produced in deep space (#4747)
Bugs: better error handling for actions throwing fatal errors (#4737)
Bugs: exploit where production could finish early by forcing timer recalculations (#4710)
Bugs: lost soul HP doesn't recalculate based on new skills (4738)
Bugs: removed ability for NPCowner, hostileowner, or admin owned entities to be kicked using kick passenger (4250)
Bugs: removed RMs from being considered when calculating asset protection % since they can't be protected (4667) (note: protection % is still wrong because the code for protection and capital use 2 different methods)
Bugs: insufficient credits to transfer RMs should now give the proper event and all other errors should be exposed (this may cause more mining crashes, please report any new mining errors to bugbase)
Bugs: Faction names incorrectly getting lowercased in select boxes  

(Edited by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 19 Day 63)