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(Posted by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 19 Day 77 17:30)

Some changes this sync to hopefully run FI successfully, if not we'll keep working on it. Special thanks to Clarr, Ted, Selatos and everyone out there who reports bugs instead of exploiting them.

- Define permission inheritance for permissions that rely on a lower permission to function properly
- Add missing tokeninfo route
- Granting of permissions will now properly reflect current, previously granted and no longer granted permissions
- Remove *_all permissions
- Can find whether hidden planets remain or not via galaxy/planet resource without learning any details about the hidden planet
- Can find hidden entities presence and name via types/entity/class resource

- Changed wording on escape pod page from enabled/disabled to available/unavailable to avoid confusion
- added list of non-recyclable entities to recycling page with explanation
- Drugs can now be made in Medical Factory Stations

- fixed error in access caused by missing rules category
- fixed a random check being slightly too inclusive
- Fixing a bug where travel counter could cause a post request to be executed again e.g. causing repeat uses of items or similar (#4574)
- added more checking around destroying Force characters
- added Planet link to a bunch of tax events that were missing it
- characters/NPCs arrested by a faction will be released when the faction dissolves (3434)
- can load materials into wrecked entities (4704)
- removed old code from Equipment page (4709)
- kicked party ships in hyper didn't check for suns (4723)
- removed ability to modify ship party while in hyperspace (4363)
- rounding error with how capacity was shown on the show stats page (4735)
- hiring NPCs and recycling now properly send taxes to planet owner
- Added ability to claim custom images which you had submitted but the owner faction had dissolved
- custom images with deleted owners should provide a more graceful error (4750)
- dropping character before selecting starting location would crash (4760)
- Medical Factory Stations didn't have a View Datacard link in the inventory
- updating how HP gets recalculated for lost souls upon creation
- ugly error when attempting to launch escape pods while in hyperspace (4779)
- City construction incorrectly catching exceptions and posting them as events (#4792)
- Making inventory faster, maybe this might cause duplicate entries to show up, if this happens please bugbase the situation
- Readded sort by location to inventory (#4791)
- Lack of consistency between WS client registration and edit image uploads
- Undefined array index in WS client edit image upload
- limit purge inactive players daily job to deleting 50 players a day (#4788)
- error handler sometimes misses out of memory errors because it runs out of memory itself; added some reserve memory for it to use just in case (#4788)
- fixing more bugs with inventory filters and squads (#4787)
- galaxy map search not working for some inputs, removed advanced system search (#4743)
- Disallow factions and character from sharing the same name (#4780)
- Add more information to jobs runner to help diagnose misbehaving jobs (#4772)
- More FI fixes, fi taxes aborting if associated fi run is too old (#4777), asim fi runner not rolling back if timeout (#4774), main fincome query internally partitioned by system to avoid large sort times (#4775), modified mysql lock timeouts for web requests (#4771)
- Squad inventory IFF crash when you had no permissions over many of the squad members (#4758)
- Fix hull, ionic, shield inventory filters (#4761)


EDIT: NPC Populations have been reset for hiring. Have fun.

Hotfix Y19 D80:

* FI: Shard preloading by planet too, since it now seems to be timing out on main (#4713)
* Tweaks: Added text to hyperspace finish event to indicate asteroid field
* Tweaks: Shield overlay no longer displayed on prospecting map
* Bugs: Inventory menu performance improvements (#4815)
* Bugs: Fix mining action test to use static random generator
* Bugs: Added two properties to control fix for tick clearing cache (#4819)
* Bugs: Handle action crash better when subsequent action uses same entities (#4819)
* Bugs: Fix typo in levelup event causing crash (#4818)
* Bugs: Fix issue where disband squad of NPCs while in hyperspace could eject NPCs into the cold harsh nothingness (#4812)
* Bugs: Fixing RM inventory filter by container, fixing city tree view by name,empty (#4807)
* Bugs: priv crash on fincome history page (#4806)
* Bugs: fixing admin menu, fixing calls to old method of assistant checking
* Bugs: fixing error on deleted custom image owner
* Bugs: Custom Item images unintentionally appear in Customs List.
* Bugs: Custom Item submissions may crash if large is missing.


Edit: Facility Income ran! Did it twice to make up for missed times. So enjoy your double scoop and but don't expect it again!

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 81)