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(Posted by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 19 Day 125 13:23)

Combine updated to revision 9aae4464c8f3de1ef6d573ca03ecdfa256d7bdc3

-creature gender handling for future breeding ability
-Adding shield generator startup action timer to members menu
-Add parameter to SectorUtil::getAllSectors to only show sectors with visible systems
-ShieldUtil::providesShields now takes Entity instead of Facility
-Add an option to fill all roads from roads modification screen
-travelDirection in scanner XML will now return "Stationary" for non-moving entities
-travelDirDescription removed from scan XML, duplicate of travelDirection
-full mines should pause instead of stop mining
-bulk item movement should handle >100 selected items faster now
-added city last updated stamp to ctool
-shuffled bandit array so they don't appear grouped by race anymore
-updated Vision rules to clarify you can share sensors with droids when you have a sensor pack equipped
-moving NPC shop item indicators into a property
-added faction type to status tool
-added admin tool to revert a government
-asteroid hideouts no longer prevent spawns
-added HQ planet to faction opening GNS flash event
-Added parameter to account settings page to force online time update every pageload

-Change how dragging works on production interface, should fix issue where start button is unavailable on mobile devices (#4872)
-entities could be recycled when characters were in bacta tanks inside the target
-remove MasterTemplate::NewSetup (#4867)
-remove mastertemplate handleError and override var (#4867)
-Added look and feel option to disable top left clock ticking (#4866)
-Change how browser notification permissions are handled, browser notifications will simply prompt the user via browser instead of posting a flash message (#4850)
-fixed JS in admin room map tool preventing room movement
-page crashed when trying to use jetpack with non-character/NPC in your party
-Jetpacks and Force Speed used different distance calculations
-Production was unable to combine droids/items and ships/vehicles (4669)
-Protection would create an invalid ID link to the asset being protected (unreported)
-protected NPCs could be fired
-can't see cross terrain abort button when crossing in some vehicles
-duplicate handles in DM send box could send the same message multiple times (#4849)
-kickPassenger would error when trying to kick a character
-creatures will now give a less insane event when attacking from out of range
-combat event incorrectly implied you hit an already-dead target, will now say targeted instead of hit
-moving pause events over into the full interrupt
-Custom Images use EntityType for owner instead of OwnerType
-Force probability not recalculated when given enough XP to skip a recalc level (4820)
-Inventory powered filter wonky when facils unpowered before jobsdaily ran, no longer (#4831)
-Fixed minor bug with spacing of logout button with long handles, added option to force less compilation server wide, removed unused old globalstyle css file
-Fix FI code not calculating power correctly for facilities that do not need power (#4828)
-crash when hiring npcs for faction while freelance (#4841)
-Add an extra confirm field needed for dropping characters (#4836)
-Fix xss on faction accept page
-Revert government not working correctly (#4835)
-Fix a minor dev related bug where finishing an action early would append time for the next run instead of resetting it (#4744)
-Repair UI minor fix
-Repair ticks sometimes crash if no materials are used (#4744)
-Crash in character creation can cause future attempts at creation to fail with sql integrity issues (#4843)
-removed ability to force heal IFF-enemies
-Medical items will now trigger the "Use An Item" Achievement
-ships would not appear in list of repairable entities if repairing entity has a combined hangar and docking bay

-added get-passenger-count to check current # of passengers
-added ability to get surface location and terrain type name
-added optional slot to put-item
-added get-hp-max (all), get-force-points and get-force-points-max (admin)
-made holding-item? available to all, added entity var and RM admin functions



Creatures currently have a gender listed on the Inventory but until we sync again these genders are not final. We will be adding the ability to select the gender of your current creatures, while creatures that are hatched after the next sync will be assigned a gender randomly, as the Creator intended.

(Edited by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 19 Day 126)