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After a brief absense, Lightsaber crafting has returned. A quest has been released to take you through the steps. Not force sensitive? This Quest won't respond to you but you can always 'collect' by other means. Force sensitive? Don't read that last bit. Get your new weapons! You'll need supplies, weapons, and guts to finish this one.

The Force Forum FAQ will be updated later this week. Expect answers to questions like "What about current shards?" and "How long should this take?"


Start location and exact details won't be released until a good chunk of people have gone through it. Additional changes will come in the future. We may contact you during this first few run throughs to make sure all is going smoothly. Any questions or hint requests can be sent via DM to Mikel




Edit: Small issue was solved for one member and others might find a similar bug. If the Ancient Hilt does not respond to you please DM Baugrems the ID of your ancient hilt item.

Edit 2.0: Thanks to the initial test subjects for doing some runs through the quest so far. Due to feedback and observation we've made a few changes that'll likely increase difficulty in some areas. Those who went through before and helped us see a live run won't have to redo anything.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 132)