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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 19 Day 286 17:39)

- Updated faction requirements to reduce member requirement, increase assets (see sim news post below)
- Major PHP7 Upgrade, there could be many issues with old code on new version of PHP, raise any new issues found in the help room or on the bug base.
- SWC Banner Exchange has been retired. Any websites displaying the banner exchange embed will now show random faction banners in its place.
- SWC Member map has been retired.
- Add read-only queue to inventory show stats page for entities that have a queue.
- adding flashing GNS notifier to galactic gov when GNS need approval
- NPC Market now informs of docked status of asset being sold (#5046)
- Bidding and purchasing on galactic market without reloading the page
- NPCs of races with a Force Probability % have had those points refunded as available skill points. This change applies to all NPCs.

- Droid repair doesn't give the "Use an Item" achievement (#4946)
- Typo on permission granting page
- Fix issue where cockpit crashes when vehicle has malformed misc field
- Error with faction creation js
- Pressing enter for inventory actions bypasses makeover/protection/etc. confirmation screens (#4979)
- Introduce pagination on faction owner protect/unprotect interface to prevent WSOD with large inventories (#3756)
- Set default max width for images in forum posts and messages
- Various bugs with asset handling after character death (#4675)
- Issues with players in a party that drop their character not spawning lost soul NPC (#5045)
- Unable to rename entities that have existing names using 4byte utf8 characters (#5040)
- Bug when repackaging medical items into crates (#5041)
- Fixed an issue with bacta tanks not healing properly (#5043)
- Missing show squad link for creatures inventory (#5039)
- Slight edit to arrest events (#5038)
- Droid could become permanently disabled after combat in a certain order (#5028)
- Applied Custom Images event now includes link to the image used

Web Services:
- Add recycling queue to Inventory/Entity resource
- Add production queue to Inventory/Entity resource
- Add new send credit resource
- Add documentation for new credit transfer resource
- Unhide and clean up "Daily Credit Limits" settings pages in account and faction settings
- Add minimum membercount to faction resource
- Add current capital (and breakdown) to faction resource
- Add support for filtering by infotext in Inventory/Entities resource
- Add support for multiple filters in Inventory/Entities resource
- Incorrect error when attempting to use WS for entity name change with more than 50 characters
- Error while removing tags via API (#5031)
- Droids can crash the API (#4373)

(Edited by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 19 Day 299)