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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 19 Day 355 16:31)

Economy Tweaks:
- Facility Income will now run weekly instead of monthly. The total value of FI weekly will be approximately 23% of the monthly values, and will be delivered on Sunday nights. The the next one should be today at D355 23:00 if no issues are encountered.

Combat Tweaks:
- Added combat tactics for character, squads, ships
- Focus fire: Each entity will target the same enemy for every hit per combat round
- Spread fire: Each entity will have each individual hit's target randomly chosen (as it has previously worked); additionally, they will do their best not to hit a dead target
- Combat now requires Line of sight to target (firing on an enemy with a facility, or anything that you would travel route around, in between will now fail)
- Add link to combat report from combat event, this link is sharable with others (so do not share link with others if you do not want them seeing the report)
- Rename faction "Combat Reports" permissions group to "Combat" permissions

- Cross-terrain will now take a maximum of 4 hours
- made Admin-owned markets able to access NPC Market
- Organizing notable rooms list and making pointer more obvious
- Show IFF icon for squad leaders when on travel boarding screen (IFF icon will not show for entities that are in a squad and not squad leader - this should make it easier to board lead ships when a squad is present)

- Lots of updates to maps so they can be drawn in more situations (mainly when character is not at a maps location)
- Paused ETAs still counted down on sidebar e.g. when standing in a paused mine (#5113)
- Disallow multiple submissions of facility construction form, added link to start another construction in flash msg
- Add table editor to CKEditor e.g. faction profile editor (#5100)
- Party size under equipment now shows member count instead of slots
- Fix issue with overflowing sim news header when posted by long handle
- Fix recycling abort crash when aborting droids recycling
- Infotext inventory filter not working when None option is selected (#5138)
- inverted passenger count status bar color
- Add open-to inventory filter for ship and vehicle inventory
- Sort list of properties alphabetically in properties editor
- Apply a fire delay to all attackers, not just the party leader when attacking e.g. when in a ship squad you should be able to see a fire delay action for each ship
- Fix issue with Guard/Patrol/HostileAction: it does not reset action listeners when party leader changes
- Remove plotStepTravel and remove custom javascript on step travel cockpit page, clicking on map on step travel page now should bring up dropdown like other pages
- Add space combat attack button to scanner view
- Draw fire delay timer in cockpit screen (drawn on left hand side)
- Add squadron card to cockpit showing hull/shields quick overview
- Update privileges screen: fixes broken leader/2ic privs, shows which privs are missing (when leader or 2ic is missing privs, loading this screen will attempt to grant them - this is necessary if we add new privs)
- Remove CM output from pilot inventory (ships no longer show unmanned/piloted/npc in inventory piloted view)
- Remove CM checks when building stations (building stations had some weird code checks around piloted ships that were removed)
- Move piloted check for travel into the UI (should now correctly apply all-ships-in-squad-need-pilot rules before allowing travelling)

- Update rules around astromech droids in cockpit avoiding hyperspace aborts

- Transfer ownership lisp admin function (#5127)

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 19 Day 355)