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(Posted by Baugrems on Year 19 Day 365 15:09)

Double Login CP:

For the next month or two enjoy double the reward for logging in! Happy 20th!


Unarmed Brawlers:

You may now use unarmed brawlers for an in-depth, stat based fight. A rules page will be made for these soon, but in the meantime here is a link to the details.


Space Bandit Capturing:

Disabled bandit ships can now be captured with the use of an Electronic Lockbreaker. The chance is based on your crafting/slicing skills. You get one try per character, per ship. It also will eat your ELB.

This can be dangerous! Anyone can board a disabled ship. You've been warned.

Electronic Lockbreaker


Purrgil Quest:

Some of you are wondering about the new space whales, and wish you could get one. Well... a quest will be released soon that allows you to get one for yourself! Stay tuned for details but in the meantime, go blubber hunting.



Science Feud Quest - Part Two:

A ton of you have asked about this bit. We have taken feedback from the first run and found ways to improve. Expect this quest to begin at the start of March. Start preparations now and make plans to be free!