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(Posted by Kyle Rainer on Year 20 Day 3 19:42)

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the year 20 celebration so far. There is more to come so keep an eye out on the sim news, you never know what might pop up or when. The introduction of the races seem to be generally well recieved, other than the usual complaining that is a prequisite to any change that occurs. As your person to implement them I am very glad of that, and wanted to thank Syn and Arjuna especially for their assistance in reviewing the stats and making sure I didn't screw up anything while making the races. 

Porgs also seem to be a hit as far as I've heard, and with them introduced a new feature we can take advantage of CP Creatures. Which when the idea was tossed around we all loved it so hopefully everyone else does as well, and never know we might introduce more CP Creatures as time goes on. 

I kind of kicked off the ideas for the Year 20 Celebrations so this is a fitting time for me to announce my retirement as an admin in swc and am retaking my character. The introduce of the new races and the making of porgs, purrgills and future things to come were my last offical acts as an admin in swc. Given my history it might be permanent or I might drop my character again one day to take on admin role again but for now feel I can contribute more in an advisory role than an actual admin.

Since this will likely be my last sim news post I do. I would like to thank everyone in swc for building a community that has lasted 20 years. Some of you I have worked more closely with than others but everyone contributes to make this game interesting. For that you have my thanks.

Also like to say given the recent massive earthquake in Alaska hopefully all of our players there are safe and sound, or as good as you could be given the circumstances. 

(Edited by Kyle Rainer on Year 20 Day 3)