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(Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 138 16:30)

In the interest of helping people prepare for the next phases, I am releasing the action plan with a few redactions. Here you go!

Phase One:

Tags Returned:DNA BashersSport HuntersTech LoversZoo Keepers

Individual tag turn-ins beyond 100 may yield additional rewards but will not be announced ahead of time.

2000 tags will need to be collected to end phase one. If it ends up taking too long it will become a running total rather than a team total. We will see where we are in 2 weeks time.

Phase Two:

Terminal Hack Mini-Game

Participation in phase two will result in a Firespray (Gunboat) being spawned for your use in phase 3 if needed. Keep it nearby.

  • 100 xp per point scored
  • 1000 xp per match won
  • 15 max points, 3 max wins per character

Winning team for phase two will get an additional reward that is not being announced ahead of time.

At the end of phase 2, the two losing* teams will be eliminated. Members will be prompted to choose one of the two remaining teams instead.

* Losing teams meaning lowest placement within phase one and lowest within phase two. If the same team places last both times, the next lowest score will be eliminated.

Phase Three:

Space Combat

In this phase you will be fighting hostile ships owned by the other teams. Shoot them down to stop them from claiming victory!

Individual rewards will not be rewarded this phase. Winning team wins the Feud and will get a team reward at the end. Losing team will get a consolation prize.

The winning team will have the entity-type of their choice added to a community design competition.:

  • DNA: Medium Creature with good attack
  • Sport Hunters: Large Creature with High HP
  • Tech Lovers: New Projectile Weapon
  • Zoo Keeper: New Military/Security Droid