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Posted by Polar on Year 23 Day 320 11:26

Polar here

Today I will start with something even more important than a Deathmatch. It's about a "feature" that exists during capturing bandit ships.

We've received a number of reports recently of players docking in disabled bandit ships, and thereby being able to save some time that would otherwise be spent on slicing doors and fighting NPCs on board since they are able to take a shorter route by entering through the docking/hangar bay instead of through the entrance room. While this was not originally intended, we will not be considering this an exploit at this time due to how long it takes to attempt to capture certain bandit ships, and players will not be punished for engaging in this behavior. We will notify you if our stance on this changes in the future.


Now onto the Deatchmatch. New round is up. You can vote here.

Previous grudge matches gave us an answers for questions like: What is the best Gunboat? (U-wing), Who do you vote for in deathmatches/grudgematches? (The one I actually favour), How Do You Feel About A/E Removal? (Race reset next!).

New matches are up, you can vote here. Submitters will be rewarded soon.


And the last thing for today, it's been already one year since I became an asim, time flies fast and I just wanted to say thank you for all for the support and good words, but also constructive criticism and all the help from other volunteers. May the force meter be with you.

On this occasion I decided to do something really crazy, that I don't usually do, and I didn't capitalize the first letter in the title of this sim news. I hope everyone will enjoy it!

This is all for today, have a good week everyone!

Polar out