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Player Administration

We interrupt your Winterfest Broadcasts to bring you...
(Posted by Falcon on Year 23 Day 26)
Year 23 Day 26, 17:40 Falcon banned player Arthur Von Kaldreon providing the following reason: Harassment   This is his seco...

Multi ban - Neckris Blaze
(Posted by Falcon on Year 23 Day 21)
Year 23 Day 21, 23:31 Falcon banned player Neckris Blaze providing the following reason: Multi Ban Year 23 Day 21, 23:31 Fa...

Strike 1 - A reminder of the new community rules
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 23 Day 8)
Baugrems banned player Arthur Von Kaldreon providing the following reason: Strike 1 Dec 4, 2021 (Y23 D 9)   Strike 1 results in ...

Community News

(Posted by Wombat on Year 23 Day 50)
The Winterfest games are officially CLOSED! I'm sure Polar will post a much more original and enjoyable wrap-up news, but here's w...

This is the way you'll leave us, I'm not pretending. No hope, no love, no glory. No happy ending.
(Posted by Polar on Year 23 Day 46)
Polar here I have a few things to say today. Firstly, if you are participating in the Winter event, remember about the rules you a...

Gone But Not Forgotten
(Posted by Wombat on Year 23 Day 42)
It is with great sadness that I must announce to you all... Just kidding, you're stuck with me! However, the cyborg clone L4anc3r ...

Technical News

So, About Those Freighters...
(Posted by Wombat on Year 23 Day 50)
Hello Galaxy, Happy Sim News spam day! Now that Winterfest is officially over, some development news for you. The Dev server is cu...

Sync Report Y23D49
(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 23 Day 49)
An option for allowing/disallowing medical item/action healing permissions has been added to the IFF page. The medical applicati...

Sync Report Y23 D15
(Posted by Wombat on Year 23 Day 15)
One week until Winter Festival! Oh, sorry, wrong news topic. Added nonlethal damage as a new damage type. Used for Unarmed Strik...

Posted by Wombat on Year 23 Day 50 13:24

Hello Galaxy,

Happy Sim News spam day! Now that Winterfest is officially over, some development news for you. The Dev server is currently hosting the code updates that allow Light Freighters and Heavy Freighters to participate in combat. There is still a substantial amount of balancing work to be accomplished by the administration and the rules team, but in case the past several months worth of Sim News were not enough of a warning:


Without going into any specifics, in general freighters will NOT be good combat vessels. In almost every case, their offensive and defensive stats will be inferior to fighters, gunboats, and corvettes.

This is your official notice to move your freighters to safety from the Petabys region (Space PVP) and deep space asteroid fields (Bandit PVE), or provide them with escorts. There will be a final one-week warning before release after balancing is finished, but depending on your circumstances, that may be too late if you choose not to act now. Freighters damaged or destroyed due to your inaction will receive no compensation from the administration.

The Development Projects page is frequently updated if you are ever curious about the status of upcoming releases. Fly safe!

Posted by Wombat on Year 23 Day 50 12:42

The Winterfest games are officially CLOSED! I'm sure Polar will post a much more original and enjoyable wrap-up news, but here's what that means for you right now:

  • All "game" NPCs are now closed.
  • Access to the comet is now closed.
  • Access to the Thunderdome is now closed.
  • Access to the station is still available from the comet (one way only) or the galaxy at large (bidirectional, for now)
  • You may still access all vendors on the station to spend credits and Frost Candy.
  • There are no special end-of-event purchases; the lists remain the same as they were during the event. Sorry, Venator fans.

Once the station closes, anyone remaining on the comet, in the Thunderdome, or on the station will be sent back to their "home" station or facility. The station will remain accessible for approximately one week, but Polar will make the final determination on when the station will close.

Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 23 Day 49 18:45
  • An option for allowing/disallowing medical item/action healing permissions has been added to the IFF page.
  • The medical application page now includes error messages for why particular targets cannot be healed and filters out conflicting actions.
  • Credit/XP/HP/FXP sheets are now paginated.
  • New fields added to some WS v2 endpoints.

Polar here

I have a few things to say today. Firstly, if you are participating in the Winter event, remember about the rules you agreed on when entering the event, especially those: "Theft is not allowed in the Winter Festival." and "Do not pick up items from the ground belonging to others. Especially next to vendors. This will be considered theft.". If you take something by "accident", make sure to give it back to the owner. When leaving the Winter Comet, be sure to check your pockets, sleds and backpacks, because if someone reports you for stealing items, it will result in a punishment which can even include a temporary ban from SWC.


Secondly, everything has to come to an end, winter party, candy grinding, slapping each other in the Thunderdome, the Deathmatch. The Winter event ends in a few days (day 50 around 12:00 combine time), but the comet will stay open for a little bit longer (around 1 week). After day 50 you won't be able to earn more candies. You can stick around, finish gathering/exchanging items, think what to buy from the vendors. Any items left on the comet and in the Grand Central Station will be deleted, so be sure you take all your stuff with you.


Thirdly, it's time for a new round of the Deathmatch. This is the last round of the current match, the grand final! You can vote here.

We also have new grudge matches for you. Voting goes here.


Fourthly, that's all for today. Have a good middle of the week everyone.

Polar out

Posted by Wombat on Year 23 Day 42 22:28

It is with great sadness that I must announce to you all...

Just kidding, you're stuck with me! However, the cyborg clone L4anc3r T0rp011 has escaped from the North Pole, despite the heroic efforts of all present to stop him.  He was last seen entering a Tsmeu-6 Personal Wheel Bike named "Rolling Retreat". A short while later, a Gozanti-class Cruiser named "Delicious Drudgery" was observed departing from the North Pole Airfield; it was last seen hailing the Grand Central Station before disappearing into hyperspace on a course toward Csilla.  It is unclear at this point what will happen with L4anc3r T0rp011, the mysterious Bar Bar Grems, or even our dear friend Lancer Torpoli (the original) who hasn't been seen in many days now. This officially concludes the Lancer Mini-Event.

The Kaminoan delegation on the comet does have a reward available for everyone who was present at the event prior to the conclusion of the Lancer Mini-Event, and who was not actively aiding the clone's escape. Speak to the Kaminoan Weapon Technician in the Palace in Otoh Tipoca to receive your reward.

If you participated in the Lancer Mini-Event and want to share your feedback, please feel free to leave it here: Feedback Thread

Posted by Wombat on Year 23 Day 39 23:22

Well, it seems like those pesky Gungans have really stepped in some poodoo this time, and unleashed a freakish Lancer cyborg clone... thing?  Both the Gungans and Kaminoans are requesting assistance in putting the creature out of its tortured misery. The battle can be joined in the "southern" bridge of the Thunderdome, where the sound of bare fists slapping and punching echos off of the now broken cloning vat.

L4anc3r T0rp011, as it is known, appears to have a truly stupendous reserve of fortitude, and only a coordinated assault has any chance of weakening the creature, since the Gungans decided to give it some rare armor while in the cloning tank.  When will they learn? There are even rumors that the Kaminoans may be willing to contribute something to the cause, if sufficient progress is made in the fight.  Bring your fists (and probably some festive sticks too) and join the fray!




We would like to remind everyone the rules of the Thunderdome II in the Winter Event.

- You may coordinate with other players to bring a single player down to 1 HP and stun them, provided you then leave them alone.
- You may coordinate a large-scale "slap fight" between two or more groups, provided all sides consent and all other rules are followed. If you want to do this, please choose a room that is NOT the Entrance. NOTE: Declining a group fight does not magically give your group immunity; this is still a free-for-all brawl and other players or groups of players can still use Rule 1 against you.
- You may use the Force to heal another player at any time, provided it is not used in violation of any other rules.
- You may use a Stimpack to remove stun from another player at any time, provided it is not used in violation of any other rules.
- You may not use an item to heal another player without their explicit consent, due to the medical item timer locking them in place. Note: This applies anywhere in the Event system
- You may not continuously attack a player, either alone or coordinated with a group, and keep them perpetually stunned, aka "stunlocked". This is considered harassment.
- You may not coordinate with a large group of players to indiscriminately stun everyone present and "lock down" the Thunderdome. This is considered sabotage.
- You may not attack any player in the same room where the boss target (L4anc3r T0rp011) is located. Doing so is considered sabotage and will be an instant event ban.

Thank you for your cooperation.

edit: rules reminder

(Edited by Polar on Year 23 Day 41)
Posted by Polar on Year 23 Day 39 13:37

Polar here

During the last few days, some unexpected series of events have happened in the Winter City, North Pole. Lancer Torpoli, known Pengauani who was usually hanging out next to the Winter Tree in the center of the city, disappeared. Rumours say that he got captured by an unknown Gungan, who was dressed in a dark robe. The gungan hand cuffed Lancer and led him away from the sight of winter event participants. Witnesses claimed that they went in the direction of the Hangar or the Landing Pad, but no one can confirm, if they entered buildings or used local transportation system to go to some other city or the station.

After shocked passersby realized what has happened, they started looking for Lancer in every place they could access. They turned upside down Thunderdome II, a not so secret anymore fight club, hidden inside the Landing Pad. After finding a locked door to one of the rooms on the top floor, the crowd of violent aliens decided to break inside, yelling things like "FREE LANCER" and "IT'S SO CROWDY IN HERE THAT I CAN'T SEE THE LOCK". After some time, one person finally managed to guess the passcode, resulting in opening the door and revealing what is inside.

This is what we heard from one of the drunk witnesses: "LANCER was KIDNAPPED (some say arrested) by an evil sith gungan wearing a pretty kawaii backpack. They disappeared near the LANDING PAD after which a GOAT attempted to brute force the locked door. Only for it to be opened by a FURRY by the name of Trix". His version seems to be the most accurate so far, although he was also mumbling something about unknown ships landing in the Winter City, rosebuds and hidden treasures.

After entering the room, what people found inside was a group of armed mercenaries, guarding something that looked like... a Cloning Vat?

Just in case that it has something to do with the disappearance of Lancer, loud mobs carrying candy canes and tree ornaments decided to attack the mysterious guards. After long fight full of casualties, mercenaries had to capitulate and retreat, leaving the place of battle. Before most of the freedom fighters managed to regain conciousness and heal their lying on the floor friends, a Gungan "Prince" had shown up in the room, trying to calm down the situation. Although he doesn't want to answers any questions, he is suggesting some bad things may happen soon in the city. He also doesn't want to reveal if he has any informations about Lancer, but his silence probably means that we should prepare for the worst. Many visitors that can be found in the cities or on the station started to comment the occurence. Is it possible one of them knows the truth? Hopefully we will find out soon.


In the meanwhile, people started to gather in the place where Lancer used to wait for his friends to talk with them every day. They even constructed small sled, which is being filled with items from people of all races, in the memory of Pengauani.

The sled is being monitored by winter event guards. Any attempts on stealing it will result in heavy punishment.



From other news, new round of Deathmatch is here, go vote! Same with grudge matches! Previous round gave us some interesting results. For the question How many characters have you had? majority of the people answered "One". But 27 people also said that they had seven or more! Big energy. A lot of beings died to deliver us this information.

Anyway, that's it for today, thanks for a lot of good input about the event and let's continue the adventure (if you are participating). Have a good week everyone.

Polar out

Posted by Baugrems on Year 23 Day 34 14:53

I hate to go and leave this pretty sight site. But I am. Sort of. It's been a good few years but I've hit the end of my time as SWC admin. Real life is busier, SWC is feeling like a job rather than a creative outlet. I'll still be around and have a plan for being a mortal thing somewhere quiet and not involved heavily. Been planning this for a while but I decided to stick around as admin to help write scripts and such for winter event. Not much else to really say! I hope SWC continues to push ahead without me at the helm here and I think we have a great asim/admin team to help make it happen.

I'll be stepping out with the New Years time so really short notice, but I kept not wanting to step on other announcements happening... oops.

Posted by Polar on Year 23 Day 32 15:01

Polar here

I hope everyone is having a good time both in Combine and IRL. Today we advanced the Deathmatch to the next round. You can vote for it here or here.


Also there are a few new grudge matches, vote only here!


This is all for today, have a good week everyone!

Polar out.

(Edited by Polar on Year 23 Day 32)

In case the Winter Event is not already putting you in the Holiday Spirit, we want to extend another gift to the community. For many people today is the day to celebrate Christmas, and while not everyone may subscribe to that holiday, we used it as an excuse to update the CP Exchange. This was a big team effort over the last few months with the hopes to get it released around the same time as the winter event.


Most of the credit should go to the Art Team and Descriptions Team for preparing the front end of these to be ready for you. Make sure to thank your local artist/writer from the SWC team!


If you're not too familiar, Combine Points (CP) are a bonus currency in SWCombine. Your daily login gives you points towards earning these bonus entities. They may not be the highest quality in the galaxy, but they get the job done and are a nice treat for your activity in the game or work on SWC Teams.


Combine Points Exchange


You can find new Ships, Vehicles, and Droids at the following links.

CP Bonus Ships

CP Bonus Vehicles

CP Bonus Droids


Posted by Wombat on Year 23 Day 28 21:49

For those of you attending Winterfest and visiting the Cave of Exchange, please take note:

Although this is an area designed to facilitate the exchange of items, taking an item that does not belong to you without the explicit consent of the owner is considered theft. When you entered Winterfest for the first time, you agreed to a set of rules, including a no-theft policy.

Please be careful when picking up items, and double-check before you leave the station since that is a one-way trip for the items. If you notice that you have accidentally taken something that does not belong to you, please immediately resolve it with the owner to avoid accusations of theft.

First unresolved offense earns you a place on the Naughty List. A repeat offense is an event ban.

Posted by Falcon on Year 23 Day 27 17:34

Greetings, sentients of the galaxy!


I finally come bearing non-ban-related news! Starting sometime next week, I'll be taking a roughly 6-month hiatus from the game. This is not because I'm burnt out or anything, but rather I will be taking a work trip during that time and will be largely unavailable. You can still DM me, but just know it will probably take many days for me to respond, and so your best bet would be to either Send a DM to Hawk or Send a DM to Wombat, and alternatively, in extreme cases, you can Send a DM to Polar. Additionally, you can always submit a support ticket and receive help that way(which is usually the best way anyways).


I will still probably pop in from time to time and catch up with the community, but otherwise expect me to essentially be gone from the game for the next 6-7 months. Thanks to all of you who help make this community great, and thanks to the administration team for being understanding. I look forward to serving you all when I get back!