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Player Administration

Handle Change: Lencher Gand -> Lencher Chynnre (Posted by Evan on Year 21 Day 113)
Year 21 Day 113, 7:37 Evan has changed a players handle: Lencher Gand to Lencher Chynnre. I want to take this moment to thank...

Get to cover. (Posted by Noctis on Year 21 Day 102)
Year 21 Day 102, 21:41 Noctis banned player Seeka Noth providing the following reason: Multi Ban; Failing to register as multis...

Multi Ban - Undone - Misinfo Ban (Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 97)
Year 21 Day 97, 21:07 Baugrems banned player Xeno River providing the following reason: Multi Ban   Year 21 Day 97, 21:07 B...

Community News

Solarius Masha is the newest Tournament winner! (Posted by Evan on Year 21 Day 12)
New deathmatch and grudge matches. Also, these are all totally not rigged. Deathmatch GRUDGE MATCHES!  

Descriptions Director - New Director! (Posted by Noctis on Year 21 Day 73)
Good afternoon Combine! Administration is looking for a new Descriptions Director.  The Director is responsible for uploading/upd...

How to get involved (Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 37)
Looking to make your impact on SWC? Want to get paid in Combine Points to do it? Join a team!  There is an SWC team for just ab...

Technical News

Sync Report Y21 D107 (Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 107)
Faction Requests There is a new feature available to factions and faction owners. Anyone with "view" inventory privileges can send...

Sync Report Y21 D74 (Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 74)
Look and Feel: - Viewport options (the default width/zoom for pages on phones) are now configurable on the Look and Feel screen. I...

Generic Datacards (Posted by Kyle on Year 21 Day 62)
As part of the GE / NR situation ~40 datacards have now been made generic, after discussions with the parties involved.  I will l...

(Posted by Evan on Year 21 Day 12 13:13)

New deathmatch and grudge matches.

Also, these are all totally not rigged.




(Edited by Noctis on Year 21 Day 113)
(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 107 23:40)

Faction Requests

There is a new feature available to factions and faction owners.
Anyone with "view" inventory privileges can send faction requests. A request is a set of assets plus an inventory action (asset assignment, asset makeover, asset unprotection).
These requests can be seen and executed by people with appropriate privileges (assign privs, makeover privs or faction ownership).

You can raise requests via inventory actions, or access the list of requests from the factions menu.

Known issues:
- Error when "reason" field is left blank (Workaround: Put a non-empty reason in)



- Faction owner page reworked, in particular now it is less heavy to load when owning a lot of stocks.
- There is a new faction privilege "Can see Faction Status Overview" (leaders will need to assign this new privilege to people to use it)
- Fix crash on messages when trying to send message to purged character
- Removed "Lack of Interest" faction dissolution condition (it was never used)
- Fixed faction forum "infofield" permission checking
- You can now only see inventory actions you have privileges to do
- Assigning faction asset tags via inventory checked incorrect privs (now requires Assign Tags priv)
- Protecting assets via owner screen now generates batch events rather than one event per asset


Other Changes:

Maybe new issues with the following features:
- Faction Privileges storage major rework
- Asset Tags storage major rework
- Ctools rework

Y21 D108 Edit from Evan: Someone made a great tool that lets us delay the expiration of asteroid deposits. We've added more time to all deposits and will continue to do so until the full feature release of asteroid mining so that you can prospect without fear of your efforts going to waste. Be sure to thank Noctis!

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 108)
(Posted by Noctis on Year 21 Day 73 12:34)

Good afternoon Combine!

Administration is looking for a new Descriptions Director.  The Director is responsible for uploading/updating descriptions, working well alongside description team members, and paying the team.  If you would like to be considered, please DM one of the following; Baugrems, Kyle, or Evan.  Also include your responses to the following questions.

1) When did you join the Combine.

2) Experience with descriptions.

3) Your activity level/frequency.

4) An example of descriptions you have written/submitted.

5) Is a hotdog a sandwich. (AND A HOTDOG IS A SANDWICH - Noctis) 

Please submit your responses no later than Y21 D87. 



Paul Luz is now the Descriptions Director. Thanks for the applications. I hope everyone still tries to join the team even if they didn't become director!

(Edited by Noctis on Year 21 Day 86)
(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 74 20:55)

Look and Feel:

- Viewport options (the default width/zoom for pages on phones) are now configurable on the Look and Feel screen.
It's device specific so find a setting that works for your mobile if you don't like the defaults.

- Who Is Online page now more mobile friendly.
The Who Is Online page now has a quick link to send a message to players who have joined recently. This link will populate the message screen only with players handles who you have not already sent a message to.
The Search Profiles link in the right menu now links to the Who Is Online page.

- Improvement to the Credit Transaction sheet, made Mobile friendly, and some simple filtering ability added.

- The "overhanging header" issue on mobile has been fixed by moving the page layout to CSS Grid. Hopefully everybody is using a browser updated in the last decade.



- Fixed a bug with sector bounding coordinates in deep space.
- Unpowered warning shown on cockpit when inside an unpowered facility.
- Shield Gen and CCC cockpit functionality now does not function when unpowered (previously they did).
- Fixed Shield gens not shutting down when PG recycled.
- Fixed some issues with travel planner triggering when inside immobile things (stations/facilities)
- City creation events now linkified, taxes event has had information leakage reduced, and no taxes are returned for hidden cities.
- A bug with our HTML parser (used anywhere HTML is accepted) has been fixed to avoid extra list elements showing up.
- Fixed a bug on rules pages showing some hidden cities at 0,0.
- Hidden cities that you have privileges to see should now show up on the planet deposits inventory.
- Fixed an issue with faction dissolution hanging due to multiple join requests.
- Join requests page now shows a warning if you have no HQ/unpowered HQ.
- Faction join requests no longer expose the player's email address.
- Changed how multiple inventory filters stack again (so it prefers includes over excluding again).
- Fixed XSS on LISP Script Modules
- Added specific error for LISP variable names too long (max of 32 characters)
- Facility construction from city permissions now can edit the facility name on the construction confirm page.
- Fixed XSS on messages screens. Fixed issue with message impersonation. Messages from non-character sources should show specifically what they have been sent from if not a character.
- Scanner screen repair droid button added.
- Planet image max width on rules pages is 300px.


- WS Credit Limits removal

(Posted by Kyle on Year 21 Day 62 13:37)

As part of the GE / NR situation ~40 datacards have now been made generic, after discussions with the parties involved.  I will likely edit this later to list them out but enjoy.

Also as part of this we are going to being doing an audit of the generics datacards assigned to factions to ensure that that are not overallocated. This will be starting likely in 2 weeks, so please clean up your stuff before then on your own otherwise we will just remove the highest slot values first until you get under the limit, and other things might happen as well in addition to that such as but not limited to fines, removal of more generics from you, get attacked by vicious attack porgs that Baugrems has been training in secret for just such an occasion.


The List

GAT-12h Skipray Blastboat
GR-75 Medium Transport
D8 Smelter
Stun Grenade
IPV-1 System Patrol Craft
Star Saber XC-01 Starfighter
Star Saber XC-01 Starfighter MkII
Delta-class JV-7 Escort Shuttle
R2 Series Astromech
Patrol Droid
Subspace Radio
EMP Grenade
Sequence Charger
Battle Axe
Combat Knife
Bryar Pistol
Bryar Rifle
Jawa Ionisation Blaster
Amphibian Survival Backpack
Amphibian Survival Mask
Amphibian Survival Suit
Arctic Survival Helmet
Arctic Survival Suit
Vacuum Survival Backpack
Vacuum Survival Helmet
Vacuum Survival Suit
Portable Power Fusion Generator
Bantha II Cargo Skiff
Luxury Sail Barge
(Edited by Kyle on Year 21 Day 62)
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 37 3:32)

Help Wanted

Looking to make your impact on SWC? Want to get paid in Combine Points to do it? Join a team! 

There is an SWC team for just about every skillset. We have art team, descriptions team, NPC team, Scenario/RP team, Quality Assurance/Bug Testing team, the development team, and more.

Art Team: (Jic Uiji)

  • Job - Create 3D and 2D art for the combine.
  • Pay - Between 5,000 and 50,000 CP per model/piece. (Inquire inside for more info)
  • How to Join: Submit artwork for needed combine entities and assist others on forums/discord. They'll find you.

Descriptions Team: (Tomas O`Cuinn)

  • Job  - Write descriptions for entity types and for the galaxy.
  • Pay - 10,000 CP per month for activity (moderation, edits, comments). 500-10k CP per submission.
  • How to Join: Submit 3 successful descriptions on the public description suggestions forum. (You get paid for these too).

NPC/Quest Team: (Baugrems)

  • Job - Write dialogues for NPC types, droids, and creatures. Assist with Quests.
  • Pay - 10,000 CP per month for activity (mostly discord). Bonuses per script or quest available up to 10k CP.
  • How to Join: Write 3 sample dialogues using LISP. Message Baugrems with intent to join.

Scenario/RP Team: (Syn/Loki)

  • Job - Run Scenarios as GM for Scenario Hall.
  • Pay - 10,000 CP per month for activity. Bonuses available per scenario up to 30,000 CP.
  • How to Join: Message Syn.

Quality Assurance/Bug Testing Team: (Kay Dallben)

  • Job - Test new features for bugs and confirm current bugs.
  • Pay - 10,000 CP per month for activity. Bonuses possible.
  • How to Join - Message Kay Dallben with combine experience and available times to test.

Dev Team: (Clarr Solo and Mikel von Bianchi)

  • Job - Code new features and fix bugs for SWCombine.
  • Pay - 20,000 CP per month of activity. Bonuses available.
  • How to Join: Complete the Dev challenge and discuss it with Dev Team.

A rules page is being built for "How to join an SWC Team" soonTM that has this info for players to find.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 38)
(Posted by Noctis on Year 21 Day 33 15:56)

Greetings everyone.  As administration continues to work toward improvements and changes, NR leadership was re-established in the meantime.  This does not mean that final decisions have been made regarding the GE win.  As with the spirit of the button press to make the game better, we do not want players left in limbo for extended periods of time as changes oftentimes take.

For questions or concerns, please contact Evan.

(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 25 23:30)

Website on Mobiles
- Tweaked how the website displays on mobiles. If you liked the older layout width better on your phone, go to your browsers page settings and enable "Use Desktop Site".

Asteroid Prospecting
- Asteroid prospecting now gives you XP, hooray!
- Asteroid prospecting now spams your cockpit events with more events, hooray!
- You can now issue a queued move into prospecting order from the map context menu. This is queueing behaviour is handled by travel planner, and should make asteroid prospecting more chill.
- This also works with planet based prospecting when you are at atmosphere level. Basically only for FK-7 squads though, so probably not as useful as its counterpart.
- Rules for asteroid mining should be released with next sync, and asteroid mining itself still on track to be released before all the juicy Y-8s are finished.

Travel Planner
- There is now an icon in the Inventory to populate the travel plan to a given asset's location.
- Additionally, the mishmash of icons in inventory have been cleaned up and moved to their own column, wow much clean.
- Fixed an issue where travel planner had an irrational fear of travelling on diagonals.

Bugs & Fixes
- Fixed an issue where a regular faction member with privs could expel the 2IC. 2IC is a privileged spot, only the leader can remove or expel the 2IC. (This particular issue was thought to be fixed many years ago, recent events made us re-test this).
- Improved information on skill allocate screen when below skill category minimums.
- Fixed an issue where entities with no ionic cap were permanently disabled. Entities with no base ionic cap cannot be disabled.
- Fixed an issue where cutting power to factories that were producing things was ineffective.
- Fixed an issue with Inventory filters: Some filters when combined together with themselves would generate the wrong results e.g. the "powered" filter.
- Fixed an issue where sometimes you could not see hidden cities on the galaxy map, related to how the city was assigned and owned.
- Fixed an issue with how identifiers for datacards are assigned.
- An issue where you could purchase multiple duplicate generic datacards has been fixed (maybe).
- The cockpit map context menu has been rewritten to allow it to be more hip and dynamic.
- Fixed a bug with deep space sector calculations, relating to sector borders/vertices. Deep space sectors are still cosmetic only.


Edit Y21D29

A follow up sync has fixed some regressions caused in the above sync. Forum quotes, station construction, and NPC skill point assigning should all be fixed.

Additionally, a new feature has been added to the scanner interface, where players and NPCs will now show a Heal option if they are injured and you are able to heal them. This is automatic, and will use the most powerful healing item you have equipped to your character. Healing is also still accessible from the Equipment page. More suggestions for quality of life changes such as this are welcome; the next option on this screen will likely be Repair for droids.

(Edited by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 21 Day 29)
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 21 Day 26 23:45)

A discord server has been created between Seele, the Administration, and those interested in obtaining the shell of rebel datacards, lands, etc. The admin role is moderation and assistance at this time. To get an invite, please contact Baugrems on Discord (Baugrems#5197). Read the rules below before requesting access or I will ignore you/shame you.


Purpose: The Galactic Summit is an OOC conference to discuss moving forward with the critical story element of the anti-GE portion of the SWC community. With the seizure of the New Republic faction by the Galactic Empire, the SWC community must discuss options for managing the former-NR datacards, assets, and territory. The summit seeks to bring the directly involved parties together and reach a consensus of what the anti-GE power bloc in the game will look like, including leadership, where technology and assets will be distributed, and how the IU and anti-GE blocs can progress SWC's story.

Rules for the Galactic Summit:

1. Discussions are strictly OOC. We will discuss IC things and reasonings, but we are interacting as players, not as characters.

2. Be respectful to one another. This is a sensitive topic and it's not a nice thing to have occurred, but name-calling, vitriol, and rage will earn a ban.

3. You must have a direct interest in the discussion to be here. This is not a place for tourists and spectators, we need to discuss serious things and we don't need a peanut gallery.

4. Political "parties" or Factions may only have two (2) representatives each. We want to hear a diversity of thoughts and interests, but not have things drowned out by an alliance turning up with all of their nationalised factions.

5. No proposals or debates regarding game-mechanics. This isn't the place to specifically pitch ideas to the Administration or come up with game mechanics.


Message should include your handle, faction/group, role in said group, and a two sentence summary of your Rebel proposal.

(Posted by Noctis on Year 21 Day 23 22:25)

The administration is working diligently around the clock reviewing improvement ideas and possible changes related to the game winning button push.

If you would like contribute to the discussion, you can post here.

If you have any questions, you may contact Baugrems again.  (Multiple DMs may be necessary, keep trying.)

(Posted by Evan on Year 21 Day 5 20:26)

With the latest sync, we are happy to announce a new feature that many of you have requested: Asteroid Mining!

You can find the rules for the current implementation here: Asteroid Mining Rules

Additionally, a new, related ship has arrived! Introducing the Y-8 Mining Vessel:

For now, please consider this feature in Open Beta; as such, values and mechanics are subject to change. To begin, we have released the ability to prospect for materials in asteroid fields. The ability to actually mine the found resources will be released in a future sync, but we wanted to give you all a chance to get started finding your precious, precious RMs!

As outlined in the Asteroid Mining Rules, only ships equipped with Mining Sensors are capable of prospecting for raw materials in asteroid fields. To help people jump into this new features, we have TEMPORARILY given mining sensors to all generic light freighters. On or about February 1st, 2020, the mining sensors may or may not be removed from those generic light freighters. For now, the only ship guaranteed to have mining sensors after February 1st is the Y-8 Mining Vessel.

Again, the mining sensors for the generic light freighters are temporary!

For those that like to plan ahead, you should expect the Y-8 Mining Vessel to play a critical role in the actual mining operations of asteroid fields, as well as the use of depot stations. More details will be released later, but hopefully that's enough to get your ol' noggin churning for now.

Special thanks to Clarr for his work on this, please send him all your love.

(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 4 20:37)

- Recruitment liaison field is now stored differently, so leaders and 2ic can remove themselves as liaisons without being readded. Faction recruitment liaison is set from the dedicated faction screen.
- The autocomplete box on privilege page was fixed to only autocomplete within faction (when character has appropriate privs to view memberlist)
- Cockpit and Travel planner now show sector when in deep space (this is purely cosmetic)
- Fixed alazhi refining pile selecting ownership issue
- Skill point category minimums are enforced when allocating character skill points
- Added link to NPC Inventory skill points icon
- a target="_blank" is allowed on forum html now.
- Fixed issue where repair was granting XP twice in transaction log, and repair now generates better events and error messages.
- Fixed combat hooks not being fired correctly (affecting force quest)