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Having a registered Multi is okay, sharing assets is NOT!
(Posted by Falcon on Year 22 Day 282)
Forgive me Combine, for I have used the almighty Ban Hammer once more...  1 Year 22 Day 282, 18:02 Falcon banned player Xac Su...

Handle Change - Clifton Barnes to Extor Ace
(Posted by Falcon on Year 22 Day 272)
Year 22 Day 272, 16:17 Falcon has changed a players handle: Clifton Barnes to Extor Ace. Handle changed due to breaking name ...

Handle Change
(Posted by Falcon on Year 22 Day 245)
Year 22 Day 245, 19:56 Falcon has changed a players handle: Ja Garras Kaos to Ja`Garras Kaos. Update your rolodex accordingly...

Community News

Staff Update
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 298)
Sapo has stepped down as one of our more junior ASIMs; his term had 3 months remaining, and we will be actively recruiting to fill ...

You all know the penguin credo.
(Posted by Polar on Year 22 Day 297)
Polar here, greetings everyone! As promised, today we are announcing the winner of a deathmatch! And it's no one else than... chec...

SWC 3D Art Competition
(Posted by Galia Winters on Year 22 Day 244)
SWC 3D Art Competition Aug 1st - Sept 1st(2021) In 2020 we experienced our first ever art competition in Star Art Studio discord s...

Technical News

Major Changes to Spying rules and Communication Rules - Notes on the future of Combat
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 285)
We have updated Spying rules taking effect next month. With more PvP potential (see notes below) comes a huge cut in what we are ...

Faction Community Survey
(Posted by Kyle on Year 22 Day 275)
We are conducting a survey to gather information about the community, specifically the community that factions develop for their me...

Now Hiring! Earn some Combine Points
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 252)
If you are hoping to get involved in the game behind the scenes, now is your chance! Every one of these positions also pays in CP s...

Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 298 19:00

Sapo has stepped down as one of our more junior ASIMs; his term had 3 months remaining, and we will be actively recruiting to fill the hole left by his departure.

While we thank him for his many contributions to the game, we unfortunately also have to reveal that he attempted to pave an easier path for his character on his way out the door. For this, we've decided to delay the reactivation of his character for two months. This will be equivalent to a 2-month ban from the website

We hope he spends this time remembering the good work we got done and the good times we had during his tenure.

If you have any questions, comments, or issues, you are always welcome to submit to support [link] or DM a member of staff (Falcon, Noctis, or Erek).

Posted by Polar on Year 22 Day 297 21:39

Polar here, greetings everyone!

As promised, today we are announcing the winner of a deathmatch! And it's no one else than... checks his notes... wait a second. Penguin lost? Very sad news everyone, as a representative of winter loving race, I would like to announce that the winner of the Deathmatch is Mingolo Mingolonio! Congratulations! This makes him the last person standing in our contest, and everyone knows the penguin credo - never swim alone. So starting today for the next few weeks we will swim with a new group of contestants! You can vote for them here.


The next thing I will address today are results of last weeks grudge matches. Your Favorite junior dev is Baugrems, which is not surprising because he is the only person from the list who could ban everyone if someone else would win. I would like to thank everyone for keeping the votes for the rest of the candidates tied, more or less. They should all be happy with the result as no one got zero votes.

The next two questions were about changes to the rules and A/E removal. Majority of voters have shown that they approve those changes. It will take some time to get used to the new additions, but with everything that is being planned for the future, I think with time even more people will get convinced that we are going in the right direction.

Last question, about vendors, has shown that while a lot of the people like them, many didn't hear about them or just don't care. They are a great addition to the game, especially if you like trading. Today was the last day of Swap Meeting - event that many players are attending to hang out with other players and trade their goods. During this meeting, a lot of players decided to use vendors to sell their wares, at one point more than 40 of them were present and ready to trade with you. How big impact vendors have on trading can be seen in statistics from the last month:

During the time when the Swap Meeting was about to start, credits transferred through vendors skyrocketed to 1.7bil. People spent a lot of credits by buying from vendors and we will probably see a lot more of this trend in the future. If you are curious about Vendors, you can read about them here.


Today new round of grudge matches is starting. If you would like to vote, go to this LINK, if you don't want to vote, you can still click that link out of curiosity.


That's all for now, have a good week everyone and good luck on monday.

Posted by Galia Winters on Year 22 Day 244 14:49

SWC 3D Art Competition
Aug 1st - Sept 1st(2021)

In 2020 we experienced our first ever art competition in Star Art Studio discord server, however this was unofficial and sponsored by several factions and some artists to help encourage new artists and support artists in doing art for SWCombine. Unlike the previous contest this year's contest will be exclusively all 3d digital art. Another thing that has changed is with support of the administration this is now an Official Art contest. 

This art competition will largely be held on Star Art Studio discord server, however you are not required to join. If you do not join the discord server you will need to send your initial and final submission to Galia Winters via Darkness. Artwork will be displayed on that discord and final entries will be displayed in the General Talk forum for everyone to review and admire. 

If you are not an artist yet or just starting, we highly encourage you to participate and socialize with other artists in this competition. We have decades of experience collectively, and it is the hope of this competition to inspire new artists to enter into SWC's art community. In addition we also highly encourage anyone to take advantage of our tutorials section and guides on how to do art. Anyone in SWC is welcome :)

Must be started no earlier than 1st of August 2021.
Must be submitted by the deadline (1st of September 2021)
Must be created after the start date (honor system)

- Announce in the #initial discord channel or to Galia Winters, your initial intent to 3d model. This will act as the proverbial measuring stick in which we compare to the goals we actually achieve. I.E. "I want to 3d model a YT-1300." Not doing so results in a 10 point Difficulty penalty.
- Each artist chooses the 3d model/s they wish to make. You may make a scene or an individual model or so much more, but it must be based in SWCombine.
- Three Judges will be selected to rate each submission from 1-100 in each of the following categories: Difficulty, Originality, Complexity, and Aesthetics. The average of these four scores will be each submission's final score.
- Must be a SWCombine member and the submission must be 100% made by the player submitting it. 
- Rewards in CP form will be given out to each serious entry based on each submission's average score. ADDITIONAL CPs will be rewarded is SWCombine can officially utilize that submission (i.e. say you did the art for a starship that SWC needs an image for). 
- You may only make one submission for this contest!



Thank you to all who participated! Here are our top 3!

1st Place: Alex Tylger
2nd Place: Janus Defou
3rd Place: Ondoron Bondoon

(Edited by Galia Winters on Year 22 Day 293)
Posted by Polar on Year 22 Day 290 21:12

Polar here. New round of our Deathmatch Tournament is out and we have only 2 aliens left! Just like last week, one duel had to be decided by a coin toss. Now this week it's a final duel and we have 3 coins left, so it's safe to say that next sunday we should know the winner of the whole Deatchmatch no matter what!


This week one mysterious submitter would like to find out your opinions about recent changes in Combine. You can also vote for your Favorite junior dev, but maybe keep it tied so none of them will go on strike, in case of small number of votes. Let's go!

Also don't forget that you can submit your own grudge matches, you can ask our players many interesting and important things, like what type of ship would they like to own or what is their favourite horse colour.

Let's move on to the summary of last week grudge matches.

Most of SWCers are in 30-39 years old bracket. There are also many who are 40 and more. Very few are under 20, or they don't know where to find grudge matches.

If anyone is curious, the best way to lose DC Showdown is to forget to undock. The least popular way is friendly fire, so you probably don't have to be afraid of your own team mates.

Most popular opinion about DC Showdown was "Don't care, wasn't there". I personally didn't participate, but there was some good stuff you could get in the Showdown Station, even if you weren't in any of the showdown teams, for example spacecrawler DC you could buy from the vendor and tons of plushies for your daily tea parties during hyper trips.


That's all for this week, take care everyone and have safe hyper travels.

(Edited by Polar on Year 22 Day 290)

We have updated Spying rules taking effect next month. With more PvP potential (see notes below) comes a huge cut in what we are going to be allowing regarding Spying in the game. You can still spy on enemy factions, gather intel, and even assassinate people, but it has to be a bit different. These Spying rules also affect individuals who wish to loot or grief a faction for personal gain. You no longer need to worry about someone using their access loot your factions. Nor can someone open the door for your enemies to come kill everyone.

(yes I know there is a typo in an example and it'll fix later on another sync)


On top of this we are also updating our community rules based on feedback from our recent survey and past years of feedback from players directly. Our community is important and we want to make sure it's a place we can enjoy. We know in the past even staff have not been good about these things, but we hope moving forward with the guidelines we can all enjoy the game a bit more.


Strikes will not be retroactive nor will the spying rules. You have until the 1st of October to make sure you are complying with both sets of rules. This is mostly for public SWCombine communication and Core Factions, we will not be policing your internal communications unless many complaints come out of it.


Lastly, as you may have seen noted above, PvP is expanding. Arrest/Execute as we currently know it will be replaced by global room/ground combat. Characters who are stunned will be able to be captured. Once captured, a character can be executed as well. It will act the same as A/E now except there will not be a skill check system for success/failure. We will have safe zones where combat cannot happen and areas where combat is enabled but capture/killing is not. The timeline for that is to release hostile AI in the next month or two, then to pivot to A/E changes in a month or two after that. These changes to A/E will be implemented likely around the end of 2021 or start of 2022. This does NOT mean future combat scales (space, ground vehicles, facilities, etc.) will be global. Global Combat at all levels is not the intention. Most development conversations are about opt-in and/or easily avoidable PvP in the game. You will always have a safe place to hide, even if that means your impact on the game is very low.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 285)

Polar here, greetings everyone!

Another round of Deathmatch has started. We are closer to finding out who will win death (or life?).

You can vote for the person who has better looking avatar here: Deathmatch is so much fun.


As for Grudge matches, new batch has been released right.... here! People are very curious about your opinions on DC Showdown, especially on how to lose it with style. Take notes for the next one.

Results of previous ones are as follows:

1. Ranged weapons are the most popular kind of weapons that people use. Shoot first, become famous.

2. Favourite pilot? 1st place - the one and only, Han Solo. 2nd place - any droid. 3rd place - Anakin Skywalker. Sounds about right.

3. The answer for "which Star Wars monster is the most scary?" question is... all of them! Good thing is, not all of them will fit under your bed at night.


My work here is done. Thank you for your attention and until next time!

Posted by Kyle on Year 22 Day 275 18:15

We are conducting a survey to gather information about the community, specifically the community that factions develop for their members. We would like the participation of as many people as possible. The results will only be seen by the SWC Admins and will not be shared with anyone else so feel free to answer honestly and freely about people, toxic envrionments, or anything else you want to. The more honest you are the better the results will be. 

The survey can be found below:

Faction Community Survey

We are taking this serious, and if we find any people or factions attempt to harrass, threaten or otherwise try to get people to respond in a certain way, to not participate or do any retalliation against you in game for the survey. The administration will take appropriate punishment on the person or faction which might include but is not limited to loss of assets, ban from the game, or even the dissolution of your faction.

Please provide your response so we can continue to improve the game and the community of the game. Thank you for taking the time to help us with this. Submissions need to be completed by Sept 12.

Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 252 17:02

If you are hoping to get involved in the game behind the scenes, now is your chance! Every one of these positions also pays in CP so you can spawn new ships, vehicles, droids, items, creatures, and apply images to them. Any affiliation can apply for any position, these are fully OOC jobs. Details on how to apply will be specific to each one so read carefully and send to the right person. Apply for whatever you think fits for you!


Event Asim

This is a brand new staff position that we are testing out. The Event Asim will be in charge of running combat exhibition matches, managing the Quest team, and running faction/galaxy-wide events. While it isn't required that you can script NPC conversations, it is a good skill to have for this position. You will be required to "Pause" your character just like a regular Asim position. For a six month term your character will be paused wherever you leave it. Training is provided so you can learn how to set up matches, events, and so forth. The other staff members will also be able to support you and fill gaps where needed.


Managing the Quest team is a big piece of this job. You will review script ideas (not code) and approve the concepts alongside other staff/leaders. Your task will be to copy and paste the finished scripts from Dev server to the main server, tweaking them as needed to bring them to the game. Setting up the physical locations for these quests to work is also mainly on you.


In general, you are expected to spend the first month of this job learning the tools and processes. From there you will gain more independence for the rest of the term. We are looking for someone who will be active. Message Baugrems and Kyle in-game expressing your interest and relevant experience to apply. This application will close on August 25th. (Y272 23:59)


Quest Team

As a member of quest team, your job will be to write scripts for NPC/Droid/Creature/item dialogues. This can be for generic "All Riflemen say this" or specific to a quest. You will have the ability to more directly suggest quests as well. To apply, send Baugrems (or the new Event Asim when they're chosen) two example scripts you've written using the LISP NPC Scripting functions. Please be sure to do more than just (say) and similar functions. There is no end date to apply.

Art Team

The Art Team is looking for 3d modelers, both beginner to advanced. Beginners will be allowed in on an intro level and given help to train to intermediate level within three months. For those at the intermediate to advanced level, the Art Team is accepting applications for full time team membership. In recognition that the major projects that the Art Team is about to undertake, we will need some 2d Artist support as well for a large scale NPC project. To apply please message Galia Winters on discord (Galia Winters#0576) or via game DM with samples of your work and/or intent. 


Descriptions Team

There are no current pressing positions open for Descriptions team. If you are interested in their work, submit descriptions through the public Descriptions forum. You can also contact the Director, Paul Luz, if you're interested in the team.


Edit Y22 D270: Only 2 days left to apply for Event Asim! Want to help run events, plan quests, and take a break from IC life for a bit? Send a message to Baugrems and Kyle in game about your interest in the role. It doesn't need to be very formal! We are excited to add this role and see where it goes! 6 month terms but you can potentially re-apply for more terms even.


Edit: Y22 D275: Our event asim has been chosen! Thomas Decoy has been selected to be the new Event Asim,  and he will begin in roughly a week. Thanks to those who applied, we had a good amount of interest and it was difficult to choose!

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 275)
Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 266 21:16

Just a quick note that we will be down for about 30 minutes starting at 22:30 combine time (Y22 D 266).


This is to ensure a smooth sync that has many backend changes and scripts to run.


Changes coming this sync:

  • Capturing a hostile NPC (bandit) ship with an ELB now requires that you be in the cockpit, and no hostile NPCs aboard
  • Bandit corvettes will spawn with a squad of NPC guards in the cockpit
  • Arrest Rules have been updated to recognize "Safe Zones" please read it.
  • "Space" Combat (e.g. ships) can now occur at ground and atmosphere layers (This changes nothing for players right now but allows more combat later)
  • NPC Cargo Transport added concurrency factors for time and cost (more squads you run at once, slower and spendier it gets)
  • When starting a Mine, can choose NOT to transfer materials to Silo-type buildings in the city
  • Fixed display bug where tiny fraction of health/shield/ionic remaining showed as 0 (now always rounds up)
  • Bandits will no longer try to target escape pod
  • Various behind-the-scenes clean ups.

Edit: Downtime complete! Sync was a success. Also I added an item or two to the above list.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 266)

edit two too many: Thank you everyone who has applied, applications are now closed. We received just shy of 100 applicants, and it may take us a while to review all of the candidates and decide on the team structure.

edit: due to the unexpectedly high volume of applications already received, I will be closing the application form at 20:00 SWC time today, Y22 D264. If you miss the deadline you may still reach out to me via DM for consideration. Thank you.

To keep up with the pace at which new features are being introduced to the game, I have been invited as the new QA Director to expand and formalize the QA Team. As a team, it will be our responsibility to throw everything we can think of at new features to break them prior to their release into the wild. I would like to invite anyone and everyone, regardless of game experience, to apply to be a member of the QA Team. I'm looking to gather a group that represents the very diverse playerbase we have, from the experienced space truckers, the FI spreadsheet masterminds, and to the sentients just now getting their first clunker gem of a ship.

If you want to break stuff and earn CPs for doing so, this may just be the dream job for you! Best of all, this is not a pause-character position, so you can continue playing while helping to improve the experience for everyone. If you are interested in being a member of the team, apply using the link at the bottom of this post. Please direct any questions about the role to myself (Tor`Vor Xess) via DM, or on the SWC public Discord (Tor`Vor).

I look forward to seeing your application!

If you are currently on the QA team, please reapply through the link to indicate you are active and still interested in participation on the team.

Apply via Google Form here! 

(Edited by Tor`Vor Xess on Year 22 Day 264)
Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 261 16:15

As a few incidents in the last couple of months have shown, it has fallen out of memory that Combat Zones are also no Arrest and/Execute (A/E) or capture zones. Under no circumstance can you trap or try to trick someone into A/E in the Derra system, Serroco system, or any of the Petabys systems. Any admin sponsored event or special testing area is safe from worry of A/E shenanigans. Pull your spying/trapping/games somewhere else. We will undo captures or kills at these locations as we have done for years. This is not new, this is a reminder. System descriptions will be updated to make sure these are better understand and a future rules update will reflect this more clearly.

On top of this, A/E as a feature is overdue for the chopping block. Keen eyes will have seen that A/E changes/removal has been on the dev project list for a while now. Our hope is that by the end of this year we will be able to release some of these changes that will remove A/E as we know it. Instant capture/kill in this game is simply silly. You may remember a recent sim news announcing more aggressive AI and a note about further expansions beyond that. This is one of those expansions. Removing A/E with a system that requires combat to be done and your party to be killed before you can be "Arrested". This won't make swap meets much less safe and events/testing areas will still be safe. The major change is removing the instant actions.

Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 248 18:47

I am here once again to give an update for combat in the game! 


The release of Corvettes into the wild with a few changes has been great, even if we have a few more tweaks we wish to make to the system. Those will be coming soon! We've taken in... literally thousands of combat reports the last few months about the new meta. Some more balance will be done around the same time as the following change. Stay tuned for exact details as we get closer to the actual sync date.

Heavy Freighters and Light Freighters are entering the combat sphere. There will be a balance where all stats are fair game. A full list of changes will be posted at time of sync. Expect this change within the next 2 months. Move your parked ships from danger zones like Petabys if you value them. You have been warned. We are stepping closer to bandits becoming aggressive as well, but that will not be included in this sync. Consider moving them out of your bandit hunting zones too.


Most of you have likely noticed by now that combat is creeping along in the game. We have Petabys for space combat, we did a showdown full of combat, and we've had Derra for a decade (or so?) now.

The Galaxy is a dangerous place and anyone who has unwittingly stepped out of their ship on Derra only to be absolutely stomped by an aggressive creature or bandit squad can attest to that. In a couple of months or so, this feature (with a few balancing changes) will be released upon the ENTIRE galaxy, except for a few safe zones (Newbie tutorial land, maybe a few darkness/quest areas). Space Bandits becoming aggressive will be a separate change but is also on deck soon. This is paving the way to getting players in the mind for more combat possibilities in the future. This release is itself a warning that more pvp opportunities will be coming soon as well, and that it will be fairly global. More details on that will come at a later time.


If you have questions or concerns you can message me by clicking here.