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Yo Dawg, I heard you like bans, so Ima ban your account that's already banned.
(Posted by Noctis on Year 20 Day 359)
 1 Year 20 Day 359, 16:57 Noctis banned player Emil Everett providing the following reason: Multi Ban - Nero Wre...

Wait 3 weeks for your new character, don't make a new account.
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 18 Day 344)
 1 Year 18 Day 343, 23:59 Baugrems banned player Tribata Vahni providing the following reason: Multi Ban ...

(Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 23)
Greetings, all! Resident birb here! First I'd like to say I hope you are all having a wonderful Holiday season(unless you're tryin...

Community News

What do you want to see?
(Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 64)
Edit: Also, rules 19 and 20 were removed. You can now make combat suggestions as well as suggestions about stealing entities.  -...

In the end I hope that it did matter.
(Posted by Polar on Year 24 Day 64)
Polar here Firstly todays most important news - the new round of the Deathmatch is up! You can vote here. New grudge matches are a...

Exhibition and Warsims and Blue Flashing Icons? Oh my!
(Posted by Chupacabra on Year 24 Day 21)
Hello, everyone! Your friendly neighborhood cryptid here. It's debatable if I exist, but this news most definitely does! I would ...

Technical News

Sync Report Y24D67
(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 24 Day 67)
- Factions now have a Vendor Overview page - Bandit Corvettes now have a cap of level 2 doors onboard - Creatures now have terrain ...

Can't Touch This
(Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 58)
Good Tidings! It appears as though some of your creatures found that they lost their magical ability to walk anywhere they wanted!...

Sync Report Y24D52
(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 24 Day 52)
- There is now an XP level cap on the tutorial planet of 3. - The items Fission Generator and Fusion Generator have been merged tog...

Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 24 Day 67 22:26

- Factions now have a Vendor Overview page
- Bandit Corvettes now have a cap of level 2 doors onboard
- Creatures now have terrain restrictions applied to them
- Characters and NPCs now have to wear their entire sets of survival gear (bugfix)

Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 64 17:09

Edit: Also, rules 19 and 20 were removed. You can now make combat suggestions as well as suggestions about stealing entities. 


Have you thought about something you wish was in this game, went over to the suggestions forum and posted it, only to realize it's on the restricted topics, and now you're getting yelled at by all of these people calling themselves "mods" or "Asims"? Fear not! I have removed the former Rule 23 from restricted topics that prohibited any new entity suggestions. You may now suggest new Ships, Vehicles, Stations, Creatures, Facities, Droids and Items. Please do not submit race suggestions, as we are not considering them at this time. 

My only request(that I wont enforce) is that for droids, items and possibly facilities, if you make a suggestion then please back it up with possible in-game uses. For entities with a room map, a proposed layout is welcome, as are stats. 

I look forward to seeing what you all come up with, no Star Destroyers will not be made public, and as always, if you have any questions or issues, please Submit a support ticket. Oh also I'm not responsible if your suggestion gets downvoted into oblivion. 

Mikeledit: Updated link to new Entity Suggestions forum. Expect expanded suggestion rules to curtail low-effort suggestions soon.

(Edited by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 24 Day 65)
Posted by Polar on Year 24 Day 64 19:15

Polar here

Firstly todays most important news - the new round of the Deathmatch is up! You can vote here. New grudge matches are also up. The results of the last week ones are as follows:

Best Star Wars Game - Group B : The Old Republic. Second place went to Empire at War. There are not many fans of Force Unleashed serie.

Who is the best button Dev: Mikel von Bianchi wins this one by a huge margin. Other button Devs need to step up their button game.

Secondly a less important news - I'm stepping down from an Asim position. I would like to thank SWC Staff for giving me an opportunity to work with them and provide the players help and entertainment. Starting from Winterfest, through some smaller quests and events, all of them were a great experience and an amazing adventure. Thank you to all of the players for your patience with me, valuable input and participation in the events that I helped to organise. Thanks to all SWC Teams who are working hard on making this game better and many times helped me with the challenges that I faced.

This is all for today. Have a good time in the game everyone and take care!

Polar out


Hello, everyone!

Your friendly neighborhood cryptid here. It's debatable if I exist, but this news most definitely does!

I would like to announce that as of January 1st warsim will be going away entirely. We will be removing the ability to access it for all players. XP will remain on and prizes will be given out until then.

But what now, you ask?

I'm glad you did! We will be running regular exhibition events through the year. The first event is a tournament that will take place on January 27th, and will run through January 29th. The times we will be running games is from 6:00-15:00 Combine Time. If you sign up, we will be running all of your games through these times.

There will be other events that run at different times this upcoming year.

Rules and registration are provided below. Rules may change before the event starts. Prizes will be offered to winners and those who perform well enough. What those prizes are will be announced later. XP will be turned on for every match for this event.

Registration is open to everyone.

Be warned if there is too much demand I might turn away teams on a first come, first serve basis. The public coordinators are being tasked with helping run this, and there are only so many of them.

If you have any questions, drop me a DM or reach out to me on discord.

Don't forget to thank Noctis!

Link to Rules

Sign Up Link

Exhibitions Discord Link


The Official Schedule (all times are in Combine time)

NOTE: The schedule may change slightly before game day. If I make any further changes I will alert everyone with more flashing blue icons and pings in discord but as of now this is final. Teams are responsible for knowing when they are to show up and who to talk to. I also won't be ending any timers or helping remove equipment. There are well over 100 people participating and I just don't have the ability, I'm but a single cryptid pretending to be a beehive behind a keyboard.


Falcon Edit:

To clear up some of the confusion about the back and forth on Warsim lately: Warsim was coded in LISP and tied directly to the Baugrems character for things to make it work in a janky way. It was always duct taped and band-aided together. Now that Baugrems is gone, if we want to reintroduce it, we should do so in PHP that integrates it directly into the game in a non-hacked-together way. I do recognize and understand the disappointment and/or frustration for the back and forth with Warsim these past few weeks, and thank everyone for their patience through it all.


Chupacabra Edit:

Three things:
1. We made a room in the exhibitions discord - #looking-for-team - to help anyone that feels they may need help finding a team or forming one. Post in there if you feel you are having issues finding a team to join or wish to form one and aren't finding enough people. Also, make sure if you are forming a team you have the consent of everyone involved.

2. Sign ups close on January 20th.

3. Check out them prizes! How it works is if a team gets to a certain place, each player on that team can pick a prize from the pool listed. Each player can pick from pools below their rank too. There is no limit on how many people can pick what prize (eg; 1st place can do all dp-20b's for all I care).

13 x Clone Trooper Armor Set
13 x BARC Trooper Armor Set
12 x Longprobe Fighter
1 x DP-20b Gunship

1 x Clone Trooper Armor Set
1 x BARC Trooper Armor Set
1 x Longprobe Fighter
50m Credits

Clone Trooper Helmet
Clone Trooper Armor
BARC Trooper Helmet
BARC Trooper Armor
10m Credits

Knockout Participants:
1 x ETA-2
1 x HWK-290
1 x YT-1760
5m Credits

1 x ETA-5 DC
1 x Ginivex DC
1 x V-19 Torrent DC

Captains, when you are about to start a match, or getting ready to start one, contact the coordinator that is assigned to your game about 10-15 minutes before start time. Tell them what player on your team is using what ship. All communication between teams and coordinators should flow through the captain.

Make sure your team has done the following before a match:
1. No medical, cooldown, training, or action timers (travel is ok)
2. ALL equipment is removed
3. Not part of a party
4. They have gone to settings (top right corner of screen) and opted in for showdowns

I will not be ending timers or assisting in removal of equipment. There are well over 100 players and I literally do not have the time to accommodate this.

I will, upon request, change out Captains for another player that is on the team and already registered. I will not add/drop players from the roster.

Sorry about this (especially to Space Debris and Motley Crew) but I did have to re-arrange some of the schedule for bracket games. Two games were moved to accommodate changes in coordinator availability. Please re-check the schedule if you are in the bracket and plan accordingly. I do not foresee any further changes.

Chupacabra edit: FYI, if you need to add/drop team members before the sign up close date, you have the ability to modify your answers on the google form. You do not need to PM/DM me.

Noctis edit: Just for funzies.

Chupacabra edit: Look at that bracket link I just added

Another Chupacabra edit: The schedule is posted. Also, blue flashing icon and thanks Noctis for helping me with this schedule you are the man... ewok... thing

Chupacabra again: How to get your game going in one block of text this time!

Chupacabra schedule madness update.

(Edited by Chupacabra on Year 24 Day 63)
Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 58 21:50

Good Tidings!

It appears as though some of your creatures found that they lost their magical ability to walk anywhere they wanted! Creatures have had their restricted terrains updated from being only restricted from volcanic tiles to be more in line with what was intended/realistic. Some of you may have creatures that are stuck on a terrain, due to this, and my first suggestion would be to move your ship/vehicle/station(if you can bring it with you!) onto the same surface square as your creature and try to load it. If you're unable, please submit a support ticket, and I'll move it for you (I may regret this). A synopsis of the changes is below. If you feel strongly enough about a restriction being/not being in place, also let me know. Thanks to Cedron for the idea, Lucas Isen for assisting with compiling the list and to Noctis!

EDIT: Late night oversight made me overlook all the crater restrictions. I will revisit them tomorrow.

EDIT 2: Ok, restrictions have been thoroughly combed through, and some liberties were taken to allow creatures to (in general) sometimes go on terrain they may not traverse normally, in an attempt to keep things semi-fun for the player. If there's any glaring issues, please let me know. The pictures above have been updated to reflect the changes and should be correct.

(Edited by Falcon on Year 24 Day 59)
Posted by Polar on Year 24 Day 58 20:41

Polar here

New round of the Deathmatch is up! Who managed to get to the next round? Who is out? You can check it right here.

Grudge matches are up too, right.... here.

Results of last weeks grudge matches are as follows:

Best Star Wars Game - Group A: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast & Academy (Group B is up for voting this week!)

Primary Occupation: Faction work. 2nd place went for people who Don't do anything. Only 11 voters live from trading.


This week some new things got added to the game. One of them was Beskar Crafting. Currently the rules pages for Beskar weapons are showing that they have an Armor stat. It's a mistake and it will be fixed soon. None of the weapons right now can provide you with additional armour, including the ones that got added recently. Which doesn't mean that it will stay like that in the future. Sorry for the confusion!

This is all for today, this message was sponsored by a letter P. Have a good week everyone and see you next time.


Polar out

Posted by Chupacabra on Year 24 Day 55 22:30

Tournament sign ups are now closed.

You also can not modify or remove team info any more.

There will be a livestream in combine discord where I will shuffle the seeds and show everyone the groups. Since we have 30 teams - which don't divide into 4 - two lucky flocks of ducks can bypass the group stage!

The livestream will happen tomorrow afternoon CST. Keep your eyes peeled in the combine discord for when you see me pop in and start showing stuff. I'll take my time, don't worry :D

Don't forget to thank Noctis for all his hard work.

Much Love, Chupacabra

Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 24 Day 52 20:35

- There is now an XP level cap on the tutorial planet of 3.
- The items Fission Generator and Fusion Generator have been merged together.
- Fixed a bug with asteroid damage not applying.
- The output for the WS vendor list endpoint has been changed.

Space Bandit Update
- Space bandits now have hostile persistence similar to ground bandits: Hostile bandits will persist in the game indefinitely while a character is on the same system. Once all characters have left the system, the bandits will despawn if left alone for 7 days. If nothing spawned initially, or if all bandits have been killed, no further spawns will occur for 7 days after the last character leaves the system.
- Space Bandits can now be lured into an asteroid field with bait. The bait item for Space Bandits is the Sub-Space Radio, which when interacted with will call the bandit spawner the same as when you initially enter an asteroid field. All other normal spawning rules still apply except: the persistence timer is ignored, and any characters in the field are also ignored.


Falcon Edit: There currently is a display issue on crated items with customs.  The customs are still there, they just aren't showing in inventory or Vendors.  This is being worked on.  

Another edit by the best birb: custom image issues should be fixed. Please let someone (Noctis?) know if you have issues still or submit a support ticket 

Mikel Edit: (see Space Bandit Update, above) and also the rules page: https://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Space_Bandits

Mikel Edit 2: Clarifying that, just like ground bait, space bait also ignores other characters on the grid when checking the spawning rules.


Falcon Edit: If any of you lost some Ship Parts, you can now make some more. 

(Edited by Falcon on Year 24 Day 55)
Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 53 12:12

Hey little birbs, it's big birb.


Rumor has it that there's a hidden room in taverns (that definitely none of you have seen yet) where a Beskar Armourer is hanging out. If you happen to find a Beskar Ingot, you can go and visit a tavern owned by a mercenary faction. You will find Guild Contact Daargin there and you may show him the ingot. Follow the instructions that he gives you and he will let you see the Armourer, after you prove that you are worthy enough.

Visiting the Armourer will allow you to craft various parts of Beskar Armour as well as 2 new weapons: The Beskar Vambrace and the Beskar Staff, both now visible on the rules page. Crafting Beskar items takes a considerable amount of time and Beskar Ingots. Fear not, though, because the Armourer will hold onto any Beskar Ingots you want to store with them. The recipes for all Beskar items will be revealed after Armourer will be experienced enough to craft them. He gets more experienced by crafting beskar items for you or you can donate Beskar Ingot to speed up his learning process, which will be used to craft items for foundlings(how generous of you!). Donating a Beskar Ingot to the Armourer or asking him to craft you a Beskar item will result in the ingot disappearing(due to it being used), and furthermore, when crafting an item, there will be a credit cost(nobody works for free!) For the full rules, please visit the Beskar Crafting rules page.


With this update to the Bounty Hunting/Beskar quest line, we have introduced the aforementioned items as well as renamed the following items:

  • Mandalorian Helmet → Beskar Helmet
  • Mandalorain Armour → Beskar Armour
  • Mandalorian Belt → Beskar Belt
  • Mandalorian Jetpack → Beskar Jetpack

As always, make sure to thank Noctis for this new feature, and submit a support ticket with any questions/problems. HUGE shoutout to the Quests Team(Especially Eli Descartes) for the work in scripting this, Polar for coordinating things, as well as the QA team for rigorously testing the quest to ensure it works as intended.

Quick Edit: Rules page still refers to the above items by their old name, but will be updated in a future sync. Just know they're being renamed, thanks!

Mikel edit: For additional questions not yet covered by the Rules, see the FAQ post here.

(Edited by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 24 Day 53)
Posted by Polar on Year 24 Day 50 18:46

Polar here


Few days ago new round of the Deathmatch has been started. Previous one has been won by Jaydon TaVolarian, congratulations! (again). Make sure to cast your vote here if you haven't done it yet.

New grudge matches are also up. One of the previous grudge matches asked if you ever created a lisp script. Majority of the voters answered that they didn't know they can do it. Indeedly you can! While player written scripts are a little bit more limited than admin ones, it's still possible to create something great if you are into scripting. You can read more about scripts here. There is also a nice guide somewhere. I will link it later if I can find it.

Speaking of scripts, thanks to Mador Anami, who is one of the Quest Team members, you can now interact with Acklays, Tauntauns, Dewbacks, Wampas, Battle Droids, IG Assassin Droids, BX Commando Droids and Bandits! Some of them have very interesting things to say, or react on some particular items if you happen to carry them. Have fun with experimenting!


This is all for today, have a good incoming week everyone!

Polar out

Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 50 11:01

Greetings fellow birbs,

This morning Kolo discovered the Custom Image viewing/deleting tool we had hidden in the back for everyone's safety. Since finding it, I haven't heard from him, so I assume that he is going through and reviewing the incredible amount of customs assigned to entities in the galaxy. This is a public service announcement that any broken images will be deleted and the underlying entity will be reverted to its default image, with a DM notifying you of the ID and reversion. 

If you know of an entity with a broken image, please SEND A DM TO KOLO with the entity type and ID. You can also find Kolo on the SWC Discord Server and send a PM to him there  


For now, only broken images will be reverted. As always, if you have any issues, please feel free to let me know or open a support ticket

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go make sure Kolo is alive.


(Edited by Falcon on Year 24 Day 50)
Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 24 Day 40 21:12

- Fixed cargo sources unavailable on asteroid field planets.
- Fixed party terrain restriction enforcement.
- Fixed makeover/assign faction requests to dissolved factions.
- LISP get-status-text works on droids.
- Fixed WS not returning correct status code on internal exceptions.