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Posted by Polar on Year 23 Day 351 23:52

Polar here


Latest reports are claiming that the strange ghosts are slowly disappearing from the galaxy. Many brave people decided to take the matter into their own hands and fight the unwelcomed guests in their ships. It is being said that one of the biggest weaknesses of the scary creatures was a tool called Ghostbox, which often helped by silencing creatures deafening shrieks. It is advised to hold onto those devices, if you happen to own one, because who knows, maybe they will be useful again in the future.


Now, since we are done with the ghosts topic, time to talk about death. We have a new winner of the Deathmatch - Alaenoor Shouna! Congratulations! New round is up, you can vote for it here.

New grudge matches are also up... right here!

Results of the previous ones are as follows:

What will you do when PvP is added? Hide and Do Nothing took the first place with 183 votes. Actually Fight My Enemies got only few votes less. Only 33 people will Quit.

When did you join SWC? Most of the respondents (180) joined during Year 5-10. Also more voters joined before year 5 than after year 20!

Whats more scary? The winner is: Hypering for 10 days to realize you forgot something from home. Not many people are afraid of Getting kicked out of your factions ship in the middle of nowhere or Gungan reveal party.



At the end of this post, I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the Halloween quest/event, I hope you had some fun with it. I also wanted to thank Eli Descartes for writing the script and members of QA, Art and Descriptions teams for helping with polishing it. Oh and Falcon too. Without him it would probably take at least twice as long to set everything up, so if you have a minute, you can always send  him a DM.


This is all for today, have a good incoming week everyone!

Polar out