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Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 24 Day 52 20:35

- There is now an XP level cap on the tutorial planet of 3.
- The items Fission Generator and Fusion Generator have been merged together.
- Fixed a bug with asteroid damage not applying.
- The output for the WS vendor list endpoint has been changed.

Space Bandit Update
- Space bandits now have hostile persistence similar to ground bandits: Hostile bandits will persist in the game indefinitely while a character is on the same system. Once all characters have left the system, the bandits will despawn if left alone for 7 days. If nothing spawned initially, or if all bandits have been killed, no further spawns will occur for 7 days after the last character leaves the system.
- Space Bandits can now be lured into an asteroid field with bait. The bait item for Space Bandits is the Sub-Space Radio, which when interacted with will call the bandit spawner the same as when you initially enter an asteroid field. All other normal spawning rules still apply except: the persistence timer is ignored, and any characters in the field are also ignored.


Falcon Edit: There currently is a display issue on crated items with customs.  The customs are still there, they just aren't showing in inventory or Vendors.  This is being worked on.  

Another edit by the best birb: custom image issues should be fixed. Please let someone (Noctis?) know if you have issues still or submit a support ticket 

Mikel Edit: (see Space Bandit Update, above) and also the rules page: https://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Space_Bandits

Mikel Edit 2: Clarifying that, just like ground bait, space bait also ignores other characters on the grid when checking the spawning rules.


Falcon Edit: If any of you lost some Ship Parts, you can now make some more. 

(Edited by Falcon on Year 24 Day 55)