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Posted by Polar on Year 24 Day 64 19:15

Polar here

Firstly todays most important news - the new round of the Deathmatch is up! You can vote here. New grudge matches are also up. The results of the last week ones are as follows:

Best Star Wars Game - Group B : The Old Republic. Second place went to Empire at War. There are not many fans of Force Unleashed serie.

Who is the best button Dev: Mikel von Bianchi wins this one by a huge margin. Other button Devs need to step up their button game.

Secondly a less important news - I'm stepping down from an Asim position. I would like to thank SWC Staff for giving me an opportunity to work with them and provide the players help and entertainment. Starting from Winterfest, through some smaller quests and events, all of them were a great experience and an amazing adventure. Thank you to all of the players for your patience with me, valuable input and participation in the events that I helped to organise. Thanks to all SWC Teams who are working hard on making this game better and many times helped me with the challenges that I faced.

This is all for today. Have a good time in the game everyone and take care!

Polar out