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EDIT Y24 D98: The 156 ships assigned to me have had their images re-updated to the holiday image. Please let me know if I missed yours. Thanks!

PENULTIMATE EDIT: Tomorrow the regular Razor crest image will take place and I will apply the holiday custom to anyone who assigns Darkness as Commander of your ship. One more edit will follow this post once I've applied the custom.

EDIT 2: this is your one-week-ish reminder

EDIT: To clarify, I will be applying customs AFTER the March 1(ish) conversion to normal Razor Crest image. You're free to assign Darkness now if you like, but it's not necessary until Feb 28th or so. Again, I'll push out a reminder 24h+ prior to this change.


Polar Falcon Here!


After a long overdue round, I've managed to stumble my way across the Advance Deathmath button and we've moved into the final round. Who will win? Artemis or Jado? THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Along the same vein, we've got some new Grudge matches (my favorite of them being favorite bear). This cycle we will find out your lifelong answers to:

  • What is SWC?
  • Best Bear
  • Best Star Wars Board Game pt 2
  • Greatest SW Video Game

Thanks to those who submitted questions! We've got a good number waiting, so if you haven't seen yours yet, don't worry, it's still in the queue. For those that have closed out, It seems as though the video game favorites were All Battlefront games and KOTOR I & II. I can't say as though I disagree, though I dislike the newer battlefront games myself. Poor Obi-Wan only got one vote. Some day Obi-Wan... Some day... Finally, it comes as no surprise, but Propulsion matters most in a ship followed by Cargo Capacity


Our final update of the night is long overdue, and I apologize as I've been busy with moving. As you all know, the winter quest is over and done with, and the reward NPC has vanished. Everyone still has the holiday custom by default, but it will be switching to the non-holiday version come March 1, 2023(ish) (Y24 D94). I WILL PUSH OUT A REMINDER 24 HOURS BEFORE THE CHANGE. If you would like to keep the holiday custom, please assign Darkness as Commander, and we will apply the holiday custom image to your ship. free of charge. Thanks again to everyone who made that quest possible and HUGE thanks to Polar for everything he did. We're gonna miss him. Lots. 


As always, if you have any questions/concerns please freel free to send them to Noctis, so that he can properly file them in the garbage, otherwise you can submit a support ticket.

(Edited by Falcon on Year 24 Day 98)