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Type: Manufacturing
Founded On: Year 12 Day 201
Leader: Mikel von Bianchi
Second In Command: Alun Tringad
Recruitment Liaisons: Mikel von Bianchi, Shogo Kawada, Alun Tringad
IRC Chatroom: #CMG-CorEx

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CorEx is the flagship company of The CorEx Group, headquartered out of the Loedorvia System. CorEx was founded by Jerrik Tamerin and Geoff Jackson following the shutdown of The Tamerin Foundation’s second startup. After Jerrik’s passing, Geoffrey took over as the company’s Director of Operations and is now Chief Executive Officer of the entire CXG.

On 17.250, CXG expanded to include a mineral provider, MinEx, and on 18.040 opened MedEx as its in house medical and healthcare provider.  Since 16.150, CXG has been worth billions because of savvy investments and sheer number of assets donated by both Jackson and Tamerin. Now, CXG is estimated to have a total worth between fifteen and twenty billion galactic credits.

History of The Core Exchange (CorEx)
The first records of CorEx date back to 15.150, when a new trading faction was formed from the success and necessity of the second Tamerin Foundation. The Tamerin Foundation (or TTF) was previously a shipwright purchased from the last surviving commander of The Wayfarer's Sodality, Second Admiral Geoff Jackson, by businessman and entrepreneur Jerrik Tamerin. Jerrik had long sought to follow in his father's vision; to rebuild the legacy of TTF. He secured Arden Interstellar from Admiral Jackson on 15.102 and it was officially renamed on 15.106 as The Tamerin Foundation.

Shortly thereafter, Tamerin and Jackson formed a private holdings firm in a vision to expand into a mighty conglomerate of today; thus, The Tamson Group was born. From the profitability of TTF and other Tamson companies, Jackson launched into an old area of business - banking. Having founded and led the Colonial Banking Network in mid-Year 13, Jackson was well-known and trusted in the financial sector. Opening CorEx on 15.150 proved to be more difficult than expected for Geoff's business partner, causing delays in production and difficulty in their notable customer service.

On 15.173, the independent CorEx entity merged into The Tamerin Foundation in an effort to save the mighty vision of the two business partners and took on the CorEx name, which had since become a brand of security and trust. Shortly thereafter, the partners completed their business contracts and took a six month hiatus, during which they expanded on private holdings, corporate entities, and personal energy reserves.

CorEx reemerged on 16.066 under the leadership of the same two men the galaxy had become to know and trust. Within weeks, the business partners had the shipyards stocked with materials and pumping out starships for sale at markets around the galaxy. After nearly a year, Jerrik announced his retirement and left "The CorEx Group" in the capable hands of his co-founder. Struggling to keep operations going by himself, Geoff promoted Aetius Morbus from Prospecting Department Head to his second-in-command.

Under the Jackson-Morbus leadership, CorEx began to see an explosion in productivity, expansion, and employment. After a short few months, CorEx was reorganized and saw the incorporation of a formal Board of Directors, still under the leadership of Geoff Jackson. With this trusted group of managers by his side, Geoff saw The CorEx Group take on the next level of corporate enterprise.

History of Aurora Technologies
Once a prosperous and famed conglomerate of factions, Aurora Technologies had reached the pinnacle of its success. Dismantled and taken apart, many thought that the name 'Aurora' would be gone forever, but Black Sun deemed it worthy of rebirth. Following the sale of Aurora Technologies to the Galactic Empire, Aurora left the Imperial Union and continued to operate as a neutral company under the direction of Lord Senki Blackrain. Lord Blackrain rejuvenated the company and brought it to its peak in Year 15. 

Collective History
Following the decline of the galactic market, datacard sales diminished and dozens of shipyards went unused for months. In mid-Year 17, Lord Blackrain was replaced following the findings of an internal audit and Aurora was sold by the Emperor to Geoff Jackson, who partnered with Togan Jano for the purchase. On 17.160, CorEx formally announced its merge with Aurora Technologies and notice of intent to operate under the CorEx name. Stocks were reissued on 17.161 and business proceeded as usual.

Available Services
Banking Financing Manufacturing Rentals
Personal Starships Build-to-Order Datacards
Corporate Stations Management Factories
Dividends Trading Preorders Shipyards


Datacards Owned:
Ships Facilities Stations
Marauder-class Corvette
BFF-1 Bulk Freighter
JumpMaster 5000
BTL-S3 Y-wing Starfighter
Escape Pod
Brayl-class Bulk Freighter
Dry Dock
Naval Shipyard
Research Centre
Trading I
X7 Factory Station
Shipyard II
Shipyard III
Shipyard IV
Shipyard I
Merchant Space Dock