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Type: Mercenaries
Founded On: Year 0 Day 6
Leader: Neria Derycke
Second In Command: Dobbs Mottley
Recruitment Liaisons: Redjon Mirrabel, Neria Derycke, Dobbs Mottley, Jaylin Ritt
IRC Chatroom: #CorSec

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The Corellian Security Force, or short: CorSec is a security firm based in Corellia Sector. As one of the oldest Security firms in existence, the group has mainly assisted the Corellian Sector goverment with policing the sector and upholding the Imperial Corellian law. 

From year 0 to Year 16, CorSec was mainly a civilian police force with the goal to protect and serve the citizens of the Corellian Sector. 

From Year 16 day 200, CorSec is placed under new managemend and is reformed to a Security firm that can be hired outside of the Corellian Sector by neutral and IU alligned goverments and companies. Mainly for defensive missions, Military advicement and combat training of sovereign and Corporate forces. 

CorSec undergo's a upgrade from Civilian grade arms to that of Military grade arms, vehicles, ships and more. 

Corsec Conglomerate:

CorSec is an Conglomerate that directly controls a dozen planets, altough. Leaves the governing of her planets over to the Imperial Empire. This allows the Conglomerate to set its focus on her commercial activities. Such as security, sales, and urban development. 

The CorSec Conglomerate is diveded into two main branches. 

CivCom handles the economic aspects of the Conglomerate. 

Existing only out of senior ranks, it houses the thinkers and planners of the Conglomerate. Handling urban development, production for own and market use, managing the mining industries and more. 

The following Divisions, are brought under the CivCom branch:

DE is the production division of the Conglomerate, specialized in all sorts of products. Taking pride in her own designs, to stand out among other major players on the market. 


DE offers several products for sale, via:

Wich can be found on the TFM Market site:


Derycke and Arnayos Enterprises is the Conglomerates main company for commerial sales. 

From weapons produced by Derycke Enterprises to exlusive auctions, offering limited line series, rare and restricted tech. As well artifacts and artistic works. 

CorSec Plan and Design bureau (CPDB)

The thinking thank of the Conglomerate, CPDB plans and calculates future projects, budget, logistic and workforce wise. 

Responsible for planning and organizing civilian construction tasks.
Assist MilCom with planning and organizing Military construction tasks.
Plan and organize recycling tasks. 

DMC handles mining and prospecting operations for the Conglomerate. 

They are now directly owned by CorSec, but are part of the Conglomerate. Via partnership. 


The MiCom Branch is the largest branch, delivering the main workforce for the conglomerate. From military operations, to urban constrion to logistical support. Everything that needs to be done, is done by the Divisions of MilCom. 

Existing of junior, senior and elite ranks, MilCom is a complex and flexible force, specialized in all type of operations

Recieving Advanced combat training, both Naval and Army. With the best tech available and applying modern strategies and able to make vital tactical decisions. CorSecs MilCom has proven to have the best of the best, the galaxy has to offer.

With races from all corners of the known galaxy, there are many different skilled officers, soldiers and crewmen. Serving the Branch. 

Please note: Combat is limited. and costs money, it is expected that members of these divisions are willing to attribute to the daily jobs, that is needed to support the build up of the branch as a whole. As well, ensure that operations can be funded. 

The Divisions:

Fleet Divisions:

Corellian Security Fleet (CSF)

Fleet Command of CorSec, specialized in system patrols, fleet to fleet combat,  providing orbital to ground (OTG) and airt to ground (ATG) support for CSSF Groups. 

CSF is also handles Fleet and Fighter Combat training. 


Rapid Response Fleet: (RRF)

(Need logo)

RRF is the early respons Flotilla of the CSF. Specialized in rapid intervention operations, ranging from intercepting to boarding vessels that form a thread to Corellian and Duros space. 

As well, able to function as the first wave for the main CSF fleet, performing recon and establishing beachheads or set up blockades over planets. In or outside Corellian and Duros space.

The fleet exist out of the most experienced fleet commanders, pilots and marines, trained for the worst case scenario. 


CorSec Strike Force. (CSSF)

Task: Mainly designed to form main ground force, Ground combat training (BGCT program) for all Conglomerate members, Workforce support for other Divisions, where needed. (Mainly construction force.)
Recruits will have CSSF as option to join as Junior Commander. 
Able to respond to threats when mobilization level is set to "Partly Mobilization level" (PML) ,under the Ground Marshal's discretion

Ground Forces:


Corsec special operations forces (CSOF)
Elite Division, designed to form a task force, able to mobilize on the Ground Marshals discretion under "Early Mobilization level" (EML)
Train in advanced Ground Combat Training(ACT) Program.


CorSec intelligence (CSI)
Commanded by: Marshal Inspector
Intel Division, only senior ranks and freelancer ranks. Can be combined with other Division ranks, regardless of Branch. http://s15.zetaboards.com/Neria/topic/10179856/1/
Focused on gathering intelligence and countering intelligence.
Communications between Branch Command and between Divisions. 
Train agents for infiltration operations, or intel gatherings.
Create intel network. 
Heading, Conglomerate Recruitment Program. (CRP)

Logo to come.
Tactical Response Team (TRT)
Elite Division, only senior ranks. 
SpecOps force for high risk operations, mostly capturing enemies of the Conglomerate, or similar. 
Can by official Conglomerate Officers or Hired Operatives. 


From the moment you join, you are considered a officer. You will take command of a platoon where you are responsible for the health for those you command and keep the eqiupment assigned to your platoon in pristine shape. 

You will be trained to take command over other elements at any time. 

CorSec values discipline, team work and communication. 

Any officer can have free time as much he or she needs for personal goals, but will only be paid for work they do for CorSec.

Any eqiupment assigned to a officer directly, will be made over and serves as a bonus reward. 

What are we looking for?

MilCom branch:

CorSec is always looking for sentients of all races with the right skills for the following roles:

-Combat Medic

-Combat Engineer

-Infantry Commander

-Heavy Weapons Specialsit

-Vehicle Commander

-Ship commander

-Ace pilot

CivCom branch:






Imperial home:

While CorSec is a independent security firm, it is registrated under Corellian Imperial Law of the Galactic Empire. Therefore, CorSec is unable to accept contracts from individuals, goverments or Companies listed on the Imperial Blacklist. 

For more info about the CorSec Conglomerate, such as ranks and wages. Or sales. Visit our Holosite; http://s15.zetaboards.com/Neria/forum/5080951/

Datacards Owned:
Facilities Stations
Training Academy
KDY v-150 Planet Defender
LNR I Series Turbo Laser Cannon
Shield Generator
Anti-Air Battery
Atgar 1.4 FD P-Tower
Golan Laser Battery
Computer Control Centre
Crew Quarters
Asteroid Hideout
Platform XQ1
Ataturk-class Station
Golan I
Merchant Space Dock