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Type: Mercenaries
Founded On: Year 0 Day 6
Leader: Neria Derycke
Second In Command: Dobbs Mottley
Recruitment Liaisons: Thacken Had, Neria Derycke, Dobbs Mottley
IRC Chatroom: #CorSec

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The Corellian Security Force, or short: CorSec is a security firm based in Corellia Sector. As one of the oldest Security firms in existence, the group has mainly assisted the Corellian Sector goverment with policing the sector and upholding the Imperial Corellian law. 

From year 0 to Year 16, CorSec was mainly a civilian police force with the goal to protect and serve the citizens of the Corellian Sector. 

From Year 16 day 200, CorSec is placed under new managemend and is reformed to a Security firm that can be hired outside of the Corellian Sector by neural and IU alligned goverments and companies. Mainly for defensive missions, Military advicement and combat training of sovereign and Corporate forces. 

CorSec undergo's a upgrade from Civilian grade arms to that of Military grade arms, vehicles, ships and more. 

Corsec Structure:

High Command:

The Directionate consist of CorSec officers that lead the groups, Divisions and other departments of CorSec with a leading functioning. 

They look after the day to day tasks ensuring that CorSec remains a well functioning entity. The structure is set up that in the event that a Leading Officer or manager becomes abscent. That the person can be replaced inmediatly, temporarly or permament.

The Directionate is divided into two command levels: Supreme Command and High Command.


CorSec is divided into two Branches: A military and a civilian branch. These branches are led by a member of the Directionate that are part of Supreme Command. They supervise and direct the Divisions within the branch.


Each branch has one or more Divisions present, depending on need. New Divisions will be added in the future. Currently the civilian and military branches have the following divisions:

Civilian branch:

CorSec Civilian Engineering is currently the sole Division of the civilian branch. Their first task is to support the military/security operations of he firm.

Second task is to expand civilian services CorSec will be offering in the near and far future. 

CCE jobtypes mainly exist of:

-asset production for the CorSec Military branch and for the CorSec Corporation sales department. 

-Civilian construction

-Transportation of assets and other goods for the firm and its clients. 

Military branch:

The military branch currently has 3 divisions active:

Corellian Security Fleet is the main military force of CorSec.

The primairy task of the fleet is to patrol and secure the Corellian and Duros Sectors, both in space, atmosphere and ground. The Fleet consists of several components specialized and eqiupped for various tasks, ranging from ground operations in infantery and AT/AF support. To providing orbital/air support for the ground forces and to secure Sector space with fighters, Corvettes, Frigates and Capital Clas ships. 


Tactical Response Team or TRT in short exist out of the elite forces of the CSF. They mainly conduct high risk operations such as room to room combat on ground facilities, stations and ships. They recieve advanced combat training. The TRT is a sub branch under the CSF and falls under the command of the CSF group Commander. 

CorSec Special Operations officers are not trained, but born to conduct high risk operations. CSO Officers are trained to work alone and in small teams, ranging from recon and infiltration to operating behind enemy lines. 

They receive the same training as TRT Officers and more, the Division can also exist out of CorSec Force Users.

CSO officers are handpicked by the Chief Marshal himself and have earned the Directionates trust to perform cover operations for the firm. 


From the moment you join, you are considered a officer. You will take command of a platoon where you are responsible for the health for those you command and keep the eqiupment assigned to your platoon in pristine shape. 

You will be trained to take command over other elements at any time. 

CorSec values discipline, team work and communication. 

Any officer can have free time as much he or she needs for personal goals, but will only be paid for work they do for CorSec.

Any eqiupment assigned to a officer directly, will be made over and serves as a bonus reward. 

What are we looking for?

Military branch:

CorSec is always looking for sentients of all races with the right skills for the following roles:

-Combat Medic

-Combat Engineer

-Infantry Commander

-Heavy Weapons Specialsit

-Vehicle Commander

-Ship commander

-Ace pilot

Civilian branch:







Imperial home:

While CorSec is a independent security firm, it is registrated under Corellian Imperial Law of the Galactic Empire. Therefore, CorSec is unable to accept contracts from individuals, goverments or Companies listed on the Imperial Blacklist.