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LodeCorp Mining

Type: Mining
Founded On: Year 20 Day 2
Leader: Benjamin Najman
Recruitment Liaisons: Benjamin Najman
Chat: https://discord.gg/G63GmBB

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The Sevetta Conglomerate is a collection of companies based out of the Homon, Harron, and Sevetta sectors that operate as a single, overarching corporation. With each company operating as a unique division of the conglomerate, the resources of each are multiplied and strengthened by the collective pooling between the organizations. The conglomerate was founded at the end of Year 19 (CGT) by the remnants of the Gree Trade Authority, a trade corporation that active in the galaxy between Year 15 and Year 18 (CGT) before its merger into the Resistance.

DefenStar Ltd. (DSL) is the galaxy's premier manufacturer of defensive weapons systems with a unique line of proprietary designs found throughout the galaxy. DefenStar is best known for its proprietary line of point-defense blaster, laser, ion, and flak cannons, providing an untold number of capital-class starships the capability of defending against agile enemy starfighters and missiles. While contracts have been negotiated with the majority of the galaxy's starship manufacturers for the inclusion of our designs into initial construction specifications, DefenStar Ltd. also maintains the capability to offer aftermarket modifications or additional and replacement point-defense cannons to operational facilities, starships, and stations.

Golan Arms (GA) is a manufacturer of personal equipment and other products that provide the average individual with much-needed gear and items to survive in today's turbulent and dangerous galaxy. Manufacturing a variety of products, Golan strives to ensure that its customers are fully equipped with the gear they need to survive and prosper in their adventures and daily operations. The company operates an extensive production network in the Sevetta sector but is actively expanding its operations in the Homon sector to provide services on opposite sides of the galaxy.

Golan Construction (GC) is a construction and real estate holding company dedicated to further developing the Homon, Teljkon, and Woldona systems. Serving primarily as a holding company for the Sevetta Conglomerate, Golan maintains the legal possession of the bulk of the conglomerate's holdings throughout the galaxy. The company's architectural specialists are among the most experienced and successful in the industry, building unrivaled wonders and maintaining the ecumenopolis worlds of Homon and Woldona VII.

LodeCorp Mining (LCM) is a mining corporation that operates primarily in the Homon and Sevetta sectors. Originally founded as the Gree Mining Authority in Year 16 (CGT) to oversee extraction operations in the Gree sector, the company was rebranded to LodeCorp in Year 17 (CGT) and has been repeatedly shut down and reopened due to a variety of complex sociopolitical complications over the years. LodeCorp has historically managed mining operations throughout a number of star systems including Antmuel, Argovia, Fokask, Gree, Homon, Manda, RZ7-6113-23, Teljkon, and Woldona. In the modern time, however, LCM handles primarily the Homon, Teljkon, and Woldona systems with a few external projects without specific galactic boundaries.

Zaltin Corporation (ZC) is a pharmaceuticals production company that operates in the Woldona system and supplies the Sevetta Conglomerate with various types of medical supplies. With an extensive alazhi farming and refinement operation on Woldona IV, Zaltin ensures that the corporation's medical stockpiles overflow with the necessary pharmaceuticals for their varied operations and businesses.

Leadership Team

  • Tomas O`Cuinn
         President and Chief Executive Officer, Sevetta Conglomerate
         Director of Operations, Woldona system
  • Taranjeek O`Cuinn
         Chief Operations Officer, Sevetta Conglomerate
         Director of Operations, Homon system
  • Benjamin Najman
         Vice President of Mining, Sevetta Conglomerate
         President and Chief Executive Officer, LodeCorp Mining
  • Rylee O`Cuinn
         Vice President of Medical, Sevetta Conglomerate
         President and Chief Executive Officer, Zaltin Corporation
  • Victor O`Cuinn
         Vice President of Security, Sevetta Conglomerate
         President and Chief Executive Officer, DefenStar Ltd

Datacards Owned:
Vehicles Droids Weapons Facilities Stations
SX-65 Groundhog
FK-7 Airspeeder
LIN-series Miner
Alpha Plus Charge
Trading I
Merchant Space Dock
Depot Station II
Depot Station III
Depot Station IV