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TriNebulon News

Type: Information
Founded On: Year 18 Day 30
Leader: Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss
Recruitment Liaisons: Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss
IRC Chatroom: #trinebulon-news

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Do you feel safe? Do you feel locked up and secure? The worst enemies are not those you know, but those you don’t even know you have. Your personal security cannot be ignored if you want to live a long and fulfilling life in this vicious galaxy. Intragalactic Security Cabal" has extensive history in multi-stage locks and security systems. It's know-how includes all the tricks of the trade to keep you away from nasty surprises.

Originally named "Ulrike's Locks 'n' Things, the company was focused on blast door installations. With practical experience increasing, Ulrike realized blast doors were not enough to keep the bad people out of range. A full security system was more suitable, and by extending her services she founded the "Intragalactic Security Cabal" under her newly formed news organization TriNebulon News.

"Intragalactic Security Cabal" is the ultimate, full-fledged, all-around security company: your property will have eyes to monitor possible intruders, sport locks of the highest grade that current technology can offer, and be covered by a long-range sensor network in atmosphere or space.

For the most demanding customers, military-grade security droids are programmed to patrol your territory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Never again be caught with your trousers around your ankle when your closest ally betrays you.

Our services include, but are not limited to, lock installation; sentry droid deployment; satellite delivery; satellite network setup; and satellite data card rentals.

Please inquire CEO Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss for a customized service: every case is different and prices are negotiable. Discretion and non-disclosure agreements are our standard policy – don’t trust anyone but “Intragalactic Security Cabal” for your security needs!


Service Description Cost Charts Restrictions
SYSAT Price per
SYSAT T-24 Satellite 400k*
SYSAT T-20 Satellite Inquiry for price (not regularly produced)
*Currently building stock. All purchases will be given priority in the order received.
DC Rentals  
Datacard Price per DC*
SYSAT T-24 Satellite 75k
SYSAT T-20 Satellite 50k
*Bulk discounts available. Please contact Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss for details.
DC rentals are subject to the faction blacklist. Customers that have been blacklisted after purchasing DCs will be given the option to keep their remaining DCs or to cash them out at the current sale value. Unlimited DCs might be available at a future date.
Lock Installation Intragalactic Security Cabal Lock Installation Service - For all of your lock installation needs! We're able to provide locks of the standard, reinforced and blast resistant varieties, as well as any combination in between. All lock installations are performed under the supervision of one of our very talented master locksmiths and are guaranteed to hold up to even the most punishing of circumstances*. Locks are installed using top of the line tools and the highest quality materials available to ensure your locks will be of the highest quality. We will price match any official competitor, if not undercut them by a large degree. *Up to what the lock is qualified to withstand. No refunds will be issued for locks destroyed by hoodlems using lock breakers as these fall outside of our guaranteed protective services at this time. We will look into providing a more robust access panel in the future to provide more resillience toward hacking.
No door to Standard door 75K
Standard door to Reinforced door 150K
Reinforced door to Blast door 300K
No door to Reinforced door 191.25K
Standard door to Blast door 382.5K
No door to Blast door 446.25K
0-20 doors 0% Discount
21-40 doors 5% Discount on doors 21 to 40
41-60 doors 10% Discount on doors 41 to 60
61-80 doors 12.5% Discount on doors 61 to 80
81-100 doors 15% Discount on doors 81 to 100
100+ doors 16.25% Discount on doors 100 and up
For the safety of our crew members, all lock installations will be performed while the vessel or entity is currently in the hands of a reputable middle. Reputable middles accepted are middles associated with Centrepoint Space Station as well as Syn. Under very few circumstances will we board a vessel not held by a middle. These circumstances include when the purchaser of locks is they themselves a reputable middle and has agreed publicly to middle for the lock installation transaction. We reserve the right to cancel any job we do not feel safe doing, with refund. We reserve the right to cancel any jobs queued for individuals added to our black list prior to their job's beginning, with refund, or to cancel in the middle of a job for individuals added to our black list during their job, with partial refund. Any individuals found attempting to scam or otherwise harm us or our locksmiths will immediately be placed on our black list and will not be able to purchase ANY services from us, including those that do not involve us boarding or otherwise working on their own personal or factions they own's entities. Additional discounts may be applied for orders greater than 100 doors. These jobs may be done by multiple locksmiths instead of only one to increase productivity time.


Datacards Owned:
Ships Items Facilities Stations
Sysat T-20
Sysat T-24
Research Centre
Wildlife Preserve
Merchant Space Dock