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Political News
The Mournful Truth
Posted by: Narmo Colmven, Endless Initiative
Date: Year 19 Day 352

The screen flashes black and a masked, hooded figure appears.

“Greetings, sentients of the galaxy. We apologize for interrupting your regularly scheduled programming but it is time the galaxy knows the truth about the death of Countess C... [Read More]

Political Shakeups in the News
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Corporate Sector Commodities
Date: Year 19 Day 351

Recently, there has been a lot of political intrigue across the galaxy. In a stunning move, the New Republic has withdrawn from the Galactic Alliance. In their formal notice to the alliance, posted by High Ambassador Xitwa, the Republic c... [Read More]

Kell Decrees Krexit – Krath announces departure from Galactic Alliance
Posted by: Talak Kasra, The Krath
Date: Year 19 Day 350

Krath to leave in less than 24 hours, Emperor Kell says

Several hours ago, Emperor Lazarus Kell and his Imperial Council had reached a decision that will undoubtedly affect Krath space for years to come. After calling in an emerge... [Read More]

The Second Galactic Concordiate
Posted by: Jacob Jansen, Trade Federation
Date: Year 19 Day 332

On Year 19, Day 331, while Forsetti was swallowed by celebration, the heads of state of the Galactic Concordiate met to renegotiate one of the galaxy's landmark treaties. In Year 14, several former members of the Imperial Union formed the Galactic... [Read More]

A Sad Song of Fire and Music: The Tragic Comedy of Ailon Nova Guard . . .
Posted by: Kohl Straffer, Nova Blades
Date: Year 19 Day 329

“A Sad Song of Fire and Music: The Tragic Comedy of Ailon Nova Guard . . .”

Sentients throughout the galaxy were recently treated to the latest chapter of “The Tragedy of Ailon Nova Guard.”  This musical extravaganza captures the ... [Read More]

Hosnian Conflict Reveals Weak Morale
Hacked by: Baz Yen, Dukha Industrial
Date: Year 19 Day 309

An influential military theory argues that battles are won or lost because of morale. Weapons, transports, strategies, and tactics are important but not decisive. Morale is fate. In the Hosnian system, morale has had consequences.

This ... [Read More]

Birjis Infrastructure and Social Development declared a Success
Hacked by: Belwarmec Al-Thorac, Arkanian Brotherhood
Date: Year 19 Day 263
Birjis, Birjis System, Dalchon Sector -- Nearing the end of a nearly two year long development plan several major infrastructure projects were opened on the planet Birjis today in an official ceremony in the regional capital of Jillong. Local, plan... [Read More]

Black Sun Brings Stability To Taspir
Posted by: Kyran Caelius, Black Sun
Date: Year 19 Day 208

Hello. This is Cynthia Kappa of Black Sun News Network, bringing you the latest updates on the recent developments in the Taspir system.

After the failure of the Dynali organizations in Taspir, the system was thrown into disarray. Takin... [Read More]

Posted by: Marke Waymen, Tresario Star Kingdom
Date: Year 19 Day 74
Bal`demnic (TNN) - The TNN logo covers the screen before fading out to a live feed of a Chadra-Fan reporter standing in a large hall, crowded by individuals from dozens of species. Above the noise of the large crowd, the Chadra-Fan can be heard spe... [Read More]

Black Sun Governance and Technology Expo
Posted by: Kyran Caelius, Black Sun
Date: Year 19 Day 50

Highlighting Black Sun's movement towards political legitimization, Black Sun held an intragovernmental assembly and exposition of lawmakers and law enforcement in Asation, from Y19 D46 to Y19 D49. The conference aimed to supply policy makers an... [Read More]

Diplomat Feared Executed, Officials Advise Caution And Issue Warrant
Hacked by: Eleonore Silvermoon, New Republic
Date: Year 19 Day 44

RNN Headquarters, Republica -- While his status cannot be officially confirmed, the New Republic mourns the loss after the likely execution of diplomat Nohayk Haddock at the hands of the wanted Kuga Morguul. New Republic officials have issued a ... [Read More]

Bacta Bandit Caught
Hacked by: Eleonore Silvermoon, New Republic
Date: Year 18 Day 360

RNN Headquarters, REPUBLICA –– In a press release from Republic News Network, New Republic Intelligence confirms a report by Mecrosa Order Security Forces concerning the whereabouts of Han Ballooga. After a struggle with security forces Ball... [Read More]

Elysian Crown passes, Ling Reen to be King Reen
Posted by: Gideon Bodnari, The Kingdom of Elysia
Date: Year 18 Day 322
LORTA, GENDIUS -- King Gideon Bodnari of The Kingdom of Elysia has chosen to pass on his crown, according to a statement from the Crown Palace at Lorta issued less than 200 days after Bodnari ended his regency and formally assumed the throne.
<... [Read More]

Ailing Krath Suffers Crippling Strike by Black Sun
Posted by: Kyran Caelius, Black Sun
Date: Year 18 Day 291

Greetings to the citizens of Black Sun and our viewers across the galaxy. My name is Cynthia Kappa and you are watching the Black Sun News Network. Today, we are proud to bring you an exclusive report on the recent turmoil shaking the Krath.

... [Read More]

Niko Gen offers an Interview for the Ages
Posted by: Coil Each, The Exchange
Date: Year 18 Day 276
Niko Gen, the embattled co-founder of the GenSci Institute, called a Galactic NewsNet reporter late last night and gave an off-the-cuff, wide-ranging interview that has been called admirable but a significant mis-step for a GenSci Institute that ca... [Read More]

The Feud Continues - GenSci Edition
Posted by: Coil Each, GenSci Institute
Date: Year 18 Day 272
Press Release -- The GenSci Institute is pleased to report today that its operatives have successfully taken advantage of inadequate protections in Twilight Foundation operational security to locate the secretive opposition group’s headquarters: ... [Read More]

The Feud Continues - Twilight Edition
Posted by: Alejandro Brotingo, Twilight
Date: Year 18 Day 272
“There Is Still Time,” Say Twilight Scientists


[Read More]

Twilight Foundation Galactic Press Release
Posted by: Alejandro Brotingo, Twilight Foundation
Date: Year 18 Day 260


Following the GenSci Institute's recent press release, the Twilight Foundation submitted a response to defend themselve against the Institute's allegations. A relatively unknown genetic research think tank, the group has frequ... [Read More]

GenSci Institute Galactic Press Release
Posted by: Joi Jahsop, GenSci Institute
Date: Year 18 Day 260


Press Release -- It has been nearly five years since the fateful outbreak of the Great Animosity Virus of Year 14, colloquially referred to as the "Derra Virus". Previous attempts at developing a cure brought the rise of th... [Read More]

Recent Leaks from McLoggers Office Confirmed
Hacked by: Crueya Vandron, The Resistance
Date: Year 18 Day 244
Resistance News Network
Lutris City, Tynna, Tynna Sector

Officials from within the Resistance confirm the legitimacy of recent leaks from Mayor Chompins McLoggers’ office shed new light on the Tynna Unknown Signals incident.

Th... [Read More]

Events in Brief
Year 20 Day 17: A new military force emerged today. The Hive is a Mercenaries group and will be led by Zorix Zoff. The first headquarters of The Hive opened today in Stormwatch 4,6 on Fitca Prime.
Year 20 Day 16: Avelyn ca Vella, the leader of Fairwind Exotics was replaced today by Zorunda Kaliemo.