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Political News
Talak Kasra Appointed Emperor
Posted by: Talak Kasra, The Krath
Date: Year 20 Day 221

Massive nation-wide celebrations across the Krath Empire concluded today with the coronation of the former Lord Imperator, Talak Kasra. In a grand ceremony attended by all the key representatives of the government, the first Empe... [Read More]

Midrim Mourns
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Shili Free Press
Date: Year 20 Day 220

On the heels of Zann Consortium and Card’as Smugglers operations in the Triumvirate space and the killing of Adam Hughes of the New Republic, it is reported tonight that the Consortium also carried out an attack against the neutral transporta... [Read More]

Aliit Ori'shya Tal'din
Posted by: Kai Oryk, Mando`ade
Date: Year 20 Day 215

(MNB) Aloriya, Manda - Speaking from the headquarters of Mando'ade today in the capital city of the planet Manda, Mand'alor Kai Oryk made the following statement:

"Su'cuy - Greetings, I stand be... [Read More]

Confederate Flag Flies Once More Over Genarius
Posted by: Siejo Kutol, Confederacy of Independent Systems
Date: Year 20 Day 200

Genarius - As evening slowly turned Raxus Prime a beautiful color of orange, the tramp of thousands of battle droids was heard. These battle droids were not one of a conquering army, however, but of a procession leading directly to the once abando... [Read More]

Imperial Union Strengthened As Faerytail Family Granted Parliamentary Membership
Posted by: Seele, Galactic Empire
Date: Year 20 Day 185

Coruscant (INB) - Citizens of the galaxy rejoiced today as the Imperial Union welcomed the Faerytail Family as a full member of the Grand Parliament in a public ceremony. The full membership of the Imperial Union was granted after a unanimous vote... [Read More]

Tears of the Coalition
Posted by: Kyota Navic, Car`das Smugglers
Date: Year 20 Day 182

    Today, news broke that the Car`das Smugglers successfully completed an operation within Triumvirate space, evading detection and manoeuvring through the Coalition’s ramshackle security.
The event followed no... [Read More]

Playing with Fire.
Hacked by: Nat N`ightshade, Zann Consortium
Date: Year 20 Day 161

In a brief announcement today, Zann Consortium officials confirmed a recent assassination overseen by Zann Consortium Circle member Kyota Navic and executed by Defiler Seth Haze.

Aldasec Mathai, once a kidnapper himself, left his pirate wa... [Read More]

Clashes in Krmar
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Shili Free Press
Date: Year 20 Day 94

Following public reports of the capture of Duke Corey Vildras of the Archduchy of Tolonda about three weeks ago, the Archduchy has suffered another recent loss. Adin Cole, the Archduchy's longtime Minister of Defense, was subdued and executed by... [Read More]

Rebirth of an Empire
Posted by: Grevendar Togl, Empire of the Hand
Date: Year 20 Day 89


Being contractually obligated to also provide a written statement with our holograms, the transmission cuts to a Chiss male in a white imperial-style uniform on the bridge of a Sabaoth Destroyer.

[Read More]

Tion Hegemony hosts Galactic Concordiate's first Biennial Gala
Posted by: Salamku Derov, Trade Federation
Date: Year 20 Day 83

For six days, from Day 55, Voss thronged with visiting heads of state, industry tycoons, and high society as the Tionese capital played host to the Galactic Concordiate's first Biennial Gala. The Gala was organised to officially welcome... [Read More]

Introducing the Interstellar League
Posted by: Sion Plagueis, AeroTech
Date: Year 20 Day 76

Year 20 Day 75

The Interstellar League District on Feriae Junction

The past few months have been historic for galactic citizens. Galactic alliances have shifted significantly, with the three ma... [Read More]

Treason on Trial
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Shili Free Press
Date: Year 20 Day 63

Recently, a landmark trial began on Republica as a sitting New Republic Senator and Army General, Shu Shei Dael, has been charged with a litany of crimes, the worst of them being treason. Shili Free Press has a correspondent attending the... [Read More]

Do Solemnly Swear...
Hacked by: Coren Rinou, New Republic
Date: Year 20 Day 44

RNN Headquarters, Republica -- On Day 1 Year 20 the New Republic welcomes former Chief of Military Jin Solas as the newly elected Chief of State (CoS). Jin Solas is replacing Orion Chran, whom served two full terms as Chief of State. After a week ... [Read More]

The Mournful Truth
Posted by: Narmo Colmven, Endless Initiative
Date: Year 19 Day 352

The screen flashes black and a masked, hooded figure appears.

“Greetings, sentients of the galaxy. We apologize for interrupting your regularly scheduled programming but it is time the galaxy knows the truth about the death of Countess C... [Read More]

Political Shakeups in the News
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Corporate Sector Commodities
Date: Year 19 Day 351

Recently, there has been a lot of political intrigue across the galaxy. In a stunning move, the New Republic has withdrawn from the Galactic Alliance. In their formal notice to the alliance, posted by High Ambassador Xitwa, the Republic c... [Read More]

Kell Decrees Krexit – Krath announces departure from Galactic Alliance
Posted by: Talak Kasra, The Krath
Date: Year 19 Day 350

Krath to leave in less than 24 hours, Emperor Kell says

Several hours ago, Emperor Lazarus Kell and his Imperial Council had reached a decision that will undoubtedly affect Krath space for years to come. After calling in an emerge... [Read More]

The Second Galactic Concordiate
Posted by: Jacob Jansen, Trade Federation
Date: Year 19 Day 332

On Year 19, Day 331, while Forsetti was swallowed by celebration, the heads of state of the Galactic Concordiate met to renegotiate one of the galaxy's landmark treaties. In Year 14, several former members of the Imperial Union formed the Galactic... [Read More]

A Sad Song of Fire and Music: The Tragic Comedy of Ailon Nova Guard . . .
Posted by: Kohl Straffer, Nova Blades
Date: Year 19 Day 329

“A Sad Song of Fire and Music: The Tragic Comedy of Ailon Nova Guard . . .”

Sentients throughout the galaxy were recently treated to the latest chapter of “The Tragedy of Ailon Nova Guard.”  This musical extravaganza captures the ... [Read More]

Hosnian Conflict Reveals Weak Morale
Hacked by: Baz Yen, Dukha Industrial
Date: Year 19 Day 309

An influential military theory argues that battles are won or lost because of morale. Weapons, transports, strategies, and tactics are important but not decisive. Morale is fate. In the Hosnian system, morale has had consequences.

This ... [Read More]

Birjis Infrastructure and Social Development declared a Success
Hacked by: Belwarmec Al-Thorac, Arkanian Brotherhood
Date: Year 19 Day 263
Birjis, Birjis System, Dalchon Sector -- Nearing the end of a nearly two year long development plan several major infrastructure projects were opened on the planet Birjis today in an official ceremony in the regional capital of Jillong. Local, plan... [Read More]

Events in Brief
Year 20 Day 264: Esu Kyouto, the leader of Paradox was replaced today by Dresdon Cook.
Year 20 Day 264: It appears today as though brute force is not quite enough to keep the citizens of Froz II down, as they have stepped up and taken power from the old leader, long hailed as a puppet of Flower Company, and forced all Flower Company-aligned politicians to resign their positions, ceding power to local control.
Year 20 Day 264: Embracing the beliefs of Qo Odojinya, the majority of Worxer-4ABDc-35 have instituted it as their sole means of governance.