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Galactic Alliance Welcomes The Invid Order
Hacked by: Gand Xitwa - Faction: New Republic
Date: Year 19 Day 128

BORLEIAS, PYRIA -- From the capital city of the planet Borleias in the Pyria System, officials from the Invid Order and Galactic Alliance met to officially welcome the Invid Order as the eleventh active member of the Galactic Alliance. It was...
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Annual Great Hunt Perpetuates Commitment to Citizen Safety
Posted by: Kyran Caelius - Faction: Black Sun
Date: Year 19 Day 108

On Year 19 Day 66 Dark Prince Jeor Knight marked the start of the annual Great Hunt, an initiative he began even before his ascendence to the Throne. As part of the Great Hunt, members of Black Sun spent a galactic standard month tracking down c...
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Fifth Uli Memorial Swap Meet
Posted by: Lilith Delcroix - Faction: Tion Hegemony
Date: Year 19 Day 106

While many individuals yearn for the desire to obtain the greatest technology in the universe, some come for the thrill of negotiation and others come to see long lost friends. All of this becomes possible later this year. This is Arthur, newsca...
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Hacked by: Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss - Faction: TriNebulon News
Date: Year 19 Day 100

At a gathered assembly of nearly 500,000 Arkanians, Con Semper, an Arkanian offshoot and a member of the AARP, addresses the growing crowd.

"Humanity -- that word should have new meaning for all of us today.

I am not include...
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Galactic Slugging Association Opens Raffle House: Harron Point
Posted by: Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss - Faction: TriNebulon News
Date: Year 19 Day 96

"I am Lava Lovestruck, reporting for TriNebulon News. I have with me Altair Lopez, Slug Overlord of the Galactic Slugging Association, who is about to make a statement regarding the opening of Harron Point. A former Golan II, Harron Point has r...
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Revolution, Reform, Rebirth
Hacked by: Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss - Faction: TriNebulon News
Date: Year 19 Day 96

Revolution is not a low hanging fruit that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall. Passion is needed for any great work, and for revolution, passion and audacity are required in large measures.

Revolution is a struggle to the de...
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Advocacy for the Assimilation of Near-Humans Seeks Human Reunification
Hacked by: Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss - Faction: TriNebulon News
Date: Year 19 Day 92

We are The Advocacy for the Assimilation of Near-Humans. Today, the "Arkanians", a radicalized cult that operates within Human Society, announced their "independence" from the "shackles" of humanity.   What is an Arkanian? This is the q...
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Advocacy for Arkanian Racial Protection Seeks Galactic Recognition
Hacked by: Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss - Faction: TriNebulon News
Date: Year 19 Day 90

Representatives of the growing activist group, The Advocacy for Arkanian Racial Protection (AARP), held a press conference today on the planet Arkania. Gathered at a settlement known as the Legacy Colony, they announced a new phase of their miss...
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Medical Expansions funded by Duchy of Tolonda
Hacked by: Uther Von Kaldreon - Faction: Duchy of Tolonda
Date: Year 19 Day 86

Subject: Duchy of Tolonda acquires Oshora Pharmacology

Location: Oshora System

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Put Your Head on My Shoulder
Posted by: Marke Waymen - Faction: Tresario Star Kingdom
Date: Year 19 Day 56

Bal`demnic (TNN) - It is with deep sadness and extreme sorrow that we announce the passing of His Majesty, King Jude Vatz, Sovereign of the Tresario Star Kingdom, Sovereign of the Sentinels of Tresario, Marshall of the Order of Tresarian Freedom...
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Ex-COMPNOR Leader Joins Krath
Posted by: Lazarus Kell - Faction: The Krath
Date: Year 19 Day 47

Joshua Chamberlain to re-enter the Galactic Civil War; this time alongside the Galactic Alliance


Earlier this week, the Central Krath Recruitment Office had received a request of citizenship signed by one Joshua Chamb...
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Puff the Arkanian Dragon lives in the Outer Rim
Posted by: Va`Li Owa - Faction: Arkanian Brotherhood
Date: Year 19 Day 35

Arbra, Arbran -- In a special press conference held last week aboard the MC-80b Star Cruiser Arkanian Dragon, Chancellor Va`Li Owa and Prime Minister George O Rourke announced that the Arkanian Engineers have restructured from a private sector comp...
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Scars Of The Past Usher A Tomorrow of Hope
Hacked by: Gand Xitwa - Faction: New Republic
Date: Year 19 Day 15

RNN Headquarters, REPUBLICA -- All of the New Republic took pause at the end of year eighteen to commemorate one of their greatest tragedies of its history, yet looks forward to a new year with a renewed sense of hope and enthusiasm after the reelect...
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5th Fleet Flagship re-dedicated to IMS Lennorian
Posted by: Guinar Ndengin - Faction: Galactic Empire
Date: Year 18 Day 361

Empire Rededicates Executor-class Star Destroyer the IMS Lennorian

Coruscant (INB) - Under the solemn gaze of Lord Admiral Graeda L`Annan, the Imperial Navy re-dedicated the former flagship of the 5th Fleet the 'IMS Lennorian'. As gunb...
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The Mecrosaic Method: An Investigation Into Habitual Betrayal and Dishonesty
Hacked by: Ulrike Rayne Schultheiss - Faction: TriNebulon News
Date: Year 18 Day 360

  Hello and welcome to The Mecrosaic Method: An Investigation Into Habitual Betrayal and Dishonesty. I'm Carmen Montoya with TriNebulon News Network. I would like to preface this holocast to establish that we are not targeting the New Rep...
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Bacta Bandit Evades Being Bound
Hacked by: Eleonore Silvermoon - Faction: New Republic
Date: Year 18 Day 352

RNN Headquarters, REPUBLICA quot; As of Year 18 Day 332 Han Ballooga is wanted by the New Republic (NR) for Grand Theft of New Republic Property, Destruction of New Republic Property, Kidnapping, Blackmail/Extortion and Membership of a Subversive...
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Sale of Indulgence
Hacked by: Nat N`ightshade - Faction: Zann Consortium
Date: Year 18 Day 350

Meeting with journalists members of the Zann Consortium crime syndicate, along with leader Ximaro Jix, have released details about their ongoing mass production and distribution of various spice including the commonly mined form Ryll which has b...
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Death Watch Responds To Krath Brutal Acts of Murder
Posted by: Peter Max - Faction: The Death Watch
Date: Year 18 Day 326

Reports of shock and outrage followed the announcement by the Krath Dynasty earlier this week of the brutal public execution of seventeen members of Death Watch, on the planet Koru Nemoidia and at the hands of Talak Kasra, a Hapan-born Krath office...
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Ghost in the Machines
Posted by: Shawn Veldn - Faction: Tresario Star Kingdom
Date: Year 18 Day 246

Bal`demnic (TNN) - Following several weeks of tense skirmishes on the sparsely populated planet of Serroco, Death Watch has officially announced their withdrawal from the planet. This announcement was met by celebration within the Tresario ...
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Prizefighter Earns Record Amounts for Near-Core Planets
Posted by: Raoul Esparza - Faction: Ailon Nova Guard
Date: Year 18 Day 215

History was made today when Jacque Keslov, fighter hired by Ailon Nova Guard, won his sixth consecutive championship among near-core systems and eclipsed the earning level of ten billion galactic credits in prize winnings, making him the most highl...
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