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Economic News
Shili Free Press Goes Public
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Shili Free Press
Date: Year 20 Day 5

It was recently announced that Shili Free Press has joined the recent boom of business entities registered with the Galactic Business Bureau.  The recent boom of registrations has been predicated on the Bureau’s relaxing of certain requiremen... [Read More]

Raas-Moretti Industries Mourns Loss at the Hands of Corporate Attackers
Posted by: Chrii`kkt Raas, Raas-Moretti Industries
Date: Year 19 Day 340


"Good evening, I'm Sidara Navin, reporting on behalf of Central North News, your source for local and gala... [Read More]

Swap Meet Wrap-up
Posted by: Lahasa Fy, Corporate Sector Commodities
Date: Year 19 Day 309

Lahasa Fy, our Board Chairman, recently attended the Sixth Uli Swap Meet and filed this brief report on behalf of Shili Free Press in summary of the events that took place.

On the planet Nimban in Hutt space, traders and e... [Read More]

Nova Crystals Crash and Burn
Posted by: Virak Kira, Dukha Incorporated
Date: Year 19 Day 218

By Baz Yen

Yen Compound city, Urce IV, Urce Sector


Nova Crystals continue depreciating, selling recently for less than half the official exchange rate. The price has been spiraling downward since The Krath governm... [Read More]

Strong foundation, stronger future
Posted by: Nikai Tonnak, Chimaera Consulting
Date: Year 19 Day 96

KENOSHA, Tynna – Earlier this year, galactic news agencies and other interested parties gathered to witness the announcement of a new entrant into the competitive security services industry. Chimaera Consulting (CC), founded by Nikai Tonnak, p... [Read More]

Indifferent Krath suffers moderate inconvenience by Black Sun
Posted by: Talak Kasra, The Krath
Date: Year 18 Day 295

In the late hours of D291, citizens of Krath and beyond enjoyed a hearty laugh thanks to the boastful, proud... [Read More]

Kriz sector coming back to life
Posted by: Rick Farlander, Chir`dorna Manufacturing
Date: Year 18 Day 142

--Business Report—





"Hello, this is the Kriz Nexus Network Report, I'm Hector Ja'Aubl and here are today's headlines."


"News out of Be... [Read More]

Lord Negotiatore Addresses Krath Expo
Posted by: Talak Kasra, The Krath
Date: Year 18 Day 85

The KrathNet logo fills the screen and slowly fades out of sight. As the camera returns to focus, a sharply dressed KrathNet reporter stands before an anxious crowd. A caption reads "KrathNet Reporter Hirlina Gueto is on scene in Yelsa... [Read More]

Galaxy's Most Legitimate Government Endorses Sith Banking Operation
Posted by: Syn, Eidola Pirates
Date: Year 18 Day 72
HUTT SPACE--The galaxy reacted with distracted indifference this week as CorEx announced that its operations would now be headed by the infamous Dark Lord of the Sith, Mikel von Bianchi. Illicitly hacked viewer ratings revealed that most sentients ap... [Read More]

New Leadership Looks to Move CorEx Forward
Posted by: Mikel von Bianchi, CorEx
Date: Year 18 Day 71

WYNTH -- As former CEO Geoff Jackson remains in a coma, the Honnete Mercantiles Capital Group (HMCG) has appointed Mikel von Bianchi as the new head of CorEx. Although Jackson's medical issues forced HMCG - majority shareholders in CorEx followi... [Read More]

Galactic Banking Magnate Slips into Coma
Posted by: Aetius Morbus, MedEx
Date: Year 18 Day 60

CorEx Media - Headquarters, Loedorvia II

Geoff Jackson, CEO of The CorEx Group, was scheduled for a press conference earlier today when staffers and advisors were unable to reach him. Alun Tringad, Chief Security Officer, was finally able ... [Read More]

Third Uli Memorial Swap Meet: Year 18 Day 14-21
Posted by: Astrid De LaRouge, Faerytail Medical
Date: Year 18 Day 2


Third Uli Memorial Swap Meet: Year 18 Day 14-21   Kiffex and Kiffu


Due to popular demand, the Knights of the Fountain will be hosting a third annual Uli ... [Read More]

Givin... A Better Home
Posted by: Astrid De LaRouge, Faerytail Medical
Date: Year 17 Day 308


Givin... A Better Home   Other News Faerytail News Network (FTNN) -- Foless System The screen transitions to a blonde humanoid with two vertical banners bearing golde... [Read More]

Corporate Investment Bond Concludes, Exceeds Expectations
Hacked by: Gilbert Reed, Corporate Sector Authority
Date: Year 17 Day 279

Maal, Maal Prime City

    The Office of the ExO today issued a press release regarding the successful conclusion of a ten-month long investment program aimed at supplying funds for the outlay and construction of infrastructure on... [Read More]

Small Business Development Program Announced
Posted by: Salamku Derov, Trade Federation
Date: Year 17 Day 243

TFNN - Obroa System, Nouane Sector

In a short press conference held via HoloNet, Trade Federation Viceroy Jacob Jansen, High Ambassador Tovakinpi Toshikhan, and Minister of Production Salamku Derov, announced the formation ... [Read More]

Trade Federation Market Enters A New Era
Posted by: Jacob Jansen, Trade Federation
Date: Year 17 Day 228
  TFNN - Taanab System, Zeemacht Cluster   The Viceroy began, "It is my pleasure to announce that, after several hundred hours of work by the officials at the Federation's Department of Trade and the many programmers at the Inform... [Read More]

Amid Widespread Panic, Hope in the Corporate Sector
Hacked by: Gilbert Reed, Corporate Sector Authority
Date: Year 17 Day 189

Neelgaimon, Neelgaimon Alpha City - Media outlets across the galaxy became inundated in recent days with reports of widespread layoffs of workers and other non-essential personnel throughout most of the galaxy's businesses. Panic began in earne... [Read More]

Manpha Ecumenopolization Project: Creating the Jewel of Seitia
Posted by: Solarius Masha, The Pentastar Alignment
Date: Year 17 Day 171

MANPHA SYSTEM, SEITIA SECTOR (Courier Communications) -- Today marks an important   undertaking for The Pentastar Alignment (TPA), Krath Dynasty (KD), and the entire Rift All... [Read More]

Krath Expo - The Future, Today!
Posted by: Ellias Aubec, The Krath Dynasty
Date: Year 16 Day 306

Last week, KrathNet was invited to attend an exclusive news conference by the recently announced 'Rift Alliance', also known as the RA. Upon arrival, we were told that Bancho Curr, Industrial Council Chairman for the RA, would be giving a press ... [Read More]

Golan Tech & Elite Med Tech; The Future of Medicine
Posted by: Heytzo Von Duro, The Kingdom of Elysia
Date: Year 16 Day 254

GT, EMT to Partner on Surgical Robot Technology
Year 16, Day 252

The Elysian Crown Company of Golan Technologies announced this morning that they would be proceeding with plans to form a partnership with the Mindabaal League’... [Read More]

Events in Brief
Year 20 Day 17: A new military force emerged today. The Hive is a Mercenaries group and will be led by Zorix Zoff. The first headquarters of The Hive opened today in Stormwatch 4,6 on Fitca Prime.
Year 20 Day 16: Avelyn ca Vella, the leader of Fairwind Exotics was replaced today by Zorunda Kaliemo.