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New currency announced
Posted by: Frezt Raleigh, The Krath Dynasty
Date: Year 9 Day 339 From the Bank Asteroid Bank in Pergitoid on X47588204 (-51, -447) on Year 9 Day 337 10:22.

In a recent press conference, a new national currency was announced within Krath territory: the Kathol sector, the Minos cluster and a large portion of the Churba sector.

Trade in these sectors will largely shift from using the imperial credits and republican dataries currently used all around the galaxy, to the new Nova Crystal (NC). Many major planets along the triton trade route, such as Brolsam, Cathar, Uukaablis and Pergitor, have already taken the nova crystals in use and have experienced a high demand for the crystals.

Nova Crystals have always been a valuable commodity. Only found on a handful of planets, these bright green crystals are often crafted in gemstones for jewelery and decoration. The bank of Kathol has one of the largest nova crystal reserves publicly known, having harvested many crystals from Binaros and Gandle Ott.


Since the appointment of Waffel Burret as director of the Dynasty Bank, he announced a series of serious reformations for the Dynasty monetary system and policy. So the new currency comes as no surprise to economic analysts, who have been watching recently and have seen the economy grow to new heights. Every Krath citizen has also felt it in their pocket, as salaries and purchasing power have been rising steadily.

The official exchange rate released by the Dynasty Bank was set at alt1 Nova Crystal to alt 50,000 credits, and is fully backed by the Krath Dynasty at all times.

The InterGalactic Banking Clan, who encompasses many banks throughout the galaxy, have already accepted the new currency, and the IGBC's banks will be ready to exchange the crystals. The IGBC has set up a new exchange system and a number of new exchange posts throughout Krath territory, but the crystals will also be available through all the established channels.

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