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Galactic Concordiate Solidifies Neutral Power Bloc
Posted by: Jacob Jansen, Trade Federation
Date: Year 14 Day 105 From the Palace Trade Federation Palace in Forsetti on Taanab (150, 135).
Forsetti, Tanaab (Te Verd Ca`narase, HNN, TFNN, TGN, LBB):

In a joint news conference on Year 14 Day 103, the Heads of State of the Trade Federation, Hapes Consortium, Mandalore, Tion Hegemony and Aurodium Legion announced the formation of an alliance that formalizes the bond they have created over years of collaboration and cooperation. These governments will comprise the founding members of the Galactic Concordiate, a military and economic alliance which is a neutral force in the galactic conflict between the Imperial Union and the Galactic Alliance. The Concordiate, the galaxy's largest neutral alliance will span over 35 sectors and 650 planets.
(From Left to Right: Legate Dorn Zeke, King Alexander Tylger, Viceroy Jacob Jansen, Mand'alor Tyr DeMeer, Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin)

Viceroy Jacob Jansen, who will serve the first term as the Magistrate of the Executive Council of the Concordiate, underscored the importance of the announcement. He is quoted as stating: 'In a galaxy torn by the civil war, the Galactic Concordiate creates a legitimate opportunity for groups to be neutral. The foundation of our alliance is the close bond between its founding members, and we will extend that bond even further as our new alliance flourishes.'

Reporters present questioned the Heads of State for two hours following the announcement to uncover the details of the 'Treaty of Forsetti' and the implications on the galactic landscape. Broadly speaking, the alliance will consist of 'Sovereign States' which will be responsible for the general well-being of the Concordiate and its members, and 'Member States', which will be preferred business partners of the alliance with the ability to request and receive assistance from the Concordiate as a whole. Sovereign States will participate in a military defensive pact, joint research and development operations, and other programs not outlined in detail during the press conference.

(Logo of the Galactic Concordiate)

Governance of the Galactic Concordiate will fall to two bodies: (1) the Executive Council, which will consist of the Heads of State of each Sovereign State and will be responsible for setting guidelines for many operational areas of the Galactic Concordiate and (2) the General Council, which will consist of two members of each Sovereign State and one member of each Member State and will be responsible for new laws and regulations for the Concordiate, as well as approval of membership applications. The administrative duties of the Executive Council will be performed by the Magistrate, which will rotate to each Head of State every six months; the administrative duties of the General Council will be performed by the Steward, who will be voted in by the General Council every six months.

Many of the questions focused on the Concordiates stance in the galactic conflict. Although each founding member was previously a member of the Imperial Union, each Head of State affirmed the Concordiates neutrality, citing the mission statement of the group '[t]o promote the the prosperity, stability and neutrality of its sovereign and member states through solidarity in economic and military cooperation.'

Lord Hegemon Typhon Corbin of the Tion Hegemony addressed the relationship each group now has with the Galactic Empire following their joint withdrawal from the Imperial Union: 'The Galactic Empire was an ally of our nations for many years. We all valued the opportunity to develop that kind of relationship with the Empire, but ultimately they wished to take the Imperial Union in a different direction. Our collective withdrawal allowed the Empire a seamless transition for the Imperial Union and opened the door for the relationship the rest of us had formed to prosper as the Galactic Concordiate.'

In closing, the Heads of State confirmed that the Galactic Concordiate will consider new applicants to join the alliance as either Sovereign States or Member States. Interested parties were directed to the Concordiate Holonet laying out the membership criteria for potential applicants. In short, the criteria are designed 'to evidence support of the Galactic Concordiate Mission Statement and ensure a mutually beneficial relationship between a new Concordiate member and its existing members.' When asked to speculate on potential new members, the Heads of State declined to comment, but did confirm they expected significant interest from governments and corporations that valued both their neutrality and the support of allies.

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