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Givin... A Better Home
Posted by: Astrid De LaRouge, Faerytail Medical
Date: Year 17 Day 308 Onboard the Strike-Class Medium Cruiser GoF Sexy Faery in system Foless (30, -94).


Givin... A Better Home


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Faerytail News Network (FTNN) -- Foless System

The screen transitions to a blonde humanoid with two vertical banners bearing golden symbols of the Faerytail Family  and a podium in front of her. The words projected below name her as Faery Queen Astrid De LaRouge of the Faerytail Family.
 Faery Queen Astrid smiled at the camera which hovered only a few yards in front of her.  The J57 Cam Droid bounced slightly as it filmed the press release.
"As you may or may not be aware, at the end of year 15 the Nagatee Kingdom merged with Faerytail. The merger included all of the Harrin Sector, the home of Harrin Prime some will know as the homeworld of the Givin. Almost as soon as Faery King Simkin Dragoneel assumed Governorship of the planet he realized the abhorrent state of not only Harrin Prime but all the other planets in that system. Crime was out of control, the Givin Homeworld was overpopulated, there were hardly any jobs to be found, and the general morale of the populace was extremely low. Faerytail then decided to invest a large amount of resources and credits to begin a monumental project to modernize and improve the planet for the residents that call it home."
The screen splits to show images of the homeworld of the Givin as it is today.


"The cities have been modernized and organized to protect them against the gravity shifts that plague their homeworld. Sometimes the topography of the land was used as a natural barrier; other times high powered shields and repulsors were used for the resident's safety. The problem of overpopulation that plagues the Harrin System has been rectified by access to affordable housing in the nearby Mechis System and billions of jobs were created for the native Givin in helping The Faerytail Family become the leading ship producers in the private sector.  Palatial dwellings, beautiful cathedrals, casinos, and other cultural and recreational buildings were built for the enjoyment of all the native Givin."
The droid refocuses the camera on Astrid as she continues.
"Faerytail started as a small medical production company worth less than 100 Million credits founded by my husband Sims and it has grown to be a Government. Throughout this whole time, we have been faithful to our beloved subjects and we stand by the Givin even as we finish the renovation of their homeworld and surrounding worlds. As the people of Harrin can attest, we take no shortcuts in providing the best for our people. And now that Harrin Prime has been completely modernized, restructured, and reorganized we can focus on modernizing and catering to the needs of the Sakiyan people as well on their homeworld Sakiya. "
The cam-droid changes positions as Astrid moves from behind the stand showing her enlarged and obviously pregnant stomach.
"On a related note: due to our size and all the populations we protect, The Faerytail Family has decided to reorganize ourselves internally to create a formal Military instead of the former militia system we used in the past. While the militia system has won us three wars and enabled us to remain flexible, due to our fast growing size we feel the need to maintain a defensive presence at all times as we expand our borders and population.
Lord Admiral Elubei Mont'arne has been appointed with the task of organizing the military that will be known as the Guardians of the Fey (GoF). This name was inspired by the name of the Mercenary Organization that later became the Government known as 'The Faerytail Family'. The internal command structure is being redefined as is the rate of pay for all Faerytail members.
When I asked the second-in-command of the Guardians of the Fey, Bael Kyras, how he would describe the Guardians he responded and I quote: 'Queen Mother, I would just like to say that the Guardians are not for everyone.  We are a dedicated unit that prides itself on overcoming any challenges that besiege our Government. We want men and women of all races to consider a career with us, not for the money but for the honor, the principles, and the opportunity to become a Guardian, a symbol of hope in this growing darkness.'
Is it a fantasy to actually care about ones members and to do everything in your power to protect them? Perhaps it is, a mere Faerytail."
The screen fades to black then displays the following information:

The Givin Race

The Givin race are a people that are often misunderstood.  With their skeletal appearance, many races immediately mistake them as "scary" or "aggressive".  The reality of the situation is completely the opposite.
The Givin are a peaceful people that originate from the planet Harrin Prime.  While their Homeworld has changed hands a few times during the past 17 years they have remained a society that is dominated by mathematics.  Because of their homeworld's unpredictable atmospheric shifts cause by the three moons surrounding it, the mastery of math is a matter of life and death.
Ironically, this knowledge born out of survival is what has made them into some of the best shipbuilders in the galaxy.  The Givin are the ones responsible for much of the recent innovations in both the Faerytail Family and The Je`daii Order.  The Givin were the ones who designed the Faerytail Dreadnaughts, Corona-class Frigates, Arquitens Light Cruisers, I-Beam Starfighters, Toscan 8-Q Starfighters, and Pinook Starfighters.
Faerytail is proud to have the Givin as members of their Family and work with them side by side to both protect our citizens and be one of the best ship sellers in the galaxy.

The Sakiyan Race

The Sakiyan are a race of predators that originate from the planet Sakiya.  Most of the Sakiyans choose to stay on their homeworld their entire lives because of the excellent hunting and climate.  The Sakiyans are a very honorable race that highly values both their personal honour (monthrael) and their familial honour (yithrael).  Any acts that are shameful forever stain both of these.
With the recent transfer of control of Sakiya to The Faerytail Family the Sakiyans have been welcomed into the Family and been given permission to hunt the dangerous creatures on all the Faery worlds.  The Elders of the Sakiyan people have embraced the Faerytail Family and are excited about hunting and protecting the Family in all of their territory.

A "Faery" Nice Leader

Some weeks ago news swept the net that long time leader and Je`daii Master Legend Myre was replaced as the leader of The Je`daii Order by Syrialus Dantere.  Syrialus joined the Family from the Galactic Empire.  He is the former leader of Myorzo Weapon Systems and brings his experience in leading that faction to The Je`daii Order and Syrialus was also a member of The Sith Order within the Empire.  Upon his joining of Faerytail Syrialus was interviewed and tested by the Je`daii Master Gildarts who deemed him to be worthy of the title Je`daii Master.  When asked by Master Gildarts if the change in philosophy was hard on him, Syrialus said the Je`daii's teachings were very similar to The Sergeti Enclave and The Jiaasjen Enclave and as a former member of the Sergeti it was an easy transition.

We at the Faerytail Family would like to welcome Syrialus as a member of our Family and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Legend Myre for all his service and loyalty to the Family and to The Je`daii Order.  Legend has been wishing to take time off to pursue a deeper understanding of the Force and has already been using his lightened duties for study and meditation with his Master, Gildarts.

Did You Know...

... Sims once flew halfway across the galaxy at Astrid's insistence and while on the way broke down in tears because he realized... he was totally whipped?
... that Crewman Zancar has a 15 foot tongue...... this may or may not be the reason he is a hit at all Faery parties?
... that since the marriage of Sims and Astrid unwanted humples from Sims amidst the Faery populace has decreased by over 69%?
... that there is no such thing as unwanted humples from Sims?
... after a bottle of Corellian Whiskey and a snowstorm that Elubei and Sims spent a night holed up in an underground bunker that Elubei refuses to talk about to this day?
... The Faerytail Family is one of the only large groups who have made their wealth and territory without being given their wealth by others, theft, assassination, or from prior person's efforts?
... that Faerytail is a Family that loves and cherishes all of its members, believes that comrade is more than just a words and that Sims wants his Family to be able to rely on him since he will need to rely on his Family?
... Astrid De LaRouge Dragoneel is a talented artist who has helped beautify Faerytail immensely since her marriage to the King?
... Azazel once got soooo drunk he crashed one of the Faery Veltraa-class Cruisers onto the planet Dalchon's surface, causing weeks of repair and loads of spankings?

Faerytail Family Statistics

Population: Over 32 Billion

Territory Covered: 4 Sectors, 6 Systems, 13 Planets, and 3 Moons
Government Type: Familial Kingdom
Racial Characteristics: All different races with the majority being Givin or Sakiyan.
Organizations: Faerytail Medical, Faerytail Recycling, and The Je`daii Order
Government Anthem: Faerytail Anthem


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Events in Brief
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Year 20 Day 230: Damij Maximus, the leader of NovaStar was replaced today by Nahtan Bahol.
Year 20 Day 229: Today, scholars have identifed a new religious order gaining followers across the galaxy. Faceless Hunter Ascendancy will try to attract worshippers, under the leadership of Logan Shivers. The first headquarters of Faceless Hunter Ascendancy opened today in Leafar (1, 3) "FHA Legacy Metropolis" on Leafar.
Year 20 Day 227: Encephalon Systems has been renamed to Shadolan Medical Corps. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.