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Diplomat Feared Executed, Officials Advise Caution And Issue Warrant
Hacked by: Eleonore Silvermoon, New Republic
Date: Year 19 Day 44 Location Unknown

RNN Headquarters, Republica -- While his status cannot be officially confirmed, the New Republic mourns the loss after the likely execution of diplomat Nohayk Haddock at the hands of the wanted Kuga Morguul. New Republic officials have issued a warrant for Morguul's arrest, advise the Galaxy to practice extreme caution, and are seeking further information on this tragic event.

Last week, official reports show that Mr. Haddock, a New Republic Diplomacy Command Secretary, Industrial Automaton Employee, and a Lieutenant in the Military Reserve, had made logistical arrangements with Kuga Morguul on a matter of personal business which would eventually lead to his capture. Initially, New Republic officials were in communication with Morguul to demand the safe release of Mr. Haddock. Despite the New Republic having a policy that refuses negotiations with criminals, the assailant has demanded A-wings for the release. After such demands were denied, it is believed that Morguul proceeded with the execution. Unable to confirm his status at this time, the New Republic has Nohayk Haddock listed as Captured/Hostage. At the time of this release there has been no further communication from either Mr. Haddock or Morguul which has officials fearing the worst.



Current intelligence suggests Kuga Morguul acted on his own in this crime. It has been confirmed that Morguul had joined the Eidola Pirates prior to the incident; however, a spokesmen for Eidola is denying any participation. There are reports surfacing from within the New Republic that suggest that some Advisory Council members are debating what actions may be taken to address this level of alleged participation or rather lack of prevention.

New Republic Intelligence is also asking for any information regarding Morguul and or this situation. Furthermore, information is now suggesting that Morguul is additionally attempting to fraudulently operate and claim that he is a New Republic citizen. Along with the 100,000,000 credit issued for his arrest, the intelligence community is advising extreme caution in all dealings with Morguul.



One thing is for sure, citizens from all around the New Republic are saddened by these events. Despite their sorrow, many citizens remember their time with Mr. Haddock fondly and are uniting in their pursuit of justice. Chief of Military Operations Jin Solas joined the crowds and had this to say, "I have seen Nohayk stand up and fight against difficult odds courageously on the battlefield, to be a shield between our enemies and those he cares for and swore to protect. Without a shred of doubt, I know Nohayk met his end defiantly and without fear, like a true New Republican. The sentient responsible for this act of savagery is a coward, and will be pursued with the full power and resources available to the New Republic in order to be brought to justice." The New Republic offers its condolences to Mr. Haddock's family and friends, and is vowing to bring Kuga Morguul to justice.

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Events in Brief
Year 19 Day 295: Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Blackscale Clan specializes in Trading and will be led by Cirxis Cronossk. The first headquarters of Blackscale Clan opened today in New Kachirho on Jiroch-Kalok.
Year 19 Day 295: True Guild has been renamed to Bounty Hunters Guild. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 19 Day 295: Bounty Hunters Guild has been renamed to House Zhug. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 19 Day 295: Voll Alucard, the leader of True Guild was replaced today by Kevin Wolff.
Year 19 Day 294: Artemis de Chatillon, the leader of Cantrell Institute was replaced today by Rhiannon de Chatillon.
Year 19 Day 294: From today on, a new group will offer medical services to the beings of this galaxy. Cantrell Institute is led by Artemis de Chatillon and opened its first headquarters in Bartertown on Ord Cantrell.
Year 19 Day 294: Corporate Alliance has been renamed to Order of Independent Trade. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 19 Day 294: Order of independent trade has been renamed to Corporate Alliance. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 19 Day 294: Remington Steele, the leader of Byblos Drive Yards was replaced today by Vitruvius Bakara.
Year 19 Day 293: Mouse Woodlake, the leader of Galactic Weapon Systems was replaced today by James Ices.
Year 19 Day 293: James Ices, the leader of Chaotic Defense Systems was replaced today by William Skingrad.
Year 19 Day 293: William Skingrad, the leader of The Natural Mystics was replaced today by Tuuri Keynal.
Year 19 Day 293: A new military force emerged today. Chaotic Defense Systems is a Mercenaries group and will be led by James Ices. The first headquarters of Chaotic Defense Systems opened today in SG 7,1 on Gand IV.
Year 19 Day 293: James Ices, the leader of Galactic Weapon Systems was replaced today by Mouse Woodlake.
Year 19 Day 293: Dendran Bastile, the leader of Oshora Pharmacology was replaced today by Gabus Peacecraft.