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Greed and clarity - The fall of Vectinia
Posted by: Neria Derycke, CorSec
Date: Year 19 Day 151 Onboard the Veltraa-class Cruiser [HDR] Derycke in system Xyquine (42, -6).


In light of the recent press release from the Zann Consortium detailing their victory on Vectinia, Grand Marshal Neria Derycke of the CorSec Conglomerate has decided to release an official report to shed some light on the circumstances surrounding Vectinia, Alion Nova Guard and Nova Blades.

As with all good propaganda, the release from Zann has shed just the right amount of truth and fabrication to make for a plausible and entertaining story. Such a well-crafted piece is to be expected from one as well versed in deception as Ximaro Jic is.”


“As with all propaganda that which has been reported is not the whole story. It is just a part of the painting

given to brush a somewhat rosier picture of those aiding the looters while smearing the integrity of someone as an incompetent and bumbling leader. For a clearer picture of reality at Vectinia, I turn you over to Fleet Admiral Redjon Mirrabel, Commander of CorSec forces during the conflict”. Fleet Admiral Mirrabel steps forward to the podium, for once wearing a uniform and places his hands flat on the podium. Leaning forward he looks into the camera and begins to speak.

“To give perspective I will explain something of the events leading up to this affair. Lorenzas Atticus, Leader of Alion Nova Guard, who was well acquainted with high ranking officers in CorSec, approached us seeking to ensure the future of his organisation. Lorenzas had transformed Alion Nova Guard, turning it around from a disgraced former New Republic member to an independent and profitable venture. Although well-equipped and profitable from the worlds they oversaw, the group still faced an uncertain future.”

“Talks were held to bring Alion Nova Guard into the CorSec Conglomerate. The goal was to augment their fleet power and to support in the development of their holdings. Their goal, as it had always been under Lorenzas’ leadership, was through dedication and unflinching integrity to earn their place as an Imperial Union ally.

Initial discussions seemed promising and during the process, Lorenzas appeared to enjoy the full and immovable support of his two close friends and chief lieutenants, Kohl Straffer and Kyp Arkanus. An agreement, the Core Accords, was struck and ready to be signed when the unthinkable happened. His second in command, Kohl Straffer, who had spent much time declaring how little he coveted rank and material possession, suddenly seized control of all assets and removed his friend of half a decade from power.

We cannot comment in greater detail on the internal workings of Alion Nova Guard before it was looted or truly judge the internal nature of Lorenzas’ qualities as a leader. We can only talk of his interactions with CorSec and of his privately-spoken desire to ensure his members future after he himself had moved on and least his plan to make Kohl Straffer the new leader of Alion Nova Guard. Irony is often bitter.”

Taking a sip from the water glass at the podium and shifting slightly, face serious, Redjon continued to speak.

“That is the story of the looting of Alion Nova Guard, Plain and simple, a small man, fearing to lose what little power he thought he had and moved only by simple petty greed, much like a child scared of losing his toys, betrayed his friends and members and destroyed the reputation he and Lorenzas had built over nearly half a decade.”

This brings us around to the actions of Zann Consortium, the newly formed Nova Blades led by the looters of Alion Nova Guard and the War for Vectinia. Diabolus`ut Persolvo of the Kerdos Company, moving fast to exploit carelessness on the part of Nova Blades seized control of roughly 60% of the cities on Vectinia. He struck a deal with Lorenzas and then reclaimed Ailon Nova Guard, to fight for control and free the planet. CorSec operatives provided intelligence to allied forces that included the Alion Nova Guard, The Wraiths and several other smaller assembled forces. Materials were supplied by the Trade Federation among other states. The allies moved quickly to help.

To counter, using his newfound wealth from the looting of Nova Guard, Kohl hired Zann Consortium to attempt to reclaim the planet he had so carelessly lost.

Despite the Zann narrative, at no point did the forces attempting to end Nova Blades tyranny over Vectinia ever outnumber the swarm of Consortium thugs that descended on the planet.

CorSec Security Forces were sent to reinforce Allied forces already heavily involved in the fight. Under the direct command of Fleet Admiral Redjon Mirrabel made up over 50% of military assets active on the planet and upon arriving at what should have been a sure victory discovered a mismanaged, unclear and poorly run operation under the direction of  Diabolus`ut Persolvo.


At no point during the military operation was Lorenzas Atticus or the reformed Alion Nova Guard in control and it was explicitly stated that Diabolus`ut Persolvo was in command of the entire operation.

During the final course of the conflict the tides of battle shifted heavily in favor of Zann and Nova blades. Diabolus`ut Persolvo grew more and despondent, confused, unable to communicate effectively and frequently stood in the way of actions that may have allowed for a victory despite the odds. At some point his inability to lead as a coherent force against the Consortium, whom he had a deep seated grudge against, got the better of his judgement. He removed access to intelligence channels from CorSec and allied Nova Guard units, revoked access to military hardware and in some cases almost stranded personnel in the field which destroyed any hope for a victory.

Diabolus`ut Persolvo would later turn over control of Vectinia to the very people he was fighting against and swore he despised.


Diabolus’s active sabotage of the Battle of Vectinia can be confirmed and was witnessed by leaders in every other allied state actively assisting the Kerdos Company.

In the end there’s not much more to this. Just another handful of planets churned over by war and gripped as toys in the petty games of spoiled children who call themselves leaders.

CorSec, while willing to assist someone in need ultimately withdrew, as it is not our fight nor desire to work with the grossly incompetent.

To those who wish to work with Diabolus, Nova Blades or those who ally with them, use caution and protect what is yours.

The Galaxy is a harsh place and there is not always a happy ending.”


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