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New Republic Promotes Economic Opportunities
Hacked by: Gand Xitwa, New Republic
Date: Year 19 Day 179 Location Unknown

Bpfassh VI, Bpfassh System -- In a press release with the Republic News Network, the office of the Chief of State announced a new economic program conditionally open to the whole of the Galaxy. Desiring to share financial prosperity and entrepreneurial spirit, the New Republic will begin free rentals of production facilities and space stations to those who are in good standing with the New Republic and its policies. Minister Tengri Lethas and all of the staff at the Ministry of Trade & Industry are preparing for the day when this program is slated to begin.



The Factory/Station and Data Card Rental Program is the result of a joint effort between the Chief of State, Ministry of Trade & Industry, and the Ministry of Civil Engineering aimed to enrich the lives of many outside the everyday reach of the New Republic. By utilizing the network of production hubs of the Bpfassh System free of charge to qualifying individuals and businesses the governments hope is to establish additional long-term economic partnerships. At this time, only publicly available technologies from the New Republic and its nationalized corporations will be available for production and resale in these facilities. A full list produceable goods is available on the New Repubic's Official Holonet.

In an interview with RNN Senior Economic Correspondent Donny Durtho, the leader of Incom, Galen Darksol, voiced his support for this new program. “With the existing free access to the BFF-1 Bulk Freighter already well established, I can’t help but think of the significant impact this will have on business across the Galaxy.” When asked how this would affect Incom he added, “I would love to explore the possibilities of outsourcing the production the popular BTL-S3 Y-wing Starfighter and Delta-class JV-7 Escort Shuttle with eager and willing businesses.”



Additionally, reports from the Ministry of Trade & Industry have been released indicating that the New Republic will begin extending their presence at the Trade Federation's Market offering completed ships alongside the wide variety of datacards. Currently it has been confirmed that limited amounts of Personal Luxury Yacht 3000, YT-1300 Light Freighters, Quasar Fire-class Bulk Cruiser, and possibly some Medicae-class Nebulon-B Frigates are some of the first ships being prepped for sale.

With more details to be released in the near future, RNN has been asked to point all questions or interested parties to Minister Tengi Lethas or the New Republic Communication Centre.

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Events in Brief
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Year 19 Day 297: Drew Minga, the leader of Centurion Arms was replaced today by Kaire Nat-Sa.
Year 19 Day 297: Retired and reasonably spooky has been renamed to Black Curs. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 19 Day 297: Vitruvius Bakara, the leader of Byblos Drive Yards was replaced today by Anax Noctru.
Year 19 Day 297: The Flower Company has been renamed to Retired and reasonably spooky. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 19 Day 296: Karvainen Kummajainen, the leader of Galactica Security Services was replaced today by Taranjeek O`Cuinn.